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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, known in Japan as Hoshi no Kirby (星のカービィ Hoshi no Kābī, Kirby of the Stars), is a Japanese anime series created by Warpstar, Inc. and based on Nintendo's Kirby franchise. The series ran for one hundred episodes from October 6, 2001 to September 27, 2003. The series aired on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting in Japan and in the United States on 4Kids TV; 4Kids Entertainment heavily edited the content in the process.

Season 1[edit]

Kirby Comes to Cappy Town [1.1][edit]

Escargoon: Monster!? That's ridiculous! There's no monster in this castle!
Cappy: Yes there is! It's big and it eats everything in sight!
Escargoon: That's King Dedede! There's no monster. Now why don't you go on back to your little trailer park so the King can have his supper in peace?
Tiff: Hey, wait a minute, Escargoon! Not so fast! [Tiff, her brother Tuff, and their parents Sir Ebrum and Lady Like appear] How do we know you're not lying again?
Tuff: Yeah, like you usually do?
Escargoon: You have no right to speak to me that way. Your parents should slap you silly.
Tiff: Papa, something funny's going on!
Sir Ebrum: You might be right, Tiff. A monster is the kind of thing that Dedede would love.
Lady Like: The king must be behind this!
Escargoon: You're court official. How dare you accuse his royal highness! [to King Dedede] Want me to check 'em in for a two-week stay in the dungeon, sweet kingey?
King Dedede: [Laughs and turns to face everyone else] A monster, huh? Would the monster happen to look anything that?
[He points to a fish tank containing a small octopus]
Cappy: That's it! That's the monster! Except it was a hundred times bigger!
King Dedede: [laughs] Well you can see this ain't no monster, it's my new pet octopus. The only thing he likes to eat is sardines.
[He drops one in the tanks. The octopus eats it]
King Dedede: Hehehehe. Little fella wouldn't hurt a fly less it was on the end of a fish hook!
Escargoon: Of course it wouldn't. Now get out and go back to your trailer park so the king can have his dessert! Go on! Poof, you're gone!
[Tiff runs up to the octopus. The two exchange stares]

Kabu: Tell me, citizens of Dreamland. For what purpose have you come to consult me?
Sir Ebrum: We seek your wisdom and knowledge Kabu! For three nights a giant monster has been stealing our sheep.
Lady Like: And it's robbing me of my beauty sleep.
Mayor Len: King Dedede says it's not his monster...
Chief Bookem: But I don't believe that rascal.
Tuff: You know the truth, Kabu!
Tiff: Please tell us where the monster is, Kabu, and how we can make it go away.
Kabu: The monster is here. And all of Dreamland is in grave danger.
Tiff: Why did he come here?
Kabu: It was called here by your own King Dedede. [in the distance, Dedede and Escargoon are watching from Dedede's tank]
Escargoon: Sounds like the big Kabu-na's got your number, crownie.
King Dedede: [punches Escargoon on the head] That tattle-telling tiki!
Kabu: The monster was created, by one far more powerful than King Dedede.
Chief Bookem: I'd like to lock both of them up.
Mayor Len: What can we do to stop them?
Kabu: There is nothing you can do.
[Everyone is in shock]
Sir Ebrum: Oh dear!
Lady Like: Oh dear me!
Falala: Is Dreamland doomed?
Tiff: Can anybody help, Kabu?
Kabu: There is one hope... a Star Warrior traveling through space... whose name is Kirby.
Tiff: Kirby.
Tuff: Yay, Kirby!
Tiff: Hmmm, bet he's cute!
King Dedede: [He and Escargoon enter] That's trash you're talking, Kabu. Ain't no such person as Kirby.
Escargoon: That's right. You're full of Kabu-loney.
Kabu: Kabu can see the future.
King Dedede: Then why don't you predict what's gonna happen when I push this here button?
Kabu: I predict you will not push it.
King Dedede: Hey Escargoon, did ya hear that one? [laughs] Well I predict you're dead wrong!

Tiff: It's gotta be impossible, but your name wouldn't happen to be "Kirby"?!
Kirby: Kirby! Kirby!

Tiff: [After Kirby saves her from falling to her death] Kirby just saved my life.
Tuff: A monster wouldn't have done that, Tiff.
Fololo: You're right, Tuff.
Falala: Maybe Kirby is a Star Warrior.
Tiff: [dusting herself] Impossible, Falala. Warriors are big and strong, not pink and puffy! [Kirby walks by her, surprising her]
Tuff: Hey, where are you going? [Kirby runs faster, and he, Fololo & Falala give chase] Hey, wait up!
Fololo: He doesn't understand!
Falala: Don't let him get away, Fololo!
Tiff: Some warrior.

Tiff: My parents work for the King, and we live in the castle. In case you were wondering, my name's Tiff.
Kirby: Name Tiff.
(Tiff gasps)
Kirby: Name Tiff!
Tuff: I'm her brother, Tuff.
Kirby: Tuff.
Fololo: And we're their friends Fololo...
Falala: ... and Falala!
Kirby: Fololo, Falala?
Tuff: Guess Kirby must be a baby warrior.
[Tiff, Tuff, Fololo, and Falala laugh]

Mayor Len: ...And as Mayor of Cappy Town, I know I speak for everyone when I say we're pleased and proud to welcome our honored guest, the mighty Star Warrior Kirby.
Chief Bookem: I can speak for myself, thank you.
Mayor Len: Hah, we all know that, Chief Bookem.
Tuff: Let's hurry up and eat.
Tiff: Kirby doesn't understand what you're saying anyway.
Mayor Len: Then let's dig in, shall we?
[Kirby inhales everyone's dinner and then spits their accessories, plates, and silverware back out]
Kirby: Poyo.
Tuff: [yells in frustration and falls face-first on the table surface] I knew I should've started eatin'.
Tiff: Hey, what's the big idea, Kirby?

King Dedede: Careful with that starship, snailbrain! Once we get it fixed, we can send Kirby back where he came from.

Escargoon: Why does he have to be so abusive? Self-esteem issues, anyone?

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Welcome to Nightmare Enterprises, King Dedede. How may I assist you?
King Dedede: Look, pal, I don't like to complain, but I paid you folks a lot of money for an octopus monster and it turned out to be a little shrimp.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Just give it time, Your Highness, and I guarantee that little shrimp will grow on you.
King Dedede: Alright.

King Dedede: [screams upon seeing that Octacon has grown to its true size] HOLY CALAMARI!
Escargoon: Get back in your tank, you overgrown appetizer!
King Dedede: [tackles Escargoon] Find the receipt for this thing, 'cause I want my money back!
Meta Knight: You had better leave, Sire.

Tuff: [about what Kirby did to Octacon's miniature octopus] He sucked 'em up.
Tiff: Just like he sucked up our dinner.
Meta Knight: It is Kirby's classic defense - inhale.

Meta Knight: [about Kirby's transformation] That is Kirby's copy ability. After inhaling an attack, Kirby can transform himself. Kirby has now become... Fire Kirby.

King Dedede: There goes my refund.

King Dedede: Hey, I do believe we've been starstruck.

A Blockbuster Battle [1.2][edit]

King Dedede: They look like rejects to me. I need something strong enough to get rid of Kirby...for good!

Escargoon: Kirby's sure striking out with the plates.
King Dedede: Then let's see if he can slide.

Escargoon: [about Blocky] This thing's even heavier than you, Sire.
King Dedede: Yeah. Big enough to beat Kirby!

King Dedede: You dumb blockhead!
Escargoon: We're sunk and so is he!

King Dedede: I'm gonna miss my little Blocky!
Escargoon: Well, Sire, it just goes to show you shouldn't take your monsters for granite.

Kirby's Duel Role [1.3][edit]

Tiff: Meta Knight came here to see you, didn't he, Kabu?
Kabu: He came here to consult with me about the threat to the planet.
Tiff: Threat to the planet? What do you mean?
Kabu: There is a secret empire of evil ruled by one known as eNeMeE. [does a flashback to a shadowed Nightmare placing Chess monsters on the chessboard in his lair] It is his plan to control the entire universe. He creates monsters and delivers them to customers like Dedede, who do not know their true purpose. But eNeMeE made one grave mistake. [Nightmare grimaces in pain as the shadowed sphere he was about to place on the chessboard has just stabbed his finger with a sword] One creature was produced that would not obey his orders, and eNeMeE fears it may defeat him. [Nightmare furiously slams the chessboard as the flashback ends]
Tiff: The creature must be... Kirby.
Tuff: Yeah, and that must be why eNeMeE's trying to get rid of him.
Kabu: That is the likely explanation.
Tiff: Well, we better get going. Thanks a lot, Kabu.
Tuff: Hey, Kabu. Where'd ya learn all that stuff?
Kabu: I learned it long ago, from Meta Knight.
Tuff: Say what?!
Tiff: From Meta Knight?!

