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Disney Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985–1991) was an animated TV series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. The show was animated by several overseas Disney TV animation studios as well as other studios (i.e., TMS Entertainment). It remains one of the longest-running animated series produced by Walt Disney Studios, and ranks as one of the top animated series with most seasons.

Season 1[edit]

A New Beginning[edit]

Duke Igthorn: Move it! Time is money. Or it would be if I were paying you.

Zummi: Gummis, as you know, The Great Book of Gummi will never be finished. It contains history of Gummi bears the world over, and now we have made a contribution. [Zummi writes on blank page.] Today, we helped a young boy save his kingdom.

The Sinister Sculptor[edit]

Angelo Davini: My cage traps! More animals for my collection.
[Gummis have been captured and are suspended in hanging cages]
Sunni: Do something, Zummi!
Tummi: Pretty bells.
[Angelo Davini approaches and is surprised to see he has caught Gummis]
Angelo Davini: Talking bears? But that means..you are Gummi Bears? But I thought they were only fairy tales.
Zummi: Oh no, no, no. We are not Bummi Gears, I mean Gummi Bears.
Tummi: We, are, uh, dressed like Gummi Bears on our way to a costume party!
Sunni: We cannot talk either!
Angelo Davini: Do not try to con a con artist! You are Gummi Bears! You should all be honored to meet me. I am an artist, and I am going to immortalize you in stone.
Sunni: Oooh! I always wanted to be immortalized.
Angelo Davini throws petrifying powder on Gummis, which transforms them into statues. Grammi and Gruffi have gone on separate searches for the others
Grammi: [talking to herself] Ooh, I am going to fix his wagon!
Angelo Davini: [talking to himself] Gummi Bear statues will bring me a fortune.
Gruffi: [talking to himself] I will teach him to mess with Gummi Bears!
[Grammi attempts to attack Angelo Davini the same time Gruffi attempts a Tarzan-style attack. Angelo Davini bends over, causing Grammi and Gruffi to collide with each other]
Grammi & Gruffi: [in unison] OOF!
Gruffi: Hey, what is the big idea?
Grammi: Me? I almost had him when you..
[Bickering continues as Grammi and Gruffi hide in Angelo Davini's wagon, which is now headed towards Castle Dunwyn]

[Grammi and Gruffi are repairing a broken tablet, which contains a spell that can change the other Gummis back to normal. They are bickering over it the same way they bickered over a jigsaw puzzle earlier]
Grammi: You put in the first piece, so I get to put in the last one.
Gruffi: Yeah, but I found the tablet.
Grammi: Why can you not be big about this?
Gruffi: Is that another short joke?
Cavin: This is no time to argue. Your friends need you!
[Gruffi is taken aback that he is reminded of his leadership role in Gummi Glen, much less by a human. Gruffi then behaves like a gentleman towards Grammi and allows her to repair tablet]
Gruffi: After you.

Zummi Makes it Hot[edit]

[Grammi, Zummi, Cavin and Cubbi have taken Quicktunnels and stopped at nearest station]
Cubbi: I hope we get to battle some trolls!
Grammi: Cubbi dear, we are in unfamiliar territory. Do not wander too far from us!
Zummi: OK, the map says to look for a little waterfall.
[Group approaches roaring waterfalls depositing water in a chasm that has a maritime boundary separating Drekmore and Dunwyn. The chasm is connected by a rope bridge]
Grammi: [surprised] A little waterfall?
Zummi: [nervous] Oh my, oh my, I cannot go on.
Cavin: What is wrong?
Cubbi: Zummi is scared of heights.
Cavin: Oh, no! You do not have to; you can wait here.
Zummi: No, you will need me to fix whatever is wrong at the pumping station.
Zummi sets out on rope bridge first, Cavin follows closely behind
Grammi: Do not look down! Look at the trees on the other bank!
Cavin: You are doing great.
Zummi: You just keep your eye on the goal...Whoa!
[Gust of wind shakes rope bridge, which causes a vial of Gummiberry juice to fly out of Zummi's pocket and into the water below. The jostling traumatizes Zummi]
Cavin: Zummi, are you alright?
Zummi: [stammering] I-I-I, I cannot move!
Grammi: He is frozen with panic!
Cavin: I am going to try something else.
Cubbi: Try anything.
Grammi: Yeah, like a swift kick in the patootie!

[Pumping station. Grammi and Zummi are astonished by the marvel of civil engineering]
Grammi: Gummi Bears built all this?
Zummi: Every Gummi warren in this part of the world must have gotten their water from here.
Grammi: And all this has run for centuries without anyone taking care of it. Oh Zummi, it is terrible what we have forgotten.
Zummi: When I suggested we come here, I had no idea we would be rediscovering our heritage.

