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Season 1[edit]

Wasabi Warriors [1.01][edit]

Jack : How are you doing? It's my first day. What would you recommend?
Marge : Not this stuff. I don't know what half of it is
Kim : All right, that was almost cool. I'm Kim
Jack : I'm Jack. I'm new
Kim : Yeah, I can tell. You still have the new-guy smell. Um, can I have my apple back?
Jack : Oh, sorry. Well, maybe I'll see you around Kim
Kim : Maybe you will
Eddie : Hey new kid
Jerry : Uh, what are you doing Eddie? We save the seat for cheerleaders, prom queens and supermodels
Jack : Well, I'm Jack. So how do you guys know each other?
Milton : We're friends. We do karate together after school
Jerry : We don't just do karate, Milton. These fists are registered weapons. In fact, I've already gotten a few calls about joining the navy seals
Eddie : Navy seals? You're afraid of baby seals
Milton : Gah!
Jerry : That's awesome. That kid from the Black Dragon dojo just whaled with you -- Not cool, man. Not cool
Jack : Aren't you gonna do anything? Wait, I thought you guys knew karate
Milton : Yes, we do. But they know it better
Jack : It's cool. I got this
Milton : Why did we learn his name? Now I'm gonna miss him
Jack : Hey, I like your outfits. You guys cheerleaders?
Frank : No. Well, Brian used to be. So, you've got a problem or something?
Jack : I didn't come over here to fight, man. Okay you probably shouldn't have done that
Milton : That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen in my life, and I've been to the ice capades.