King Dedede: Well, that pink punk ain't gonna make a monkey out of King Dedede. [starts driving back to his castle only to be interrupted by Meta Knight] Outta my way, Meta Knight!
Meta Knight: Sire, it is my duty to warn you. Kirby has great power now.
King Dedede: Yeah? Well, who's the king around here, you or me?
Escargoon: Move it or lose it!
Meta Knight: It pains me to do this, sire. But I'm afraid I must. [kicks Dedede's tank downhill]
King Dedede: Hey! What's happening?!
Escargoon: We're going backwards!
King Dedede: I know that! Hit the brakes!
Escargoon: They won't hold, we're gonna crash!
King Dedede: Do something!
Escargoon: Like what?!
King Dedede: Break my fall!
[The tank reverses off a nearby cliff and crashes off-screen]

Dark and Stormy Knight [1.4][edit]

King Dedede: Sir Ebrum. Lady Like. This here daughter of yours is holdin' information from me. She's keepin' secrets about Kirby.
Escargoon: You've been aiding an alien, you traitor.

King Dedede: I'll show them kids. If I can't earn respect, I'll just buy it...from Nightmare Enterprises!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Sorry, Your Majesty. But our contract says that Kracko can't be sent backo! [laughs]

Meta Knight: Kirby's Starship detected the King's monster, but Kirby was not scheduled to awaken for another 200 years. That is why his ship crash-landed. He is totally untrained. He cannot speak. He can barely think!

Beware: Whispy Woods! [1.5][edit]

Tiff: Our planet's ecosystem is a marvel of symbiotic relationships among all living things large and small. Wow, isn't that amazing, Kirby? (notices Kirby is missing) Kirby? Kirby!
Tuff: I guess Kirby must've got bored and went for a walk or something.

Rick: [sighs] That Kirby could drive a dingo dingy.

Lady Like: Well, if you took your news out of that nosepaper, you'd see that Tiff and Tuff haven't come home yet!

Sir Ebrum: What my wife means to say is that we don't get a chance to see you enough, Your Majesty.

King Dedede: My plan worked! I laid out an apple trail, and Kirby got buried in a apple-anche!

Escargoon: The letter tricked ya! Now get ready to have your trunk truncated!

Un-Reality TV [1.6][edit]

Waddle Doo: Let's go, guys! Speed it up! We gotta get a TV set to every house in town!

King Dedede: That kid's got it all wrong, this here's a king-sized misunderstanding. Any events and situations depicted on Channel DDD is purely fictional!

Tiff: Maybe some people wanna waste their lives watching this T.V. junk, but we have better things to do, right Kirby? [as Kirby slips in to watch the T.V.]


Meta Knight: King Dedede may be a despicable dictator, but you've got to admit he's got a funny shtick.

Escargoon: [sighs] I am so not ready for my close-up.

One of the Cappy Villagers: This show about rainbows has been on all mornin'. [regarding the T.V. with no signal]

Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure [1.7][edit]

King Dedede: Look at all the variety. There's shy birds, fly birds, blue birds, two birds, crazy birds, and lazy birds!

King Dedede: Remind me to install some escalators on this mountain.

King Dedede: [singing] ♪ Dyna Blade had an egg she laid, E-I-E-I-O. But a handsome king had a plan he made, E-I-E-I-O. When Kirby eats that big old egg, Dyna Blade's gonna grab him by the leg, drag him away to a secret lair, finally get Kirby out of my hair. ♪ Dyna Blade... Hey, look!
Escargoon: Let's hide.

Meta Knight: Our deeds bind us to fate as surely as the sun sets.
Tiff: Could you say that in English?

Tiff: Kirby, I was only kidding! You'd be too tough for anybody to eat.

Curio's Curious Discovery [1.8][edit]

Tiff: Remember what you always say. The most important thing isn't to show your theories right, but to dig all the way to the truth!

The Fofa Factor [1.9][edit]

Escargoon: Sire, a message from your fortune teller.
King Dedede: Well? What's my soothsayer say?
Escargoon: I'm lookin', I'm lookin! It says, "If you look for trouble, your trouble will double."
King Dedede: Hmph. What's that mumbo-gumbo supposed to mean?
Escargoon: I'm not sure, but there's more.
King Dedede: Good. Is it next week's lottery numbers?
Escargoon: If it was, I wouldn't tell you. It says, "Your account is past due. Pay up, you cheap tightwad!" [Dedede hammers him] Great. Just 'cause I'm a snail, I get slugged.
King Dedede: Well I'll show her. I'm ordering a new monster.
Escargoon: Did you order me some aspirin?

King Dedede: Say, you Cappies look kinda sheepish. Hah! Sheepish! That's a good one! [laughs]
Chief Bookem: King Dedede! [Dedede looks at Bookem with a shocked expression on his face] Body-snatchin's illegal.
King Dedede: So what? You may have my body, but I'm still head around here!
Mayor Len: We demand you return us to normal, your highness. We're one furious flock!

[The Boy Kirby and Girl Kirby laugh]
Falala: I think we'd better keep it down guys.
Fololo: Falala, they look just like us!

Fofa: No! Let me go, you creep! I don't wanna be sent to hurt anybody!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: All you can do is float in the air, you useless little clown. We're splitting you in two.
Fofa: In two?! No please, you can't!

Tuff: [after Slice n' Splice's sun rod has disintegrated] It's too late to use it now. The sun rod bit the dust.
Tiff: I'm really sorry that we couldn't put you two back together again.
Falala: That's okay. We may have two bodies...
Fololo: But we've got one heart. [he and Falala hug each other]

Hail to the Chief [1.10][edit]

Mayor Len: Lunatics! This is a road, not a bumper car track!
Escargoon: It's your fault. I guess you haven't heard the King's always got the right of way.
King Dedede: Just ask the DDDMV!

Escargoon: You could have been hurt in that crash, but luckily your stomach acts as a built-in airbag.

Tuggle: The King's firing Chief Bookem?
Chef Kawasaki: There goes my doughnut sales.

Escargoon: Those bees gave me so many lumps that I feel like a bowl of oatmeal!

Tuff: [While Driving Dedede's Tank And Yelling At The Same Time] Driving sure is a lot harder than it looks!

King Dedede: Aw, my paper's in pieces! Grr... if that's how y'all gonna play it, i'm gonna up the ante!

Chief Bookem: [to the bees, about Dedede and Escargoon] Company bee, arrest these crooks!

Escargoon: Leave us alone, don't pollinate something!
King Dedede: Don't you dare sting yo king!

The Big Taste Test [1.11][edit]

Escargoon: [shaking] You don't want to eat me! I'm bitter...r...r...

King Dedede: What better way to honor your King than to let him sauté you?
Escargoon: [whimpered] I never thought I'd go like this...

King Dedede: [trying samples of Kawasaki's food] Tasteless! Nasty! Awful! This stinks! This too! Lousy! Putrid! Rancid! TREASON!!! Kawa-yucki, I oughta fry you up like a fritter!

Escargoon: I know this came out of the oven, but it tastes like it came outta the sofa cushions!

King Dedede: There's a word for this here stuff, and it ain't "food"!

Kirby's Pet Peeve [1.12][edit]

King Dedede: What's that thing he's got?
Escargoon: I don't know what he's got, but I've got whiplash.
[Kirby and the Robot Pet scream "Poyo!" and bark respectively at them, angrily]
King Dedede: That's one of them computer canines! I want one of 'em, too. Where'd he get that?
Escargoon: I don't know. Probably from that toy shop in Cappy Town.

King Dedede: Now what do I look like, some little nitwit?
Gengu: I wouldn't say little. Definitely not.

Escargoon Squad [1.13][edit]

Waddle Doo: I'm sorry sire, but it wasn't my fault! Somebody must have sabotaged the drawbridge!

Tiff: I bet it's one of those monsters!
Sir Ebrum: Is this another plot against Kirby?!
King Dedede: I ain't plotting against nobody! And there ain't no ghost 'cause there can't be no such a thing!
Lady Like: But then what was it that flew in my window?
Sir Ebrum: Why were those bottles floating?!
Tiff: There's a ghost here!!

King Dedede: Uhh...maybe it was just a pigment of your imagination!

Escargoon: I'd love to help you find the ghost, sire, but I'm afraid I'm just too afraid to!

Meta Knight: It appears you were able to shamboozle us all, Escargoon.
Sir Ebrum: By jove! You suddenly had me believing in ghosts.
Lady Like: Tuff, I'm ashamed of you!
Tuff: King Dedede is always doing stuff to scare us. Why shouldn't we scare him?
Kirby: Poyo!
Tiff: Well, I guess bad things happen to bad kings!
[Everyone in the room but Meta Knight burst out laughing]

King Dedede: [chasing Kirby, Tuff, Escargoon, Fololo And Falala] You all gonna be ghosts when I catch up with ya!

The Pillow Case [1.14][edit]

Escargoon: What's wrong, Sire? I haven't seen you this mad since yesterday.

