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Keane in 2006

Keane are a popular English piano rock band formed in 1997. Its members are Tim Rice-Oxley (pianist/composer/bassist/backing vocalist), Tom Chaplin (lead singer/organist/acoustic guitar), and Richard Hughes (drummer/live backing vocalist).





Hopes and Fears

  • You're aching you're breaking
    And I can see the pain in your eyes
    since everybody's changing and I don't know why

  • I know you think I'm holding you down
    And I've fallen by the wayside now,
    And I don't understand the same things as you
    But I do

  • Lonely people
    Tumble downwards
    And my heart opens up to you
    When she says she has no time
    For you now
    • "She Has No Time"

  • The motion
    keeps my heart
    • "Can't Stop Now"

  • I saw you
    Were sick and tired of my wrong turns
    If you only knew
    The way I feel I'd really love to tell you
    But I
    Can never find the words to say
    And I don't know why
    I can't find the words to say
    I don't know why...
    • "On A Day Like Today"

  • Who ate your heart?
    You're cold inside
    You're not the one I hoped for
    I'll see you on the other side
    I'll see you on the other side
    • "Untitled 1"

Under the Iron Sea

  • I need a place
    That's hidden in the deep
    Where lonely angels sing you to your sleep
    Though all the world is broken

  • And why do you say
    "It's just another day
    Nothing in my way
    I don't want to go
    I don't want to stay
    So there's nothing left to say?"
    • "Nothing in my way"

  • Where will I meet my fate?
    Baby I'm a man and I was born to hate
    And when will I meet my end?
    In a better time you could be my friend
    • "A Bad Dream"

  • Say a word or two to brighten
    My day
    D'you think that you could see your way
    To lay yourself down?
    And make it so but you don't want to know
    You take much more than I'd ever ask for...
    • "Hamburg Song"

  • But I was made the way I am
    I'm not a stone
    I'm just a man
    Lay down your arms
    And I will lay down mine
    Rip back the time that we've been wasting
    • "Try Again"

  • Who says a river can't leave its waters?
    Who says you walk in a line?
    Who says a city can't change its borders?
    Who says you're mine?
    • "Broken Toy"

  • You will lie in a deep sleep
    That's when your prince's crown
    Cracks and falls down
    Your castle hollow and cold
    You've wandered so far
    From the person you are
    Let go brother, let go
    'Cause now we all know...
    • "The Frog Prince"
  • is it any wonder I´m tired?

is it any wonder i feel uptight is it any wonder I don´t know what right? oh these days...after all the misery you made is it any wonder I feel afraid? Is it any wonder i feel betrayed

Perfect Symmetry

  • I wish I could make sense of what we do
    Burning down the capitols
    The wisest of the animals
    Who are you, what are you fighting for
    Holy truth, brother I chose this mortal life
    lived in perfect symmetry
    And maybe you find, life is unkind
    and over so soon
    There is no golden gate
    There's no heaven waiting for you
    • "Perfect Symmetry"

  • You can hang your hopes
    On the bedsits masses
    You can put your faith
    In the foreign
    You can tell yourself
    You're doing your best
    You could do so much
    Better than this
    • "Better than this"

  • I wish that I could be
    In the cellars of the sea
    And disappear in them
    Never to be seen again
    • "Black burning heart"

  • I took off my clothes and I ran to the ocean
    Looking for somewhere to start anew
    When I was drowning in that holy water
    All I could think of was you
    • "Love is the end"

  • And love is just our way of looking out for ourselves
    When we don't want to live alone
    So step into the vacuum, tear off your clothes
    And be born again
    • "Pretend that you're alone"

  • When we fall in love
    We're just falling
    In love with ourselves
    We're spiralling
    • "Spiralling"

Night Train (EP)

  • I've never seen such beauty
    I've never seen such clear skies
    I've never seen such high hopess
    I've never seen such tired eyes
    • "Clear skies"

  • In every speck of dust
    In every universe
    When you feel most alone
    You will not be alone
    • "My shadow"

  • Some days, feel my soul has left my body
    feel im floating high above me
    like im looking down upon me
    • "Stop for a minute"
  • Time realign just what you got
    With what you nearly had and what you want
    You fall asleep and then the moment's gone
    So open your eyes
    • "Looking Back"
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