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Charade is a 1963 movie written by Peter Stone and Marc Behm, directed by Stanley Donen, and starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and Walter Matthau.

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[When Peter Joshua (Grant) first meets Regina 'Reggie' Lampert (Hepburn)]
Peter: Oh, forgive me. [indicating Jean-Louis, the son of Reggie's friend] Does he belong to you?
Reggie: [indicating Sylvie]: It's hers. Where'd you find him, robbing a bank?
Peter: He was throwing snowballs at Baron Rothschild. [pause] We don't know each other, do we?
Reggie: Why? Do you think we're going to?
Peter: I don't know -- how would I know?
Reggie: Because I already know an awful lot of people; until one of them dies, I couldn't possibly meet anyone else.
Peter [smiling]: Mmm. Well, if anyone goes on the critical list, let me know. [he starts off]
Reggie: Quitter!
Peter [turning]: How's that? What? What?
Reggie: You give up awfully easy, don't you?
[Sylvie sizes up the situation and rises.]
Sylvie: Viens, Jean-Louis, let us make a walk. I have never seen a Rothschild before.
[The boy squirts Peter with his water pistol before leaving.]
Peter [drying himself]: Clever fellow -- almost missed me.
Reggie: You're blocking my view.
Peter [moving]: Sorry. Which view would you prefer?
Reggie: The one you're blocking. This is the last chance I have -- I'm flying back to Paris this afternoon. What's your name?
Peter: Peter Joshua.
Reggie: Oh, mine's Regina Lampert.
Peter: Is there a Mr. Lampert?
Reggie: Yes.
Peter: Good for you.
Reggie: No, it isn't. I'm getting a divorce.
Peter: Please, not on my account.
Reggie: No, you see, I don't really love him.
Peter: Well, at least you're honest, anyway.
Reggie: Yes, I am -- I'm compulsive about it -- dishonesty infuriates me. Like when you go into a drugstore.
Peter: I'm not sure I...
Reggie: Well, you go in and you ask for some toothpaste -- the small size -- and the man brings you the large size. You tell him you wanted the small size but he says the large size is the small size. I always thought the large size was the largest size, but he says that the family size, the economy size and the giant size are all larger than the large size -- that the large size is the smallest size there is.
Peter: Oh. I guess.
Reggie: Is there a Mrs. Joshua?
Peter: Yes, but we're divorced.
Reggie: That wasn't a proposal -- I was just curious.
Peter: Is your husband with you?
Reggie: Oh, Charles is hardly ever with me. First it was separate rooms -- now we're trying it with cities. What do people call you -- Pete?
Peter: Mr. Joshua. [turning to go] Well, I've enjoyed talking with you.
Reggie: Now you're angry.
Peter: No, I'm not -- I've got some packing to do. I'm also going back to Paris today.
Reggie: Oh. Well, wasn't it Shakespeare who said, "When strangers do meet, they should ere long see one another again"?
Peter: Shakespeare never said that!
Reggie: How do you know?
Peter: It's terrible -- you just made it up.
Reggie: Well, the idea's right, anyway. Are you going to call me?
Peter: Are you in the book?
Reggie: (Well) Charles is.
Peter: Is there only one Charles Lampert?
Reggie: Lord, I hope so.

Reggie: Do you know what's wrong with you?
Peter: No, what?
Reggie: Nothing!


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  • You can expect the unexpected when they play..."Charade"
  • It's a guessing game of mirth and mystery!
  • Please don't tell who did what to whom!

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