Escargoon: Take it easy on those turns.
King Dedede: Just hang on to my throne.
Escargoon: I'll hang on to the throne, Sire. It's my lunch I'm worried about.

King Dedede: I'm their number one customer, and they ought to acknowledge that once in a while.
Escargoon: Well, maybe they would if you pay the bill every once in a while.

King Dedede: Pillows? What're they for?
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Haven't you ever used one? They're for sleeping.

Tiff: [Hypnotized] Must destroy kirby. Destroy Kirby!

King Dedede: Lucky little lump.

A Fish Called Kine [1.15][edit]

Tiff: A fish who can write...
Kine: A lot of fish are very educated because we spend so much time in schools.

Tiff: Me, your girlfriend?!
Tuff: [Laughing] Yeah, Tiff. And he can be your Gillfriend!

Chef Kawasaki: Ah... the catch of the day.
Tuff: Stop! That's not sushi, that's Tiff's boyfriend!
Chef Kawasaki: Her... boyfriend?

Tiff: You see how dangerous it is?
Tuff: You're lucky. You must have nine lives.
Kine: Maybe that means I'm part catfish...

Flower Power [1.16][edit]

Fololo & Falala: Babagahara? I've heard of that place. No one who goes there has ever come back!

Escargoon: This plant plan's startin' to grow on me.
King Dedede: Yeah, that Pukey Flower's one bad blossom! It pops up little Noddy berries, the critters gobble them up, and the owners can't wake 'em. (laughs)
Escargoon: They think a wiff of the Pukey will wake them up, but then the Pukey eats them up!
King Dedede: And now it's time for Kirby.
Escargoon: Lunch time. [the two burst into laughter]

Kirby: [snoring, sleep-talking] Picnic...picnic...
[Tuff gasps]
Kirby: [sleep-talking again] Pic...nic....

Tuff: Kirby! Glad you're okay, buddy!

Here Comes the Son [1.17][edit]

King Dedede: I happen to know just the Star Warrior you lookin' for.
Knuckle Joe: Then spill your guts, tubby.
King Dedede: Uhhh, tubby?
Escargoon: Hey wise guy, this is the king you're talking about! You can't insult him because he's fat! Or because he's a big ignoramus! Or because he's a tightwad...[gets hammered by Dedede]
King Dedede: [clears throat] Sonny, I know just the Star Warrior you lookin' for, and his name's Kirby.
Knuckle Joe: Look out... Kirby.

Knuckle Joe: He wasn't a father. He was a weakling.
Meta Knight: Good. I am glad. That way, he will not have to see what a monster you have become.
Knuckle Joe: What? I am not a monster!
Meta Knight: Anyone who abandons his reason, and lives only by hatred, is a monster.
Knuckle Joe: Grrr...
Tiff: Knuckle Joe... What we do makes us all monsters. And now, look what you did to Kirby.
Knuckle Joe: But I am not a monster!
Meta Knight: But you lived by hatred. And hatred is what eNeMeE loves.

Dedede's Snow Job [1.18][edit]

King Dedede: I've had it with this weather. I've gotta do something to beat the heat and cool down this kingdom!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: We deal mostly in monsters, not home appliances, but I think we may just have something that'll do the job.

Tuff: Hey Tiff, this rain's frozen!

Escargoon: Heh! He turned steamin' Dream Land into a winter wonderland!

Kirby: Chilly! Chilly! Chilly!

Tiff: This doesn't make sense. Cappy Town's never had snow before.

Chilly: Chilly!

A Princess in Dis-Dress [1.19][edit]

King Dedede: (Practice proposal to Princess Rona) From the moment I laid my big ol' eyes on your big ol' head, I knew you were my love.

King Dedede: [cried] I wanna marry the pretty princess!
Escargoon: [To Princess Rona] Now you've broken the king's heart! [softly] How? I don't know, he doesn't have one.

King Dedede: My dreams are shattered. How will I ever fill this emptiness?
Escargoon: Ah, just do what you normally do. Have seven cheeseburgers.

Island of the Lost Warrior [1.20][edit]

Tuff: What are we going to do, Tiff?
Tiff: I'm thinking! It takes time to come up with great ideas!
[Tiff's stomach growls]
Tiff: [looking embarrassed] My stomach thinks it's a great idea for us to find some lunch now.

Tiff: Kirby, I'm sure glad you made friends with Sergeant Cosmos.
Tuff: Me too, but that guy's still kind of wacky.
Tiff: He's been stuck on this island so long he thinks the Star Warriors still have an army.
Kit Cosmos: [suddenly puts out Kirby and friends' fire that they were cooking their fish on] Are you kids out of your minds?! Lightin' a campfire at night will give away our position to the enemy!
Tuff: Yeah, except we don't have any enemies.
Tiff: And look. Now we don't have any dinner.
Kit Cosmos: Tough luck. During some of my missions, I went weeks with nothin' to eat but dirt! A real warrior don't need no fancy luxuries like food!

Kit Cosmos: I salute you, Meta Knight!

The Empty Nest Mess [1.21][edit]

King Dedede: Escargoon! Get this caterpillar off of me!
Escargoon: I guess I used too much formula, but at least we know it works!

Ninja Binge [1.22][edit]

Benikage: Keep away from the scroll, or prepare to battle a real ninja!

Benikage: [sniff] They're plastic anyway...[cries]

Like Mother, Like Snail/Escargoon Rules [1.23][edit]

Tiff: Who's so important to ya?
Escargoon: It's my... it's my... It's my mommy!

Escargoon's Mother: Ahh, it's still so hard for me to believe that I'm the mother of a king.

King Dedede: You two's Escar-dentical!

Tiff: Don't worry. That guy's just pretending to be king.
Escargoon's Mother: He's pretending? But why?
Tiff: It's his job to act crazy. Dedede's the court jester.
Escargoon's Mother: Court jester? You mean he's a clown?

King Dedede: [horrified, about his Drifter parachute] It's been De-De-Disintegrated!

Sword and Blade, Loyal and True/Hour of the WolfWrath [1.24][edit]

Escargoon: (after WolfWrath has gotten away from him and Dedede) Ah, I don't think it's housebroken.
Dedede: That WolfWrath monster of yours better not wreck my castle. This ain't no doghouse!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: I'm afraid WolfWrath doesn't take too well to training, Triple D. He's kind of a hot dog and if you try to break him, you'll get burned! [laughs]
Dedede: Huh? It'll attack me?! [the N.M.E. Sales Guy laughs again]

Escargoon: [about WolfWrath's battle with Meta Knight] Look, it's battling Meta Knight, not Kirby!
Dedede: Grr... Meta Knight oughtta mind his own beeswax and let WolfWrath turn Kirby into toast!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Don't sweat it, Triple D. That monster can wipe out a whole army of Star Warriors.

Escargoon: KITCHEEEEENNNNN!!! Where's the chow, ya chowder-heads? His highness is hungry up here!
Waddle Doo: But we just served the king a ten-course meal.
Dedede: All of them appetizers was un-appetizin'. Bring me ten different courses and make it snappy!
Waddle Doo: Right! [he and the Waddle Dees make another ten-course meal and start bringing it to the king] Hup, two, three, four, we bring the food and he wants more, five, six, seven, eight, the king had better watch his weight.

Sword Knight: We should have stayed to protect Kirby.
Blade Knight: [mumbling] Our promise.
Sword Knight: We're sorry, kids. We won't let it happen again.
Tiff: That's okay. The only reason you two were reckless was because you knew Meta Knight was in trouble.
Tuff: You guys sure are loyal to him. How'd you meet him?
Kirby: Poyo.
Blade Knight: [mumbling] Long time ago.
Sword Knight: Back when Meta Knight and the Star Warriors were battling Nightmare's monster armies. (begins flashback) The struggle turned the whole galaxy into a wasteland. To survive, we became bandits.
[Meta Knight is running up the side of the canyon when Blade Knight and Sword Knight step in his way]
Meta Knight: Out of my way. Let me pass!
Sword Knight: Oh, we'll be happy to let you pass, for a price.
[Blade Knight mumbling]
Meta Knight: I have no time for your games. The monster that is chasing me is truly dangerous.
Sword Knight: We're dangerous too.
Meta Knight: I warn you. Leave now while you still have a chance.
[WolfWrath's howl is heard above all three as it leaps down and attacks by surprise]
Blade Knight: Away! Away! [mumbling]
[Sword Knight attacks but is thrown aside by WolfWrath. It spits a fireball at them only for it to be reflected back by Meta Knight]
Meta Knight: Run. Quickly! [Blade Knight and Sword Knight hide as he then fights back against WolfWrath and ultimately forces it into a nearby lake as the flashback ends]
Sword Knight: We were just a pair of lousy crooks.
Blade Knight: Meta Knight [mumbling] rescued us.
Tiff: So that's why you follow him.
Tuff: 'Cause he saved you both.
Sword Knight: [about the weapons hung on the wall of their master's living room] Those things on the wall... We used them to rob and steal. Now they remind us of what fools we were before we met Meta Knight.

