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Declan James Ganley (born 23 July 1968) is an entrepreneur, businessman and political activist from Ireland. He is founder and current chairman for the pan-european political party Libertas and candidate to the European Parliament Elections 2009 in the constituency of North West Ireland.


The Fight for Democracy – The Libertas Voice in Europe. (2009)[edit]

Arnold, Bruce (2009). The Fight for Democracy – The Libertas Voice in Europe. A series of interviews with Declan Ganley by Bruce Arnold. ISBN: 978-1-905706-18-1. Killynon House Books Ltd.
  • The Nice Treaty gave the Irish Government the right to appoint the Irish Commissioner. This right is removed under the Lisbon Treaty.
    • p. 18
  • (About the Lisbon Treaty): Small Member-States will inevitably be marginalised. The bigger states will not need to listen to their arguments as they did in the past.
    • p. 41
  • I am quite sure that if most of the voters that voted Yes to Lisbon knew the facts of what was in the Treaty they would have voted No.
    • p. 46

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