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Yumi Hotta (堀田 由美, most often written as ほった ゆみ, born October 15, 1957) is a Japanese manga artist, born in Aichi Prefecture.


  • I wanted to learn Go, so I paid a go school and started to attend classes once a week with a pro. He was mean, and never let the students win the teaching games. This was frustrating to me, because I was thinking "Why am I paying to lose all the time?" I wished that I had a guardian angel or a ghost that could help me beat him really bad. It was at that moment that Hikaru no Go was born.
    • Interview at the International Go Symposium, 5 August 2012.

Hikaru no Go[edit]

Why I play go? The answer inside me is clear... To link the far past with the far future.
Main article: Hikaru no Go
  • All you are is the Go you play.
  • This is the universe! And I'm placing stones one by one on that. Like I'm increasing the number of stars one by one... I'm making the universe. It's like I'm a God. I'm going to become a God! On this Go Board.
    • In the anime, Hikaru says this when he plays in a Go tournament for the first time.
  • To link the far past, with the far future.
    • Hikaru's reason for playing Go (Volume 23, chapter 189)

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