Dedede: [snacking on his latest ten-course meal] What's taking them guards so long to track my monster?
Escargoon: Finish your snack, sire. I'm checking the cameras. [sees WolfWrath blowing fire everywhere it goes, even at the cameras] Ahh! What's it doing?! [sees even more of the castle halls on fire] Ah! WolfWrath's a fire dog!
Dedede: [gasps in anger and starts yelling at the N.M.E. Sales Guy] What're you trying to pull here?! That monster's barbecuing my whole castle!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Oops! I guess I forgot to mention that. WolfWrath needs to set fires to get the strength for its attacks.
Dedede: [growling with anger, he's finally had enough and he gives an order to the Waddle Dees] Throw that WolfWrath outta here!

Sword Knight: Blade. Remember how Meta Knight saved us when WolfWrath cornered us?
Blade Knight: Hm. Aye. [mumbling]
[flashback to when Meta Knight and WolfWrath fell into the nearby lake]
Sword Knight: Water is WolfWrath's one weakness.
Blade Knight: [mumbling] Put it out.

Sword Knight: Brings back memories, don't it, Blade?
Blade Knight: [mumbling]
[last flashback of the episode begins, showing both Sword and Blade kneeling behind Meta Knight]
Meta Knight: So. Are you two sure you want to join me?
Blade Knight: You're [mumbling] great warrior.
Sword Knight: We want to make your cause our cause.
Meta Knight: I will tell you what we must do. We must search for a new warrior... one who will defeat eNeMeE and bring justice to our galaxy.
Sword Knight: From that moment on, we became Meta Knight's followers.
Blade Knight: And, [mumbling] loyal to him.
[both Sword Knight and Blade Knight look on proudly at Kirby's triumphant pose with Galaxia as light from the sky shines down on him]

The Flower Plot [1.25][edit]

Lovely: [to Whispy Woods] But Whispy, these oxygen-breathers can't possibly mean more to you than I do.

Labor Daze [1.26][edit]

Tiff: Dedede made us think he was making appliances, but he was really building a giant robot.
Tuff: That creep! I'd like to tear it apart with my bare hands!

Season 2[edit]

The Hot Shot Chef / A Spice Odyssey [2.1][edit]

King Dedede: Yuck! Yuck!! YUCK!!! This slop ain't fit for a doggone dog! There's gotta be something here that's eatable! [takes a bite of a salad, chews for a few seconds then bursts into tears] I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!
Escargoon: But Majesty, we've got other choices. Instant noodles, cat food, crunchy liver-and-bacon dog treats, hmm? [Dedede looms over him]
King Dedede: I WANT SOMETHIN' TASTY!!!!!
[later, at Restaurant Kawasaki...]
King Dedede: Yuck! Yuck!! YUCK!!! THIS TASTES LIKE TRASH!!! Kawasaki, ain't you got nothing digestion-able in this here dump!?
Chef Kawasaki: Sorry, Sire. That's every dish on the menu.
King Dedede: You ain't no chef, YOU'RE A GARBAGEMAN!!
Escargoon: Come clean, Kawasaki. All chefs have secret recipes. Don't hold out on us!
Chef Kawasaki: I'm not! That's all I have!
King Dedede: What a loser. Let's get out of here.
Chef Kawasaki: But what about your bill?
King Dedede: Forget it, pizza-face! [throws a pizza at Kawasaki]
Chef Kawasaki: [tastes the pizza] It tastes okay to me...

King Dedede: I need a top-class chef for my new restaurant.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: You owning a restaurant is like a termite owning a lumber yard.

Monsieur Goan: Tornato.
King Dedede: Tornado?
Escargoon: Not tornado. Tornato. It's a fancy foreign language, Sire.
King Dedede: I was joking, ya beanhead!

Chef Kawasaki: I can't even give my food away.
Tuff: What are you gonna do?
Tiff: I guess you can always pay people to eat here.

Chef Kawasaki: [sighs] He was my only customer and I turned him into a flamethrower...

Chef Kawasaki: It's done. This dish is so hot, it may burn through the pot. I call it Toxic Atomic Curry. When they get a taste of this, I'll be the hottest chef in town! [laughs maniacally]

Tiff: [gasp] You're on fire!
Chef Kawasaki: Hahahaa-haha! Atomic Curry!

Tuff: Kirby's in trouble!
Tiff: That monster knows every trick in the book!
Meta Knight: You mean in the cookbook!
Tiff: Hey, that's a pretty good one!

King Dedede: [Laughing] Won't be long now, Kirby!
Kirby: [freezes]
Tiff: Kirby!
Escargoon: Relax, you'll feel a lot better when you try a bracing bowl of Kirby sorbet.
King Dedede: Just chill out, Kirby.

Tuff: Yeah! He's Fire Kirby!
Meta Knight: No, that's the heartburn from Kawasaki's cooking.
Chef Kawasaki: I finally out-spiced Kirby!

Escargoon: Alright, what's this all about a punishment?
King Dedede: If you ask me, it's punishment enough to mangle with the peasants!

Hatch Me if You Can [2.2][edit]

Chief Bookem: Hmm. No missing egg reports coming yet. Nobody broke into any nests, lately. I guess Kirby can go back to sittin' on the egg.

Tiff: Well, they're not gonna be any help. I'm gonna have to crack this egg case myself.

Cappy New Year [2.3][edit]

King Dedede: This new year's gonna be a blast. [laughs]

Tiff: We can create our own celebration. We can do whatever we want to!

Escargoon: That monster's a pyrotechnomaniac!

Mayor Len Blustergas: It's almost midnight! So ten...
All: ...9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... [fireworks occur behind Parasol Kirby] HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Kirby: Poyo! [waves to everybody as fireworks shaped like the sentence HAPPY NEW YEAR appear behind him]

Abusement Park [2.4][edit]

N.M.E. Sales Guy: [about Mike Kirby's singing] It's like he's scratching down a chalkboard! I can't take it! I'm sending Kirby back...

Meta Knight: I fear Microphone Kirby may be Kirby's most powerful form!
Tiff: Now you tell me!

Junk Jam [2.5][edit]

Tuff: Kirby, doesn't your stomach ever get tired?

The Kirby Derby - Part I [2.6][edit]

[After Tuff hits a rock in the road which causes Kirby to get thrown out of the vehicle, and later lands on King Dedede's head after him and Escargoon jump into a river to get away]

Tiff: Tuff, I almost got run over! You should stick to a tricycle!

The Kirby Derby - Part II [2.7][edit]

Mayor Len Blustergas: You and I were married forty years ago today. That's why I wanted to win so badly!

A Recipe for Disaster [2.8][edit]

King Dedede: I paid Nightmare Enterprises a heap o' money so they can send me a heap o' popcorn?

Watermelon Felon [2.9][edit]

Meta Knight: Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword.

King Dedede: Well, you got a problem with me, pinky?
Kirby: [Barfs out the newspapers and the newspapers flood the castle]

N.M.E. Sales Guy: [in reaction to King Dedede uploading the millions of newspapers that Kirby flooded his entire castle with to Nightmare's Fortress] HEY! What do you think you're doing?!
King Dedede: There's a lot more where that came from. Nobody wants these newspapers anymore, so I gotta put 'em somewhere.

Escar-Gone [2.10][edit]

Meta Knight: Tiff. Have you ever met that snail before?
Tiff: Never. I was just being nice to him because he seemed so upset.
Meta Knight: Hmmm. We've never met, but somehow he knew both of our names.
Tiff: I think the guy's missing a few marbles.
Meta Knight: Maybe so. We'd better keep an eye on him in case his condition worsens.
Tiff: I wonder if his name really is Escargoon...
Escargoon: [having overheard Tiff & Meta Knight's conversation and realizing they've forgotten him as well] Oh, mercy! This is the darkest day of my life! [runs away crying]

Monster Management [2.11][edit]

King Dedede: Ahh, [chuckles] Ain't nothin' like starting the day off with bubblin' bath!
Escargoon: It's great to be king.
King Dedede: Mmm-hm.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Our new management director suggested that we give you a hands-on demonstration. I believe you've met. Say hello, Joe.
Knuckle Joe: [turns around smiling while donning his new business suit] That's Knuckle Joe!
[King Dedede & Escargoon's jaws drop in a huge state of surprise]
Knuckle Joe: Nice to see you again, tubby.

Tokkori: Hey! Quit pluckin' my plumage, bub!

King Dedede: Knuckle Joe ain't qualified to work for N.M.E.!

Tiff: But Joe! I thought you wanted to battle on the side of the good guys!

Tokkori: What a mess. It's gonna be monster mayhem! Well, I sure hope Kirby took his vitamins today.