When You Wish Upon a Stone[edit]

Unwin: Look, the princess!
[Cavin turns away; Unwin hits him into a pigpen]
Unwin: Ha ha! I win!
Sir Tuxford: Easy, Unwin! He is younger than you.
Unwin: Well, that is too bad for him. Face it Shrimp, you are too weak to be one of the King's soldiers. As for me, my reward. [Looks at Calla's room] My inevitable victory was inspired by you, fair princess! Show me a sign that I am worthy!
[Entire pot of dirt gets dumped on Unwin's head]
Calla: Oops! [giggles]

Cavin: Unwin embarrassed me in front of the princess. He said I am too small and weak to be a knight. And the worst part is, he is right.
Grammi: Nonsense. That is Unwin is just a big bag of wind!
Sunni: Well, I think Cavin ought to ignore that brute.
Cubbi: No, you need to bash and smash!
Gruffi: Do not waste your time!
Grammi: I would flatten that Unwin into a pie crust!
Tummi: Pie crust, yum!
Cubbi: Bash and smash!
Zummi: STOP! Everyone! Gummis, we are all nobles and no peasants. We are not being helpful by bickering. Now, does anyone have a practical solution to Cavin's problem?
[Gummi Bears stare into space]
Cavin: How about Gummiberry juice?
Cubbi: Yeah! Just drink your Gummiberry juice and POW!
Zummi: No, no Cubbi and Cavin! Gummiberry juice is only for emergencies, not for selfish activities like bopping bullies. To become a real knight, you must train, practice and study.
[Cavin still does not seem inspiried by Zummi's sage advice. Other Gummis save for Cubbi depart]
Cubbi: Maybe there is an answer in the Great Book.

Giant has captured Cubbi
Cubbi: Help, Cavin!
Giant: Yeah, help him, Cavin, you flea!
Cavin: Strength and speed did not work Cubbi. All that can match him is size.
Cubbi: Don't wish that Cavin, then you will be like him!
Giant: Oh? So you want to bigger, eh? Well that's exactly how I got into this mess. I was once a small fry like you, and bullies picked on me. So I came to the wishing stone. But my size frightened everyone so much, I had to live alone in this cave.
[Giant clubs rocks, breaking them and sending the wishing stone to Cavin]
Giant: So go ahead and make your wish, cause it'll be your last!
Giant holds club over Cavin so as poised to kill him
Cavin: I wish... I wish the giant was my size.
Giant: No! Not that!
[Giant shrinks smaller, then re-transforms into a little boy]
Boy: Hey! I am back to normal! Thank you.
Cubbi: You did it, Cavin, you won!
Cavin: I learned being super strong, super fast or even super big was not the way to solve my problems.
Cubbi: No, being super smart was!
Boy: Sorry I tried to clobber you two. Force of habit.
Cavin: That is fine, you are forgiven. For right now how about the three of us figure a way out of this cave!

A Gummi by Any Other Name[edit]

[Princess Calla, tired of her royal life, has run away and is wearing a threadbare dress in order to look like a peasant girl. The rain has dampened her spirits]
Princess Calla: I do not like this any more, Cavin. I am cold, I have not had anything to eat and my clothes are poor.
Cavin: Welcome to peasant life, Your Highness.

The Secret of the Juice[edit]

[Gummi Bears were able to rescue Grammi from getting kidnapped. Grammi is in the living room recovering from her ordeal]
Gruffi: Who knows what would have happened had the ogres captured you? You are important to us.
Grammi: [sweetly] Aw, you really mean that?
Gruffi: Of course. Who else will make our Gummiberry juice?
[Grammi hurls seat cushion at Gruffi]
Grammi: [annoyed] Thanks for the concern, muttonhead! [calm] But actually, you are right. The time has come for me to share the recipe with someone else.
Gruffi: Do not look at me. I do not know a ladle from a teaspoon. Cubbi is too young, Zummi would get it all backwards, and Tummi?
Grammi: Tummi would wolf down the ingredients before I even got started. That only leaves Sunni.
Gruffi: Naw, too flighty. And lately, no respect for Gummi traditions.
Grammi: Nonsense. Sunni is a fine young woman who respects the old values.
[Sunni enters living room]
Sunni: Presenting, the new Sunni!
[Sunni reveals she has dyed her hair pink, shocking Grammi and Gruffi]

Gummi in a Strange Land[edit]

Gruffi: Remember, the fish is quick, so in order to catch it, you need to be quicker.
[Grammi appears]
Grammi: Here Cubbi, I brought you some lunch.
Gruffi: Why do you think we are out here? I am trying to teach the kid how to survive in the forest!
Grammi: That is how I knew he would be hungry.

Grammi: Well, we got back Gruffi but we lost the sprite.
[Cubbi tries to look for it]
Grammi: [sighing] Do not waste your time. Sprites do not leave tracks.
Cubbi: Gruffi says everything leaves tracks, if you know what to look for.
Grammi: [angered, controlled voice] Gruffi is sometimes wrong, sweetums.
Cubbi: Look! The tracks left by the sprite's honey pot!
Grammi: [resigned tone] I suppose he is also sometimes right.

Light Makes Right[edit]

[Great Gummi Exodus. Hundreds of Gummi Bears are running screaming.]
Gummi Boy: Look Mother!
[Warren is shown being subject to arson and huge plumes of smoke are rising.]
Gummi Old Man: Run! Run for your lives.
[Gummi soldiers aid civilians in getting them on board Gummarines, large naval vessels. As Gummarines set sail, Gummi Bears look despondent to see their homes destroyed. A Gummi boy and girl look in shock as scene fades to 500 years later. Faces of Gummi boy and girl are replaced with equally shocked faces of Sunni and Cubbi.]
Zummi: So the Great Gummis sailed away across the sea; safe from the jealous humans who would steal our secrets and destroy our great culture.
Tummi: (depressed) I always cry at sad endings.
Tummi blows his nose with a shawl Grammi has been knitting, obviously annoying her
Cubbi: How come our ancestors did not go with them?
Zummi: Well Cubbi, a small tribe elected to stay behind. Their mission was to preserve Gummi Glen and to signal the others when it was safe to return home.
Cubbi: [excited] Really?! Then what?
Gruffi: [derisive] Then nothing. Humans stayed human, so the Great Gummis never came back.

