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Goblins - Life Through Their Eyes is a Dungeons & Dragons - themed webcomic written and drawn by Tarol "Thunt" Hunt. It launched on June 26, 2005, and is still running.

Book 1[edit]

  • Young-and-Beautiful: For countless generations we have done things a certain way. We can't just do everything differently now because it "makes sense".
07/04/2005, The Goblins Discuss the Poorly Locked Chest
  • Minmax: The oversensitive Dungeon Master strikes again.
08/22/2005, Herbert Strikes Again
  • Fumbles: Face the wrath of 1/11th of a sleep spell!
09/03/2005, Fumble's Perfect Character
  • Asks Nonsense: As a blind goblin, how do you know when to stop wiping your ass?
09/25/2005, Thaco's Introduction

Book 2[edit]

  • Fumbles: I declare my dodge on you!!
02/04/2006, Dodge
  • Forgath: Watch it, you hill giant's ass hair!
03/10/2006, Yumyuck Moss
  • Thaco: I don't mind dying, but having to wait for it like this is torture. It's taking forever. Like watching paint dry in hell.
Complains of Names: Wouldn't paint dry really fast in hell?
06/23/2006, Yellow Musk Creeper
  • Tuck: Ironic coincidences happen all the time to adventurers.
07/21/2006, Horribly Hunted

Book 3[edit]

  • Sergeant Marwood: I don't want to hear anyone bitching about having to shovel the minotaur crap!
04/22/2007, Above the Guards
  • Saral Caine: How many times do I have to kill you before you die!?
10/02/2007, Another Battle's End
  • Captain Dellyn Goblinslayer: Do you know what makes someone legendary? It's how badly your enemies want to kill you.
01/28/2008, Goblinslayer's Plan
  • Thaco: We are not jumping off this roof to our deaths! We're jumping off that roof to our deaths. It's got a tree.
04/15/2008, Into the Fires of Hell

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