[several Mini-Monsters rampage throughout Cappy Town, causing as much trouble as they want and wrecking as many things as they can find]
Chef Kawasaki: Ah! Knock it off, you lowlifes, or at least order something!
Tuggle: Yo! No piggin' out at my place without payin'!
[Knuckle Joe watches the chaos unfold in Cappy Town from a rooftop]
Knuckle Joe: Perfect. Just like I planned.
[pan to more trouble caused in Cappy Town by the Mini-Monsters]
Prof. Curio: Ah! That urn's an antique you uncultured brute!

Meta Knight: You are putting the planet in danger!
Knuckle Joe: Just trying to keep my bosses happy.

Tuff: Oh, that Knuckle Joe! Why did he make all this trouble?!

Meta Knight: Masher is a real heavyweight.
Tiff: [Replying to Meta Knight about Masher being a real heavyweight] You said it!

[Knuckle Joe leaps down, tosses away his business suit, and charges in to join in Masher's beatdown of Kirby]
Tiff: Knuckle Joe! [starts shedding tears] Please don't do it.
Knuckle Joe: Get ready, Kirby. Your time is up! Vulcan Jab, Vulcan Jab, Vulcan Jab! (starts pounding on Kirby as well)
Tiff: Poor Kirby.
Tuff: One bad guy was enough. How can Kirby win two against one?

King Dedede: [in reaction to Knuckle Joe's sudden betrayal against Masher] Hey! You was supposed to clobber Kirby, not mess with Masher!
Knuckle Joe: I tricked ya!
[everyone reacts in surprise]
Knuckle Joe: It took a long time to plan, but it was worth it. I'm a monster hunter now, and I wanted to bag one of the big ones. That meant going after Masher!

Meta Knight: Hmmm. So you hunted down Masher... with a suit and tie?

Dedede: That's De-de-devious! [laughing]
Escargoon: What are you laughing at? Knuckle Joe just made you look like a knucklehead.
Dedede: AAAAH! You two-timer! Nobody monkeys with Triple D!
Knuckle Joe: Sorry, tubby. Too late!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: I must take full responsibility, sir. It seems I fell for Joe's trick and...
eNeMeE: Forget it! Let the fools think they've beaten us. When they let their guard down, we'll teach them a lethal lesson. [laughs evilly]

Tiff: You were like a double agent, Joe!

Meta Knight: Hunting down monsters throughout the universe... Joe, your father would be proud.

Prediction Predicament - Part I [2.12][edit]

King Dedede: Eh, What Happened?
Escargoon: You were sleepwalking, that's what happened! Or should I say you were sleepwhacking!

King Dedede: [screams] Kirby's after me again! [runs away]
Kirby: [runs towards King Dedede] Poyo!
King Dedede: [runs faster] You keep dem fangs away from me, pinkeh!
Kirby: [runs faster] Payo, yayo!

Mabel: The monster that has been haunting you is your conscience, Sire.
King Dedede: What's a conscience?
Mabel: It is the goodness that lies in the deepest part of you.
Escargoon: Oh please. The only thing lying in the deepest part of him is a fried cheese log.

Tuff: Wonder what Dedede's up to?
Tiff: Based on past experience, I think it's safe to say it's something stupid.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: [about Phantom Star Gerath] Thousand years away, hmm? I don't know about our little friends, but I for one am feeling kind of impatient. What do you say we speed up the process just a little bit?
Nightmare: What a wonderful idea. [laughs evilly]

Prediction Predicament - Part II [2.13][edit]

Meta Knight: Mice will always scamper away from a ship before it sinks.

Tokkori: Kirby... Any moment now we'll be dust in the wind. We've always been the best of buddies, huh, Kirby? Huh? Kirby? KIRBY!! Listen when I'm talkin' to ya!

Escargoon: Sire, you're a one tackless-blubber mouth. [Dedede hits him]
King Dedede: Keep quiet you!

Escargoon: You did it! You lovable lug, you! You finally listened to your heart for once!

Sheepwrecked [2.14][edit]

Amon: The time has come! We must defeat our oppressors. Our natural meekness has been mistaken for weakness, but from this day forward, we will not behave like simpering sheep, but like ravenous wolves. Throughout history, we have been dominated by fear. But now our oppressors will learn to fear us!

[flocks of angry sheep rampage throughout Cappy Town, eating as much food as they can find while also wrecking as many antiques as possible]
Chef Kawasaki: I knew sheep liked grass, but who knew they liked my food?
Prof. Curio: Oh, you can't go tearing up my shop like a pack of wolves!
Tuggle: Hey, you're getting wool all over my merchandise there.
Amon: You have done well. Dream Land is now at our mercy, but we will show no mercy. We will conquer this planet, my friends... and soon, the entire universe! [he and the other sheep howl triumphantly in unison]

Amon: Now you Cappies are the shuddering sheep, and the wicked wolves are in charge.
Cappy: Alright, what do you want us to do?
Amon: All of you, BAA!
Chef Kawasaki: Baa, Baa?
Prof. Curio: Baa, Baa...
Amon: I said, all of you! I command you! BAA!!!!!
[The Cappies and Waddle Dees Baa like sheep]
Amon: Louder, or the wolves will get angry.
[The Cappies and Waddle Dees Baa even louder]

Amon: I command you. BAA! Or you will suffer the consequences! Those who disobey me will face the chopping block!

Amon: These cowards don't deserve their freedom.

Amon: There must be others like me. Others who yearn for freedom. I will seek them out, and perhaps one day I will lead a new flock.

War of the Woods [2.15][edit]

Whispy Woods: [about Acore] I can't be certain. He's been around for 800 years. There are many perils at such a great age.

Tiff: TUFF!
Tuff: Ah! Hey, Tiff, what's wrong? How come you look so mad?
Tiff: You know why! You were fighting!
Iro: We were just helping this old tree.
Tuff: Yeah, Whispy Woods asked us to.
Tiff: Oh really so Whispy Woods asked you to kick out those animals?
Tuff: Well, not exactly...
Tiff: Of course not. Because those animals helped that tree by living in it!
Tuff, Iro, Spikehead And Honey: Huh!?
Kirby: Poyo?
Coo: Acore provides us with a place to stay. And in exchange, we harm those insects and enrich the soil.
Tiff: That's right. Kicking them out was a mistake!
Tuff, Iro, Spikehead And Honey: [sadly] Aw...
Tuff: We were only trying to help...
Tokkori: Well, ya didn't. Thanks to you that tree's even worse off than before!
Coo: You helped them too, Tokkori.
Tokkori: Yeah, I forgot that.

King Dedede: Now that them bothersome animals is gone, I can finally get to work!
Escargoon: Go ahead and slice the tree like you slice your tee-off shots.
King Dedede: At last, I'm gonna achieve my goal of cutting down all these trees to build myself a country club. [sniffs] It's truly a dream come true..! [whimpering and crying loudly]
Escargoon: Save the tears for your golf score, Sire. Now it's time to start hacking.
King Dedede: [stops crying] Good idea. [laughing]

King Dedede: Escargoon!
Escargoon: Your majesty! Come back!
King Dedede: We've been De-De-Divided!

Tiff: Please don't fall, Acore!
Tokkori: It's too much! We can't hold 'im!
Tiff: Yes we can, just push!
Coo: We can't give up!
Rick: We can't let our friend come crashin' to the ground, mates!
[meanwhile, King Dedede and Escargoon are watching Kirby and co.'s valiant efforts to keep Acore standing from atop a nearby cliff]
King Dedede: [laughing] Them do-gooders think we gave up!
Escargoon: They're always overestimating our common sense. [has the Grasshopper Eavesdropper detonate near a nearby waterfall, causing a flood in one final attempt to destroy Acore]

Pink-Collar Blues [2.16][edit]

Escargoon: Believe me, it'll be cheaper than your hospital bill if you have to eat my cooking.

Tiff: Don't Eat It!

King Dedede: Escargoon! Let's play some putt-putt!
Escargoon: I don't have time to watch you cheat at miniature golf. My entire life savings are in jeopardy!
King Dedede: Whadda ya mean I cheat?
Escargoon: Oops.
King Dedede: I ain't never cheated at miniature golf!

Kirby: Poooyooooo! Poyo! [laughs cutely] Poyo! Poy!

Tourist Trap [2.17][edit]

Tiff: Kabu here is not only extremely ancient, but he's also the wisest-- [notices the tourists throwing coins into Kabu's insides and gasps] Hey, no throwing coins!
[the tourists continue to throw coins into Kabu anyway]
King Dedede: Let them folks toss away. It's free money.
[the tourists start painting graffiti all over Kabu]
Tuff: Tiff, look what they're doin'! [Tiff notices what the tourists are now doing to Kabu] Knock it off!
Tiff: Kabu's one of the greatest treasures in Dream Land!
[the tourists bicker back at her in a foreign language]
Waddle Doo: Chill out. We do this every place we visit.
Tiff: How rude!
Escargoon: Ah, who cares? It's just a talking tiki. Let's move it!
[King Dedede laughing]
[the tourists prepare to leave for their next destination]
Tiff: I'm sorry, Kabu. We'll come back and clean you up.
Kabu: I could use some moisturizer too.