Cubbi: How were the Gummi Glen Gummis supposed to tell the others they could return?
Grammi: The ancients built some kind of great machine that could send messages across the ocean.
Sunni: But it's safe now, right?
[Gruffi makes an annoyed grunt]
Cubbi: Just think, if the bears returned, I would have someone to play with!
[Gummis imagine Gummi Glen during the time before the Great Gummi Exodus, with flags, banners and many Gummis. Sunni is elegantly dressed as several male Gummis look in admiration.]
Cubbi: And I'd be a great Gummi warrior!
Sunni: And I'd be a Gummi princess.
[Zummi is surrounded by the Great Gummis]
Zummi: And I would learn from the great Gummi wizards.
[Zummi casts spell making Gummi magicians float in air while Grammi brings out cake]
Grammi: And there would finally be Gummis around who appreciate my cooking.
Tummi: I appreciate it!
[Fantasy turns to reality as the Gummis then hear echos; the acoustics reminding them of the sparsely populated warren]
Sunni: And we would not be alone any more.
Cubbi: Let's signal them to come back!
Grammi: It is a lovely idea, sweetheart, but we've never been able to find the signal machine.
Zummi: Oh my, oh my! It would be wonderful though.

[Castle Dunwyn. Duke Igthorn and Toadwart sneak into castle town]
Duke Igthorn: Condemned? So this is what Gregor does to my childhood home?! [Duke Igthorn removes barricade and enters abandoned house] Ah, my old books! Let us see, here it is!
Children's Book Title: Tall Tales of the Gummi Bears
Duke Igthorn: The Great Gummi-Scope is in a mountain with an underground stream. It can send a message or burn with its beam. Ha ha ha! Did you hear that Toadwart, it can "burn with its beam!"
Toadwart: Simple Toadie love stories. But your Dukiness, it is only make-believe.
Duke Igthorn: Since we know that Gummi Bears are real, it stands to reason that Gummi inventions are real too, sparrow brain!

[Gummi Bears take quickcar to Mount Sentinel]
Zummi: Well, it looks like Cavin guessed right.
Gruffi: [reluctant] I think this machine is dangerous and we should leave it be!
Cubbi: I found it!
[Gummis enter a room with the Gummi Scope, a gigantic machine]
Tummi: Wow, the Great Gummis never did anything small, did they? [Tummi examines lever] Since we are underground, maybe this makes it go overground!
Zummi: Well, let us do it!
Gruffi: No, no, no! If we raise this scope, Duke Igthorn could find it.
Grammi: But making contact with the Great Gummis is worth the risk.
Gruffi: We need to give this more thought. We cannot act now. It is not the Gummi way!
Zummi: But Gruffi, hold on! Our ancestors stayed behind so this very job could get done. Now it is incumbent upon us to follow through. This is the Gummi way!
Gruffi: You're right. [pulls the lever himself]

Season 2[edit]

Up, Up & Away[edit]

Zummi presents Chummi with a letter
Zummi: Chummi, when you arrive in New Gumbrea, would you please give this to the Great Gummis?
Chummi: Certainly. What is it?
Zummi: It is a message telling the Gummis that we still are here in Gummi Glen.
Grammi: But it has been so long. We want them to come back!
Chummi tears up letter
Chummi: Ha! I can do better than that! Instead of bringing the Gummis to you, I will take you with me!
Grammi: My goodness! We will finally be able to meet all our Gummi cousins!
Sunni: Think of the parties!
Tummi: Think of the pastries.

Grammi: Goodbye sink. Goodbye cutting board.
Hammering sounds are heard in pantry. Gummis see Gruffi fixing the floor
Zummi: Gruffi? What in the world are you doing?
Gruffi: I do not want other Gummis who come here next to think we did not take good care of this place.
Zummi: But we are leaving in several hours!
Gruffi: That does not matter. It is my job and I am not leaving until it is completed.
Tummi: Now that you mention it, who will harvest the Gummiberry bushes?
Sunni: Um, I really should return Calla's scarf.
Grammi: Come to think of it, how will we make sure that the weeds do not gain a foothold in the warren?
Zummi: Gummis! Do you know what we are really saying? We do not want to go to New Gumbrea!
Tummi: Yes, but what will we tell Chummi?
Chummi overheard everything and enters kitchen
Chummi: You do not have to. I made the offer to you, not vice versa.
Gruffi: You see Chummi, our ancestors' responsibility was to take care of this place until the Gummis could return. Now we have inherited this duty.
Chummi: It is an important mission Gruffi, and I understand.
Cubbi: What?! You are all backing out? No fair!
Grammi: I am sorry, sweetheart.
Cubbi: I want to leave! I just have to be a knight and over there is the only place to do it!
Gruffi: Not by yourself, kid. It is too dangerous.
Chummi: It may not be my place to say anything, but I can understand what Cubbi is going through. Like him, I was the youngest Gummi in my warren. And when I grew up, it also made me the last Gummi. That is not much of a future.

Chummi's airship is repaired and is launched. Two ogres are on guard duty at Duke Igthorn's camp and spot the airship.
Ogre #1: Ooh look. Another moon rising.
Ogre #2: That is no moon. Wake Duke Igthorn!

