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Freaks is a 1932 film about a beautiful trapeze artist who marries the leader of side-show performers for his money.

Directed by Tod Browning. Written by Willis Goldbeck and Leon Gordon, based on the 1923 short story Spurs by Tod Robbins.
Can a full grown woman truly love a Midget?  (taglines)


  • So, you finally got wise to yourself, did ya? It's a funny thing about you women. Most of you don't get wise soon enough! You wait until you're so old, nobody wants ya.


  • That's it, that's it. Go ahead and laugh. It's funny, ain't it? Yeah. Women are funny, ain't they? They're all tramps, ain't they? Yeah. Except when you can get money from them!


  • You dirty, slimy, freaks! Freaks, freaks, freaks! You fools! Make me one of you, will you?

Madame Tetrallini[edit]

  • How many times have I told you not to be frightened. Have I not told you, God looks after all his children!

Carnival Barker[edit]

  • We didn't lie to you folks. We told you we had living, breathing, monstrosities. You laughed at them, shuddered at them. And, yet, but for the accident of birth, you might be one as they are. They did not ask to be brought into the world. But, into the world they came. Their code is a law unto themselves: offend one and you offend them all.

This is quoted at the beginning of the Marillion song "Separated Out" - from the album "Anaraknophobia".


Hans: Are you laughing at me?
Cleopatra: Why no, monsieur.
Hans: Thanks, I'm glad.
Cleopatra: Why should they laugh at you?
Hans: Most big people do, they don't realize that I'm a man with the same feelings they have.

Phroso: Don't go out filling your hide with a lot of booze celebrating. 'Cause fun what's got that way never done NO one no good. Get me?
Venus: I got ya'. [stops and takes a closer look at Phroso] Say, you're a pretty good kid!
Phroso: You're darn right I am! You should have caught me before my operation!

Venus: She's still after Hans, ain't she?
Frieda: Yeah. Always she's smiling by him.
Venus: Yeah. Well, if she's smiling by somebody I know, she'll have to buy herself a new set of teeth!

Frieda: Why is it, we women always have stuff to worry.
Venus: Oh, it's always been that way. I guess it always will be.

Frieda: I was saying, tonight you must not smoke such a big cigar. Your voice was very bad at tonight's show.
Hans: Please, Frieda, don't tell me what I do. When I want a cigar, I smoke a cigar. I want no orders from a woman.

Hercules: I'm tired of spending time and money on somebody like you.
Venus: Yeah, your time, but my money.

All Freaks: We accept her--one of us--gooble, gobble--we accept her--one of us--gooble, gobble...


  • Can a full grown woman truly love a Midget?
  • The Story of the Love life of the Sideshow


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