Waddle Doo: [to the tourists, pointing to his flask of ice] Shibi ton pa, ha ta sai Kirby!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: As far as tourism goes, Sire, here's my opinion. You might as well rename Dream Land "Snoozeville"!
King Dedede: Well, as far as I'm concerned, them tourists can take a hike!

A Novel Approach [2.18][edit]

King Dedede: Somebody stole all the pictures out of this here book! It's all gobbledygook here.
Escargoon: They're words.
Escargoon: Arghh! You rule a Kingdom and you don't even know how to read?
King Dedede: Course I know how to read, you dummy! I learned how to before I got expelled from kindergarten!

Escargoon: Give me that book! I'm only up to chapter 2!

Tiff: They must be under a spell. Knock it off, King Dedede is using this game to hurt Kirby!
Rowlin [Fake]: It's too late Tiff, you can't break my spell. [evily laughs]
Rowlin: You imposter! How dare you be me.
Tiff: So then you're the real author?
Rowlin: You've been hoodwinked by her. She didn't create Pappy Pottey!

Rowlin: No matter how sad we feel or how bad our circumstances, we can use our imaginations to dream something better. We should never give up on our dreams because they're what build our tomorrows!

Snack Attack - Part I [2.19][edit]

King Dedede: I want all them candies with mini-figures in this here store!
Tuggle: Every single one of 'em?
Gengu: I don't know.
King Dedede: Perhaps this'll persuade ya. [laughs as he places blocks of money at Tuggle & Gengu's counter to their delight]

Meta Knight: Hmm... So they think my mini figure will be popular. Hmm... I like that.

Chief Bookem: [to Dedede] I'm sorry, Your Highness, but I gotta do my duty. Next time you wanna steal, just raise our taxes.

King Dedede: I felt like a zoo animal sitting in that jail cell.
Escargoon: No self-respecting zoo would take you.

Snack Attack - Part II [2.20][edit]

N.M.E. Sales Guy: You've got to think creatively, D. The monsters were designed to look like toys, so they could play around with their enemies.

King Dedede: Can't tell a crook by its blubber!

Meta Knight: This is perfect.
Tiff: What're you talking about?
Tuff: It's over. Kirby's gonna lose the match.
Meta Knight: In order to mature, Kirby must be pushed to his utmost limits. Only then will he learn to exceed them.

Tuff: Uh oh. Kirby's gonna get pulverized.
Tiff: That wrestler's too big.
Meta Knight: Every opponent has a weakness.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: [laughs] I tried to sell you more fighting monsters, but you decided to pinch your pennies. Now you're stuck with the junk, Big D.
King Dedede: I'll never collect nothin' again!

Cartoon Buffoon [2.21][edit]

King Dedede: Do y'all know how to tell a story? Do y'all know how to draw 'til your fingers fall off? Do y'all know how to color inside the lines? Then we want YOU! [Laughs] I'm the most important person in this whole jointhouse! Heck, I'm the producer!
Spikehead: A producer? What does a producer do?
Iro: A producer doesn't do anything.
Escargoon: Hmmmm, they gotcha there, Majesty.

[the Cappies present their poorly-drawn pictures of Dedede Man]
Mayor Len: I think I've really captured you, Sire.
King Dedede: [tears the drawing out of Len's hand] I oughtta capture you!
Iro: What do you think, Your Majesty?
King Dedede: [tears the drawing out of Iro's hand] I think it stinks!
Tuggle: Pretty good, huh?
King Dedede: [tears the drawing out of Tuggle's hand] Pretty awful!
Melman: I slimmed you down a bit.
King Dedede: [yells as he tears the drawing out of Melman's hand]

King Dedede: All you lazy louts better be workin'!
Chief Bookem: Lazy?!
Mayor Len: With all due respect, we're working as hard as we can.
King Dedede: If you don't get crackin', I'm gonna have to give you all a whackin'!
Escargoon: [Grunts] We'd better air what we just have.

[the altered opening of King Dedede's new show starts playing]
King Dedede: [singing to the opening] Dedede! That's the name you should know! Dedede! He's the king of the show! You'll holler and hoot, he'll give Kirby the boot! Dedede's the one!
Tiff: [reacting to the new show's altered opening] Hey! Kirby's supposed to be the star!
Tuff: Yeah, now it's about Dedede.

Tiff: Okay, guys. Get ready.
Tuff: Our lines are coming up.
Meta Knight: Tiff, I am nervous. I have never... acted before.
Tiff: Don't worry. You'll do great.
Meta Knight: Thank you.

King Dedede: [laughs] I AM A SUPAHSTAR WARRIAH. [exclaims]
Tiff: "Dedede Saves the Day"? Hey, wait! Where'd that title come from?!

Tiff: That cheat! Dedede made Kirby look like the bad guy!
Tuff: He must've switched stuff around while we weren't looking.

Escargoon: Good morning, Majesty.
Dedede: Well, if it ain't my faithful servant, Escargoon!
Escargoon: My, aren't you looking fit as a fiddle!
Dedede: You're downright spiffy yourself.
Escargoon: Have you seen Kirby today, Majesty?
Dedede: He don't scare me none!
Tiff: Those two changed my script so they look like heroes! [Growls]
Tuff: If Dedede and Escargoon are heroes, this sure isn't a reality show.

Escargoon: We're right behind you majesty. You're a hero to us all!
King Dedede: Oh come now. Little ol' me a hero? Surely you jestin'!

Meta Knight: Look! It is Fire Dedede, our Hero! [to You] I would never say that.

King Dedede: Look at that charisma!
Escargoon: Majesty, we're gonna have to ad-lib this part, we never wrote the last two pages of the script!
King Dedede: Ad-lib? YOU COULDN'T TELL ME THIS BEFORE, YOU SCATTERBRAINED [As he hits Escargoon with his mallet] SLUG?!

King Dedede: [sigh] All this animation's giving me palpitation!
Escargoon: I'll never direct another cartoon.

Tuff: Hey, this is great!
Tiff: It's one of those shows that's so bad it's good!

Don't Bank on It [2.22][edit]

King Dedede: Time for me to work on my hypno-doot-dooey.

King Dedede: [speaking through the Dedede Dolls] Dedede... You like me... Dedede... You trust me...

Meta Knight: Have you ever wondered how all that money got there in the first place?

King Dedede: Sleep tight. You gonna be in for a rude awakening.

King Dedede: Dedede is tired. I ain't gettin' no rest. If I can't sleep, then neither can you fools! WAKE UP! [starts psychically using his Dedede Dolls to pummel the residents of Cappy Town, laughing all the while, except for Tiff, who already locked up her own doll inside one of her drawers before going to sleep]

Tokkori: That's one dangerous doll. Last night, it stomped me without any warning. Kick that thing out!

King Dedede: Hey! Quit strangling me!
Escargoon: I'm only trying to prevent something terrible from happening to you, Sire!

Escargoon: We're broke. We're right back where we've started, Sire.
King Dedede: I can't afford to buy no more monsters. [cries] But I still got one doll left so's I can get my revenge!
Escargoon: I dunno. Playing with dolls can be hazardous to your health.
King Dedede: That don't matter none to me so long as I get that Kirby! [laughs]

Tiff: Now that's embarrassing.
Escargoon: Honey, you don't know the meaning of embarrassing.

Tokkori: Turn into Doll Kirby!
[Kirby jumps up in an attempt to transform and gain the ability of the Dedede Doll he just inhaled, but falls back down, unable to gain any ability]
Tokkori: Figures. Guess you don't have enough brains to be a doll.

Kirby Takes the Cake [2.23][edit]

Tuff: Hah! This is fun. I bet Kirby doesn't know a thing about his surprise party.
Tiff: Probably. He hardly knows anything.
Tuff, Spikehead, Iro, & Honey: That's true.

Mayor Len: Kirby, I didn't see you there! This is no place for you, I'm afraid.
Prof. Curio: That's right. We're busy, so, uh... Run along.
Mayor Len: Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo. [Kirby begins to leave] Bye bye, Kirby!

Chef Kawasaki: Oh, I can't have you in my kitchen, Kirby! Out!

Chief Bookem: Oh! Sorry, Kirby. Lots to do today. Gotta apprehend a couple of donuts!

King Dedede: That there's a weapon of mass Dedede-struction.

King Dedede: You saw it! This whole town's revoltin'!
Escargoon: You said it!
King Dedede: They lookin' to dispossess me and tarnish the reputation of the Dedede Dynasty! Them ungrateful ingrates!
Escargoon: After all you've done to them!
King Dedede: [growls] I'll stamp out them double-crossers! How can them Cappies Dedede-throne ME?!

Escargoon: I saw this coming. After all, a ruler like you is loud, mean, nasty, sneaky, self-centered...[King Dedede angrily flattens him, weakly]...did I mention violent...