Chummi: See Cubbi, the Atlantic Ocean is on the horizon.
Cubbi: Wow Chummi, do you really think we will make it across?
Chummi: Ha! After what we have been through, there is nothing us two adventurers cannot handle.
Cubbi opens package that Gruffi intended as a birthday gift but instead used as a bon voyage present. It is a plaque similar to the ones in his bedroom of the Gummi knights, showing Cubbi in a knight's helmet
Plaque: Sir Cubbi.
Tears well in Cubbi's eyes
Cubbi{talking to himself}: Aw, Gruffi.
Chummi: Is something wrong, shipmate?
Cubbi furtively wipes away tears
Cubbi: No, just the wind in my eyes.
Cubbi{depressed}: Chummi, I cannot go with you to New Gumbrea.
Chummi: Well, I am disappointed. But if I still had a family like yours, I would have never left my warren either. Grab your luggage, swabbie!
Cubbi jumps off airship as it approaches a bluff overlooking the sea
Cubbi{cheerful}: Goodbye Chummi! Safe journey!
As Cubbi waves, Chummi realizes he is holding the Sir Cubbi plaque
Chummi: Cubbi, you forgot this!
Cubbi{yelling}: Show it to the Great Gummis! Tell them about us!
Chummi{yelling}: I will! I promise!

Commissioning ceremony. Zummi has enchanted trumpets, drums and flags to play ruffles and flourishes. Cubbi gets rewarded by Princess Calla for rescuing her.
Princess Calla: As Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Dunwyn, it is my royal duty to reward those who have done outstanding deeds. Cubbi Gummi, you have proven yourself honorable, brave, and gentle. By the power vested in me, I hereby dub thee the Unseen Defender of Dunwyn. Rise, Sir Cubbi.

Over the River and Through the Trolls[edit]

Dunwyn has been plagued by troll attacks. Cavin is caught in a net and is a likely prisoner of the trolls
Cavin{nervously}: Here they come...
Rustling in bushes, but the Gummi Bears emerge armed with blunt objects
Cavin: Hi, guys!
Gummi Glen
Zummi: I am sorry you got caught in one of our traps, Cavin. But those trolls were a serious problem for us the last time they were sighted in the forest.
Cavin: That is what I came to talk to you about.
Gruffi: Look Cavin, you are a good kid. But this Dunwyn mess is too dangerous for us to involve ourselves.
Cavin: I am not asking for the king! My grandfather is on that coach.
Gruffi: Sorry Cavin, it is way too risky.
Cavin: But you owe Gramps your help.
Grammi: How do you figure that?
Cavin: It was my grandfather Gawain who found your great Medallion.
Scene flashes back many years ago. Gawain is a little boy who bears a striking resemblance to Cavin
Cavin{narrator}: One day, when he was about my age, Gramps was doing some exploring in the Northern Mountains.
Zummi{narrator}: That is close to Ursalia.
Cavin{narrator}: True. At any rate, he must have startled something or someone, because a shadowy figure bounced away.
Silouhetted Gummi Bear bounces off into distance
Cavin{narrator}: To which it dropped...a Gummi Medallion!
Gawain claims it for himself
Cavin{narrator}: From that day forward, Grandfather believed in Gummi Bears.
Scene forwards to Gawain as a strong, handsome knight wearing the Gummi Medallion
Cavin{narrator}: When he was a knight, he always felt the Gummi Medallion brought him luck and success.
Scene forwards to Gawain now retired with Cavin
Cavin{narrator}: When I went off to be a page, he gave the Medallion to me in the hopes I would share in the same good fortune he did.
Scene returns to present day
Cavin: Then I gave it to you.
Grammi: Without that Medallion, the Great Book would stay sealed.
Zummi: No access to the Great Book means no magic.

For Whom the Spell Holds[edit]

Gruffi: If it is not too much trouble, would someone please pass me the milk?
Zummi: Oh, let me, let me!
Gruffi rolls eyes
Zummi: M-Milk, flummout Gruffi!
Milk pitcher floats above table, amazing all the Gummis, except Gruffi who cannot reach the floating pitcher
Gruffi: Very cute.
Zummi: Sorry about that. M-milk pmout dmown!
Milk pours on Gruffi instead of in his glass! Cubbi and Sunni giggle while Tummi looks in surprise. Gruffi is obviously annoyed
Gruffi: I make a simple request, and you have to put on a magic show!
Grammi: Gruffi is right, Zummi. Lately you use a spell to do everything.
Zummi: But magic lets me do my part around here. Why, since the medallion opened the Great Book, magic has become my life!
Gruffi: Then it is a pretty sad life.
Grammi: Gruffi!
Gruffi: Well, it is true. You could not do serious magic if your life depended on it. Face it, compared to the ancient Gummis, you are a rank amateur.
Zummi{enraged}: Amateur, am I? Well, I will show you!

Zummi's study
Zummi{talking to himself}: Let us see what Gruffi thinks after I brush up on this.
Zummi's turns to the restricted chapter; a glowing red section with ribbon and seal
Great Book: For use by advanced magicians only.
Zummi: Welp, that includes me.
Zummi takes knife and cuts ribbon. A small tornado appears, then disappears. Bell dings as the resticted chapter turns from a red light to a glowing green light
Great Book: Welcome, o Gummi master of the magicial arts.
Zummi stands proudly as camera pans down from Gummi Glen, into the bedrock and then magma, finally a creepy subterranean chamber occupied by Zorlok, wearing a costume that makes his head look like a rooster's. He is only seen in silouette.
Zorlok {offscreen}: At last, after all these years, the signal! Now, I need someone to fetch it for me. Rat enters Zorlok's residence You will do nicely! Zorlok emits beam from hand, which turns rat into a green horned monster and grow larger and larger until it is capable of being bipedal Go, my pet. Go and fetch me the Great Book of Gummi!