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Hey there, Triple D. What up?
King Dedede: I'll tell you what's up. I need you to send me your most powerful monster!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Our most powerful monster? Sounds urgent.
King Dedede: You bet it's urgent! I'm about to become the victim of a Cappy-comb!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: I think I've got one for you, but I should warn ya. He's a bit of a slippery character.
King Dedede: Whadda ya mean?
N.M.E. Sales Guy: You see, he has trouble distinguishing between friend and foe. Poor little fella gets confused sometimes. I'd wanna handle this one with care, Big D!
King Dedede: You send it over and we'll handle it real good!

Tokkori: What's that? Nobody wants to play with ya? [bursts out laughing about what Kirby told him] Nobody wants to play with ya, 'cause nobody likes ya!
Kirby: [shocked by what Tokkori just said to him] POYO?!
Tokkori: Ever since you got here, you've been a pink pain in the neck. As usual, I'm the only one around here with the guts to tell you the truth! Everybody says that Kirby is nothin' but trouble. If I was you, I'd fly the coop cause you ain't welcome here, Sonny! [Kirby starts packing up] With you outta the way, things would finally get back to normal, and I could take over this cottage permanent. Booooy, wouldn't that be the day? [notices that Kirby's gone] Huh? Kirby? Where'd that boy go?

[King Dedede and Escargoon arrive in their limo to attack the Cappies' anniversery preparations]
Mayor Len Blustergas: [seeing King Dedede and Escargoon, and in horror] Oh no, it's King Dedede!

Tiff: What!? He ran away?!
Tokkori: That's what I said, ain't it?
Tokkori: If you really wanna know, Kirby and I had a little talk. I said he'd be better off elsewhere since nobody likes him here anyway!
Tiff: How could you say such an awful thing!?!
Tokkori: Well how come none of YOU would play with him?
Tuff: [teasing] That's for us to know and you to find out!
Tiff: [grabbing Tokkori] Are you telling us the truth about Kirby?!
Tokkori: [absolutely terrified] YEAH! YEAH, IT'S TRUE!!
Tiff: YEAH?! Then you'd better get out there and find him! AND NOW!!!
Tokkori: [flying out of the house] AAAAGHH!! KIRBY!!

Kabu: Wait! Do not go. You are troubled, my friend, and your heart is full of sorrow. One year has passed since you came to Dream Land.

Tokkori: Ah! There ya are! Hey, next time you run away, tell me where you're goin', would ya? I've been lookin' high and low for ya. Yer girlfriend's plenty steamed at me cause a' you. Come on! Get movin'! Everybody in Cappy Town's goin' crazy worryin', so come on back home!

Meta Knight: A whole year has passed. How quickly time flies.

King Dedede: Just wait 'til they get a load of the icing on this cake!

Tiff: I'm sorry, Kirby. We didn't play with you because we didn't want to ruin the surprise for you. We wouldn't want to hurt you for anything, Kirby.

Chef Kawasaki: Wow! Even I couldn't get a cake to raise that high.

King Dedede: They really outdid themselves there. I've heard of pretty girls poppin' outta cakes, but this is even better!

Tiff: That's new.
Tuff: What mode is that, Meta Knight?
Meta Knight: He is now Bomb Kirby.
Tiff & Tuff: Bomb Kirby?

Meta Knight: You have indeed grown in many ways this year. I cannot wait to see what changes next year brings.

Tiff: Happy first anniversary, Kirby. We're all very happy that you came to Dream Land. Kirby, we love you.

Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I [2.24][edit]

King Dedede: I've been real patient with you, but I want me a monster that can whup Kirby now!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: I understand your disappointment, Big D, but I've been sending you top-of-the-line monsters all along.
King Dedede: Well the bottom line is, them lamos was losers!
Escargoon: That's right! His majesty may be a big fat meathead, but how many half-baked freakazoids are you gonna send me?!
King Dedede: [bops Escargoon] I'll do the complaining here.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Maybe you've been going about stopping Kirby the wrong way. Have you ever thought about-
King Dedede: I ain't interested in thinking! I know everything there is to know about catching Kirby already.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: I was only going to remind your fly-ness about Kirby's secret weapon.
King Dedede: Say what?
Escargoon: Secret weapon?
N.M.E. Sales Guy: [laughs] I'm referring of course to Kirby's shining star; the Warp Star.
King Dedede: The Warp Star?
Escargoon: That's what that Tiff always calls out.
King Dedede: Yeah. The big ol' thing comes flying to rescue Kirby.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: [laughs again] See what a little thing he can do... [Dedede pelts his monitor with an egg, surprising him]
King Dedede: Just kill the dip-strip and get to the point.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: As I was about to say, Sire, if Kirby didn't have the Warp Star to come to his rescue, Kirby would be easy to get rid of.
King Dedede: Hey, that's it! If we can stop the Warp Star, we can stop Kirby! Hah!

Sir Ebrum: Good day, Your Majesty.
Lady Like: You most certainly startled us.
Tiff: You better not be here for Kirby.
Escargoon: [laughs] We're not here for the little pod.
King Dedede: We here for the big mouth!
Tiff: Huh? [The limousine use a grab nabber to nab her]
Tuff: You can't do that!
Lady Like: Tiff, no!
[Dedede and Escargoon stuff Tiff into their limo and drive away with her, they laughing]
Tuff: [chases Dedede's limousine alongside Kirby, Fololo & Falala] COME BACK!
Fololo: HEY!
Sir Ebrum: How dare he! That blaggard has kidnapped our daughter!
Lady Like: We have to get her back somehow!

[At the dungeon]
King Dedede: Lookie here, girly. you can have yourself all of these sweety cakes and creamy puffs confidence and yo kingly ol' friend Dedede.
Escargoon: That's right, I'll you gotta do is cooperate. Here, have a cupcake.
Tiff: I wouldn't touch your cruddy cupcake. Now you better untie me and let me go right now. RIGHT NOW!
Escargoon: Oh, we'll let you go soon enough.
King Dedede: Just say the magic words!
Tiff: What magic words?
Escargoon: the one you say it whenever that pesky pinky in the pickle.
Both: Kabu.
King Dedede: Warp Star!
[Both laughing]
King Dedede: Now all you gotta do is say it. And if you don't say it, we gonna keep you tied up not too tight till you do, got it?
Tiff: Hmph.
Escargoon: Yeah! Tell us where he's hidin' that Warp Star!
Tiff: I'm not gotta tell you and you two anything.
Tuff: [offscreen] Hey, Tiff!
All: Huh?
Tuff: Let's go!
Tiff: What are you doing here?
Escargoon: Look, it's the little brother to the rescue. Ain't that nauseating?
King Dedede: Get lost. We trying to find out where Kirby's Warp Star's at.
Tuff: Uh...that's easy. The Warp Star's inside Kabu.
Kirby: Poyo.
[Dedede, Escargoon, and Tiff all react in shock and Tuff, having realized what he just said, covers his mouth, and then Dedede and Escargoon burst out laughing and then run off to Kabu]
Tuff: [untying Tiff] Sorry. It just slipped out.
Tiff: Some secret keeper. [sighs]
Tuff: Hurry!
Tiff: Luckily, we don't have to hurry.
[Kirby starts eating the food Dedede and Escargoon had out on the table while interrogating Tiff]
Tuff: But what if they find it somehow?
Tiff: Even if Dedede and Escargoon found the Warp Star, it wouldn't do them any good.
Tuff: Huh?
Tiff: Because they don't understand the power of the Warp Star like I do.
[Tiff flashes back to the events of Dark and Stormy Knight, where she revealed to Meta Knight that she brought the Warp Star to Kabu to keep it safe and secret, and called upon it to aid Kirby during his fight against Kracko]
Tuff: I remember all that, too. But I wanna know where you got the idea to hide the Warp Star inside Kabu.
Tiff: Well that was easy. I remember the first time I saw it.
[Tiff flashes back to when she and Prof. Curio first discovered the Warp Star's pedestal inside Kabu]
Prof. Curio: Look! I've never seen that.
Tiff: [narrating] It was like it was made for the Warp Star. It had to stay with Kabu.
[flashback ends]
Tuff: It sure is weird. [about the Warp Star's pedestal] But the Warp Star fits inside it so perfect, especially since Kabu's been around for millions of years.
Tiff: Of course it's weird. Everything about Kabu is weird.

King Dedede: Alright Kabu, I'm gonna ask ya one last time. Now is you or is you ain't hiding Kirby's Warp Star? (Kabu doesn't respond)
Escargoon: Alright, Mr. Frozen Face, now you're gonna get it!
Waddle Doo: Attack! [the Waddle Dees throw their spears at Kabu, but they simply bounce off him without any effect on him]
King Dedede: Escargoon! I want that freaky tiki in jail!
Escargoon: In jail?
King Dedede: Waddle Doo! Throw Kabu in the dungeon, you hear?
Waddle Doo: Dungeon?! But Your Majesty, I don't have the Waddle Dee power. Kabu's too big to move!
King Dedede: What?
Escargoon: Believe it or not, he's heavier than you are.