While other Gummis are getting ready for bedtime, Gruffi is walking by Zummi's study. A momentary sight causes him to look twice
Gruffi{talking to himself}: Holy bear claws!
Astonished Gruffi enters room to see Zummi juggling a dozen objects in the air in the manner of an orchestra conductor
Gruffi: I must be seeing things!
Zummi: Hello Gruffi. I have been working all day on a new batch of advanced magic spells. What do you think?
Zummi breaks spell; causing objects to drop. Gruffi catches a marble bust
Gruffi: Better work on your landings. Something could go wrong, very wrong.
Zummi: Nonsense! It says right here in the Great Book that no Gummi magic can ever harm a Gummi Bear. Watch this one! Rummap fromound domone Gruffi!
Gruffi is walking then gets knocked over by an invisible force which gains visibility only when Gruffi touches force
Gruffi: All right Zummi, what did you do?
Zummi: I trapped you in jail with a locking spell!
Gruffi: Locking spell??
Zummi: Yes, an invisible prison, but for only one man. Zummi enters prison dome You cannot get out, but I can.
Gruffi: We will see about that!
Gruffi tackles Zummi in order to breach prison. The walls open for Zummi but trap Gruffi. Zummi dances around prison dome while Gruffi places hand against walls
Zummi: You see, I am not an amateur! I know powerful spells like the Great Gummis.
Gruffi{sarcastic}: Fine, way to go pro! Whoopdy doo, you are a skilled magician.
Gruffi{serious}: Now, would you mind getting me out of this thing?
Zummi: Oh, right, sorry! Fromee dumone Gruffi!
Prison disappears, as does what Gruffi is leaning on
Gruffi: WHOA! Gruffi falls
Zummi{chuckling}: Good night, Gruffi!
Gruffi exits study
Gruffi{muttering about Zummi}: Darn fool, causing more trouble than he's worth. All a guy wants is some peace and quiet when...
Loud crash is heard and destruction of study
Zummi: AUGH! HELP!
Loud noises alert all of Gummi Glen. Except for Gruffi, all Gummis are wearing bedclothes. They all enter study looking shocked
Sunni: Zummi is gone!
Cubbi: And so is the Great Book!

Gruffi, Grammi and Zummi approach Zorlok's subterraean prison, which is surrounded by a moat of lava. They are surprised to see a giant statue of a Gummi soldier so deep beneath the Earth
Grammi: Great Gummi's ghost!
Zummi studies base of statue
Zummi: It is an ancient Gummi warning.
Grammi: Well, what does it say?
Zummi: All Gummi bears are forbidden to cross this bridge.
Gruffi and Grammi shudder in fear
Zummi: The ancients wrapped a tizard here, uh, I mean trapped a wizard here.
Grammi: What did he do to deserve that?
Zummi: Some very horrible things to oppress people. He also tried to steal the Great Book.
Gruffi: He is not going anywhere, Zummi. Without your Gummi medallion the Book is worthless to him.
Zummi: Amateur or not, I lost the Book, so it is my responsibility to get it back.
Zummi crosses bridge
Grammi: Zummi, no! It is too dangerous!
Zummi: See, no problem!
Monster emerges from passageway and abducts Zummi
Zummi: HELP!
Gruffi and Grammi start to cross bridge but monster stomps its feet, causing the bridge to collapse into the lava
Gruffi: Do not worry, Zummi. We will save you!
Grammi: The only issue is: How?

Zummi: I know what you are up to. You want to conquer the world!
Zorlok: Oh yes, eventually. I would have done it a lot sooner too, except for those meddling Gummi wizards! First, I am going to get even with them. After that, the entire world will submit to my rule!
Zummi: Well, the Gummis stopped you once. By golly, we will do it again.
Zorlok: Sure, sure, hand over that medallion.
Zummi: Never!
Zorlok: Take it from him!
Monster attempts to confiscate Zummi's medallion but it has a defense mechanism, sending an electrical shock to both Zorlok and his monster
Zorlok: If I cannot take the Gummi Medallion by force, you must give it to me.
Zummi: You will wait a long time for that!
Zorlok: I have waited hundreds of years! That is long enough!

The Crimson Avenger[edit]

Cubbi jumps around in Sunni's bedroom
Cubbi: Take that, you dastardly do-badder!
Sunni: Cubbi! Why do you not go bother Grammi?
Cubbi: But she sent me in here.
Sunni: Then just go to bed and stop playing.
Cubbi: I am not playing. I have responsibilities. Calla made me the Unseen Defender of Dunwyn. Remember?
Cubbi pokes Sunni with his wooden sword
Sunni: Ouch!
Sunni rubs herself
Sunni{sarcastically}: Then go defend Dunwyn!
Cubbi{taking it seriously}: Hey! Great idea!

Cubbi's moonlighting as the Crimson Avenger has taken a toll on him. Not even the Gummi Glen Gummies know of his heroic work, as it is doubtful they would approve of him helping humans
Grammi: Cubbi dear, are you all right? You look a little peaked.
Cubbi{weak from lack of sleep}: No, I am fine.
Cubbi's head drops and lands face first in his breakfast
Gruffi: Bah! That Crimson Avenger nonsense is keeping you awake at night!
Cubbi comes to full alert
Cubbi{nervous}: What?! How did you find out?!
Gruffi: Simple. Look how excited you get when someone mentions his name. You probably stay up all hours of the dawn pretending you are him.
Cubbi{relieved}: Oh, right.
Cubbi silently breathes a sigh of relief
Gruffi: This crimson clown knows the forest too well. He is a threat to Gummi security!
Gruffi bangs his fist on the table
Tummi: But he protects people in trouble.
Cubbi: Yeah, he is a hero!
Gruffi: Hero schmero! Gummis, not humans, defend Gummis. Just remember that.

Cavin has been framed for stealing jewelry from King Gregor and thrown in the dungeon while Erwillian, the guilty culprit, is still free
Poacher: Hey kid, why so down?
Cavin: I am in jail.
Poacher: Not to worry. It is not like they will put you on the rack and stretch you.
Cavin: Augh!
Poacher: Or heat up a vat of oil and deep fry you!
Cavin: Eeek!
Poacher: Naw, they will go easy on you. They will just..hang you!
Cavin: Ulp! H-Hang me?
Poacher laughs derisively as Cavin had gotten him arrested in an earlier episode.
Throne room. The king's court is deliberating on the larceny
Erwillian: When I first saw the boy I thought to myself "What a nice kid". Little did I know he was a hardened criminal.
Princess Calla{enraged}: He is not! He is innocent!
King Gregor: Now, now, daughter. I do not like this any more than you do, but Cavin was caught with a ruby on him.
Erwillian: Too true, your Majesty. When I saw the boy reach around the left to unclick the ruby studs, I knew I had to sound the alarm.
Princess Calla{soft voice}: Father, does he not know just too much for an innocent man?
King Gregor: Zounds, Calla. This good citizen is only trying to help.
Erwillian: Indeed. I am just an honest, law abiding man who only wants to see the kid get what he deserves. Life imprisonment!
Princess Calla{outraged}: Honest? Law abiding?! Why, you make yourself out to be the Crimson Avenger!
Erwillian{shocked}: No! Not him! He cost me...
Erwillian muffles his mouth as he nearly let it slip he is a highwayman
Princess Calla{talking to herself}: Ah, scared of the Crimson Avenger, are we? I have to sneak out tonight and tell Sunni about this.

Morning in Dunwyn. An announcer, who looks and sounds very much like Walter Cronkite is announcing the Dunwyn news in the castle square
Announcer: Hear ye. Hear ye. By royal order of his Majesty; King Gregor has declared the Crimson Avenger to be a public nuisance.
Crowd{in unison}: Fie! Fie!
Announcer: There is a 100 gold sovereign reward for his arrest and capture.
Crowd{in unison}: Hear! Hear!
Announcer: And that's the way it is.

Erwillian: You want the strong box? Take it!
Erwillian props safe of Cubbi. The combined weight causes him to fall. Fortunately for Cubbi, a man sticks his head out the window to see all the noise. Cubbi bounces off man to rebound, thus knocking Erwillian off perch. King Gregor and the castle soldiers, as well as Dunwynians witness the fight
King Gregor: I thought Calla was locked up in her room.
Sir Tuxford: But she is, Your Highness. We have her room guarded.
King Gregor: Then, that is the real Crimson Avenger.
Erwillian: Please to help me, Mr. Crimson Avenger, please!
Cubbi: OK, but you help me first. Confess!
Erwillian: OK, I admit it, I stole the king's ruby.
Cubbi shakes rope holding Erwillian
Cubbi: I cannot hear you!
Erwillian{shouting}: OK! I admit it! I STOLE THE RUBY AND FRAMED THE BOY! Now, will you please get me down from here?
Cubbi: Hang on, because you are going for a ride!
Cubbi severs rope, which causes Erwillian to propel into castle treasury and run headfirst into the pulley. Cuckoo noises are heard as soldiers arrest an unconsious Erwillian
King Gregor: Calla and Cavin were innocent all along. What a relief! laughing joyously Thank you, Crimson Avenger, thank you!
Dunwynian subjects{in unison}: Thank you, Crimson Avenger!
Cubbi: No problem! And remember, wherever there are wrongs to right, the Crimson Avenger will always be there to stand for truth, justice and the Dunwynian way!
Cubbi bounces off spires of Dunwyn Castle to head home
King Gregor: Who was that mysterious masked man?
Sir Tuxford: I'm sure I don't know, sire. But I do know this; he certainly is a snappy dresser.
King Gregor and Sir Tuxford nod in agreement; scene fades out to Gummi Glen, where Cubbi is telling a bedridden Tummi of his victory over the enemy
Tummi: So, you clotheslined the villian?
Cubbi: Yeah! You should have seen it, Tummi, he sure was mad!
Tummi: Well, I am happy that is all over with.
Cubbi: What do you mean?
Tummi: Now you can go back to being good old Cubbi.
Cubbi: You are right, Tummi. But you never know when danger may strike again!
Tummi groans

My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean[edit]

Gruffi's bedroom. Alarm clock rings. Gruffi rises from bed then begins his disciplined regimen in the comfortable surroundings of Gummi Glen
Gruffi{exercizing}: One, two. One, two.
Gruffi{brushing teeth}: One, two, three, four, five, six.
Gruffi straightens an askew picture emroided with the Gummi seal and a statement
Embroidery: Leave Each Day the Gummi Way
Gruffi: That is the key to an orderly life.
Gruffi enters kitchen, but sees a state of disarray with the others. Sunni is playing the flute while Cubbi is banging a cork into a teakettle
Zummi: I have waited a half hour for my toast.
Grammi: Now, where did I put that miserable pan?
Zummi: Sunni, leave Grammi alone so she can make breakfast. You all think I am getting fat, like Tummi. Well I am not, these are love handles.
Gruffi{talking to himself}: Bear's fur! This looks like a job for an organized mind.
Gruffi confiscates flute from Sunni
Gruffi: Sunni, later.
Gruffi confiscates teakettle from Cubbi, sitting Cubbi in a chair and placing teakettle atop stove
Gruffi: Cubbi, steam is dangerous.
Gruffi takes a plate of toast off table and hands it to Zummi
Gruffi: Here Zummi, eat. Is that the pan you want, Grammi?
Gruffi points out pan in sink
Grammi: Uh, why, yes. Thank you for sorting it out.
Gruffi: It was simple. I am an orderly person. By the way, anyone seen where Tummi has gone with my tools?
Zummi: I do not know. Lately he has been sneaking off somewhere.
No one notices teakettle is boiling and steam is building up
Gruffi: Well, I am going to find him. I do not want my tools to come to any..
Teakettle boils and the steam causes the cork to fly off, hitting Gruffi in the rear
Gruffi: ...OOOF!...harm.

Gruffi: I have studied this carefully, and a bridge is the only way to get off this gumforsaken rock.
Gusto: That will not work. You see, when the beach collapsed a dozen years ago, I tried building a bridge myself. Gruffi, it no reach.
Gruffi: No offense pal, but after seeing your scaffolding, I can understand why. Let me tear it down and build you a great bridge.
Gusto: Whoa, whoa! Hold it, I need that bamboo to finish my masterpiece.
Gruffi: Gusto, what is more important? Finishing your dragon or getting off the island?
Gusto: I know the answer to this question, let me think.
Gruffi gives annoyed look.
Gruffi: Look, back home whenever there is an emergency, I always solve the problem. Is that not right, Tummi?
Tummi: Right.
Gusto: Gruffamundo, we are trapped, but we are safe. There is no emergency.
Gruffi: This island is falling apart! Why cannot you see that?!
Gusto: It's my hat, isn't it? You don't like it.
Gruffi: AARGH!
Gruffi departs in frustration.

Gusto is carving a dragon statue out of a volcano side, similar to Mount Rushmore
Gusto: Is Gruffi always this pushy?
Tummi: Gruffi takes his bossiness really seriously. But he is a great guy once you get you get to know him.
Gusto: I know, it is just I wish I did not rub him the wrong way.
Tummi: Besides, Grammi usually keeps him in line at home.
Gusto{sighing, depressed tone}: Home. Boy, it sure has been a long time.
Gusto{resumed cheerful tone}: Right!
Gusto is moved to the right
Gusto: You may not believe it, Tummi, but art involves a lot of pain... and suffering!
Tummi is shown carrying Gusto on his shoulders
Tummi: I believe it, I believe it.

[Volcano is rumbling]
Gusto: Gruffi, boy do we have news for you!
Gruffi: If you had helped us, we could have been gone by now!
Tummi: Gruffi, I want to go home!
Gruffi: Sorry kid, but we wasted our only chance.
Gusto: But that bridge was not our only chance! The issue is we have to get the boat over the waterfalls, right?
Gruffi: No tools, no bridge!
Gusto: Lose the bridge! How about... [Gusto puts a stone in a tree branch, then releases it] ...SPROING!
Gruffi: No tools, no catapult neither!
Gusto: Come on Gruff, think outside the box. Be inspired, be cra-z-z-y!
[Volcano rumbles again]
Gruffi: That mountain is going to kill us!
Gusto: Or save us!
[Pyroclastics propel from mountain]
Gruffi, Gusto & Tummi{in unison}: AUGH! [Gummi Bears takes cover as one pyroclastic rock lands in lagoon, then is cooled, creating a lot of steam]
Gruffi{inspired}: That is it! Steam! Cubbi, I love you!

[Gruffi, Gusto and Tummi have placed boat in dragon's mouth. Volcano is due to burst and send the boat flying.]
Gruffi: Oh no, the rope snapped!
Artie Deco: I will open it!
[Artie flies to open the trap door.]
Gusto: Artie, no! It's too dangerous!
[Lava pours in and reacts with the water, creating a cloud of steam.]
Gusto: Artie-!
Gruffi: No Gusto, it's too late!
[The boat rockets out of the dragon's mouth and flies over the waterfalls...]
Gummi Bears: WHOA!
[...and splashes down safely.]
Tummi: We made it!
Gruffi: We're not home free yet! The falls are pulling us back in!
[All three Gummis grab a paddle and row vigorously, getting the boat to calmer waters.]
Gusto: Look!
[His dragon statue emits lava, just like a dragon breathing fire.]
Gusto: It's wonderful!
Gruffi: It's a work of art.
[Gusto's face falls.]
Gusto: Artie...
Gruffi: He was a noble bird.

Gusto: [sadly] Bye, Artie...
Artie lands on the gunnel of the boat and squaks, with puffed feathers.]
Gusto: ARTIE!
Artie Deco: Good as new and steam-cleaned.

[Sunset, Gummis are navigating their way home.]
Gruffi: This boat gave us nothing but trouble.
Tummi: Come on Gruffi, admit it, our adventure was a success. We took an eensy-weensy little trip and came back with a Gummi Bear.
[Gruffi realizes Gusto will probably become a member of Gummi Glen.]
Gruffi: Yeah, don't remind me.
[Gusto looks off into the horizon.]
Tummi: Poor Gusto, he sure has been quiet since he lost his life's work.
Gruffi: Don't jinx it! Maybe he'll stay silent for the rest of the trip.
[Short silence.]
Gusto: I got it! I can make a giant seascape painting! I can use the sail, as a canvas!
Gruffi: Gusto!

Season 3[edit]

Day of the Beevilweevils[edit]

Gusto swings a broom at beevilweevils.
Gusto: Chew on this, you beevil barbarians!
Beevilweevils gobble broom handle.
Gusto: Hey, it was only a figure of speech.

Gusto is setting up a quickcar. The weight is too much for him
Gusto: Help!
Gruffi and Zummi enter Quicktunnel station
Zummi: Hang on, Gusto!
Gruffi and Zummi aid Gusto to set quickcar on track
Gusto: Thank you.
Gruffi: Now Gusto, would you care to tell us how you are planning to use this long range quickcar?
Gusto{nervous}: Ha ha! Uh, no place special! I just thought...I would take a spin...to get some fresh air to clear my head!
Zummi opens quickcar trunk, revealing a large amount of supplies
Gruffi: And so you would not get hungry, you packed a week's worth of food.
Gusto{nervous}: Hey, you know what fresh air can do to a bear's appetite.
Zummi: Where were you really going, Gusto?
Gusto{sighing}: Fangwood Forest.
Gruffi and Zummi shudder at the area, which has a bad reputation among Gummi Bears
Zummi: Oh my, oh my, that is a dangerous place. Why on Earth would you want to go there?
Gusto: My warren had stories of a place called South Gumton. They were supposed to be experts with agriculture and plants. So I figured if there are any Gummiberry bushes left to transplant, they would be there.
Gruffi: But we do not maintain the Quicktunnels that far away. The track could collapse beneath you!
Gusto: Hey Gruff, please. You are going to kill me with your overconfidence!

Tummi and Gusto have just survived falling from a crumbling Quicktunnel track.
Gusto: You know, someday I will bet people will pay for a ride like that!
Tummi{disoriented}: I need some food to settle my stomach.
Gusto: Well, we are not eating here!
Tummi: Why not?
Gusto: This place could cave in any minute. We have to dig our way out!
Tummi: But that could take hours!
Gusto: Hey, the faster we climb, the sooner we eat.
Tummi grabs supplies and runs to surface
Gusto{talking to himself}: Wow, for a big fella, he sure can haul paws when he wants to.
Gusto{yelling to Tummi}: Hey speedy, wait for me!

Presto Tummo[edit]

Cubbi{talking to himself}: Man, this place is so boring.
Tummi enters room with hunk of wood
Cubbi: Hey Tummi, what are you doing?
Tummi: Zummi says that in order to do Gummi magic I need a Gummi medallion, so I am making my own.
Cubbi: Oh, Zummi meant to say you needed a medallion of the ancient Gummis...
Tummi: What?
An idea for fun dawns on Cubbi, but he needs to stall Tummi
Cubbi: ...er, um...a medallion that the ancient Gummis would be proud of. So take your time and do it right.

Cubbi: Say Tummi, has not all this magic worked up an appetite?
Tummi: Yeah, let us go see what Grammi made!
Cubbi: Come on, is that the way a master magician calls for food?
Tummi: Oh right! F-mood cum-mum to me!
Cubbi releases hidden gags, which include captured birds, which fly off lowering a tablecloth. Another traps releases cups and a pitcher of iced tea, and a third brings down a basket of bread rolls
Tummi: No butter?
Cubbi uses a slingshot to dislodge a hidden butter dish, which causes butter to drop on rolls
Tummi: Wow! Now that is what I call fast food!

Tummi and Cubbi are dressed in robes and wizard hats similar to what Mickey Mouse wore in Fantasia. Zummi is on other side of curtain introducing them for a magic show
Cubbi: I am nervous Tummi. What if the tricks fail?
Tummi: Do not be nervous. You are the best assistant a magician could ever have.
Zummi: And now without further adieu, a true master of the mystical arts, the one and only Tummi!
Curtain opens

Close Encounters of the Gummi Kind[edit]

Zummi and Grammi examine Gusto's Gummi Dummy
Zummi: It looks a little like Gruffi.
Grammi: [tapping the dummy] There's definitely a resemblance!

Gusto's Gummi Dummy leads the ogres away from Gummi Glen
Gusto: It's my Gummi Dummy! Hah, it's leading them away!
Gruffi: I have to admit, for a bad idea it worked pretty well. So... how do you bring it back to reset it?
Gusto: Bring it back... sheepishly and nervously Heh heh heh... whoops.

Boggling the Bears[edit]

Grammi sees mice and reacts with fear and anger
Grammi: GRUFFI GUMMI! You can defend the forest from every ogre out there, but you cannot defend Gummi Glen from a few mice!

Season 4[edit]

Cavin's Day Afternoon[edit]

Cavin (grunts): There's a horse coming out of the castle.

[A horse Spirit back up and licking his face Cavin]

Zummi: Hmm, what's my pet? (A horse licking Cavin) Spirit, A horse of castle.

Cavin: (laughs) Stop that, Spirit. no licking (he pounches Cavin and licks his face)

Cavin (A horse jumping and licks his face Cavin): Cut it out, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Zummi: That's a big idea! (Zummi runs off and to Cavin) It's delightful!


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