Tiff: [to Meta Knight] You're not in charge of the Warp Star. I am.

King Dedede: [laughing] The Wimp Star's high-tailin' it home to Kabu.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Home to Kabu? What do you mean?
Escargoon: Kabu's been hiding the Warp Star. Get with the program, pal!
King Dedede: Them pals thought they was pretty clever.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: This isn't good, D. Better cancel that Kirby farewell party. I'm afraid that Warp Star's gonna be back in tip top shape in no time.
King Dedede and Escargoon: [In horrorified] Huh?
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Kabu's sort of a hospital for Warp Stars and wounded Star Warriors... Like a big recovery room.
King Dedede & Escargoon: RECOVERY?!?!?!

Tiff: Kabu, what are we gonna do? The Warp Star's damaged.
Kabu: The Warp Star will need time to recover.
Kirby: [sadly] Po-poyo, po...
Tiff: Kirby, Kabu says the Warp Star's tired right now. The only thing we can do is wait for the Warp Star to get better again.
Kirby: Poyo...

Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II [2.25][edit]

Escargoon: [after watching the Formula Star Rider's defeat] I'd say that guy's a formula for disaster.
King Dedede: I ain't worried none. We still got three more left here. [laughing] Kirby just got lucky that time, that's all.

King Dedede: Hey, what's he slurpin' up all that water for?
Escargoon: Maybe he ate somethin' salty.

[Kirby has defeated the Rocket Star Air Rider]
Tuff: Yeah!
Tiff: They might be faster, but Kirby's way smarter.

King Dedede: [after having watched the Winged Star Rider's defeat and angrily growls] These Air Riders is a bust. Whatcha givin' me?
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Hold on there, gents. After all, the show's not over yet, is it?
Escargoon: No, but it better have an unhappy ending.
King Dedede: This last one better do the trick or you in trouble here!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: You'll see that Shadow Star's the grand finale.

Tiff: [about the Winged Star] Wow, Kirby really knows how to fly that thing!
Meta Knight: A Star Warrior can fly anything.

Tiff: How'd we get inside Kabu? What happened?
Tuff: Don't you remember? You and Kirby were flying on the Warp Star and you fell off.
[Tiff remembers when a blast from a Destraya chipped off a piece of Kirby's Warp Star and knocked both of them off]
Tuff: We were kind of worried. You and Kirby have been knocked out ever since.
Tiff: But what about the flying fighters that were after Kirby?
Tuff: What flying fighters?
Tiff: What do you mean what flying fighters?
Tuff: There weren't any fighters. We've all been inside waiting for you guys to wake up.
Meta Knight: Tiff, did you really see them?
Tiff: I'm telling you, I saw them, Meta Knight. You don't think I'd lie, do you?
Kirby: Poyo.
Kabu: No, Tiff. It was all a dream. A dream that only you and Kirby dreamt.
Tiff: I don't understand.
Kabu: Tiff, I sent you and Kirby that dream. I have learned from others like me that eNeMeE has been stealing Air Ride Machines throughout the universe.
Tiff: But I still don't understand why you would send that dream to Kirby and me.
Kabu: Kirby must learn to fly not just Warp Stars, but other battle vehicles as well.
Tiff: Well you should be proud of him. Kirby flew those things like a pro.
Kirby: Poyo!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Well, it seems Kirby and his Warp Star aren't invincible after all.
Nightmare: It's only a matter of time before the Warp Star will be ours for the taking. [laughs evilly]

Season 3[edit]

Scare Tactics - Part I [3.1][edit]

Tiff: [to Kirby] It must be real hard to play soccer when you're always mistaken for the ball.

Mayor Len Blustergas: [laughs heartily] How's that? You saw an actual ghost?
Chief Bookem: From the scream she let out, I'd have to say you're right, Mayor.

Tuggle: What good's being a kid if you don't have nightmares once in a while?

[In the mansion; Tiff and Kirby huddle together]
Kirby: Poyo.
Tiff: There's nothing to be afraid of, Kirby. You know there's no such thing is ghosts.

Narrator: Who's behind these sinister spirits, and will Kirby and his friends survive them?! Find time!

Scare Tactics - Part II [3.2][edit]

Narrator: In our last episode, Kirby and crew were invited to a spook-out: A chilling contest organized by grown-ups that challenges Cappy kids to survive a night of fright. Setting out into the shadows, our brave contestants began their trek down the path of peril, and soon found themselves flabber-ghosted by a ghoulish surprise. But the courage of Kirby knew no bounds. Our plucky pink hero leapt at every chilling challenge, and soon discovered that fake ghosts can be even more fiendish than real ones. Unknown to the Cappies, King Dedede and Escargoon had taken over the spook-out, and were using it to run their own ghastly games. None of their tricks stopped our three friends, however, as they reached the graveyard where the spook-out prize was buried. Kirby celebrated with a victory dance, but the trio's triumph was short-lived when a sudden storm broke out, catching them by surprise, and forcing them to seek shelter in a mysterious and menacing mansion. As our heroes walked through the door, they didn't realize they were crossing the threshold of terror, and that fearsome forces were lurking in the shadows ready to blow them away or shut them in forever. Now the fear factor's out of control as Kirby and his friends find themselves locked in a real-live horror show!

Meta Knight: I sense a dangerous force at work here. It must be eNeMeE.

King Dedede: Uh-oh. Escargoon? Yo! You okay? I done mistook you for a ghost!
Escargoon: ...How many ghosts take showers?

N.M.E. Sales Guy: I was about to rid your kingdom of Kirby once and for all, and you two nearly spoiled it.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: This little bonehead's a real shocker!

Kirby: Zzzzzzzzz....

One Crazy Knight [3.3][edit]

Sir Gallant: Greetings, peasants! I am Sir Gallant, and I have been greatly moved by your plight and by the courage that you have shown in the face of such monstrous enslavement. But fear not. The end of your oppression is at hand!

Sir Gallant: [to Windwhipper] So, we meet again. You bested me last time, but this time I will prevail!

Mabel: It is up to you to fight for justice everywhere.

Sweet & Sour Puss [3.4][edit]

[In the morning, at the Castle]
Escargoon: Dedede's a rotten boss to work for. That I can't deny. He yells and screams and criticizes, no matter how I try. I deserve a raise, but the king refuses. All I ever get are bumps and bruises! He's a grouch. He's a grump. But I stay. Maybe I'll be king one day.
[King Dedede suddenly looms over Escargoon, but something about the former seems different; he's acting much nicer and more patient than normal]
King Dedede: So, I'm a grouch and a grump and a rotten boss, huh?
Escargoon: [Blushes, nervously] I wasn't talking about you. It was a different tyrant.
King Dedede: That's okay.
Escargoon: Ah! [Exclaims] Look out! [He accidentally dumps the roses with a vase on King Dedede and whimpering. Dedede pull the vase off his head, Escargoon dreaming about to get clobbered by Dedede] Please don't clobber me.
King Dedede: [Chuckles] I sure won't.
Escargoon: Huh? You mean you're not gonna mash me with your mallet?
King Dedede: No, I forgive you.
Escargoon: Huh? You do? I wonder if I still dreaming. [thuds and Dedede walks away] He's acting like he traded personalities with a teddy bear. Must be a ruse to get my guard down. [Dedede returns with a mop] I knew it! [Dedede cleans up the mess on the floor with the mop] Huh? [Dedede still cleaning] You can't trick me by pretending that you're not angry. I know you're planning to mop the floor with me.
King Dedede: I ain't angry with you.
Escargoon: Please don't torture me this way!!
King Dedede: Let's let bygones be bygones!
Escargoon: It's hard to believe but, maybe he means it. [exclaims in happily] Sire!
King Dedede: Escargoon.
Escargoon: [He grabs the mop from Dedede] There's no way I'm falling for that gag. You fooled me too many times. [He pushes Dedede causing him to accidentally step on a rose thorn and then cause the vase to crash onto his head] Oh boy! I'm in for in now!
King Dedede: Why'd you push me?
Escargoon: [Whimpers] I'm sorry!
King Dedede: That's okay.
Escargoon: [screams in shocked and Dedede laughs] That's it! I give up! Sire, please stop acting like you don't want to get even with me? [cries]
King Dedede: I just want us to be friends.
Escargoon: [screams in horrified] OH NO!!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!! [laughs in horrified]

Escargoon: That Dr. Yabui is full of hooey!

King Dedede: Why can't we all just be friends?

Tiff: This hallway needs a traffic light.

Tuff: Isn't anybody normal around here?

King Dedede: [Togeira, inside his head, has just stored enough of his anger and now unleashes it into an explosive flaming rage from within him, causing him to let loose a rage-filled roar to everyone's horror while causing Escargoon whimpering at the same time] Now it's payback time!
Tuff: No more Mr. Nice Guy.
Kirby: Poyo! Po, poy!
Tiff: He's back to his old self.
Meta Knight: No, the monster is still controlling him.
King Dedede: Alright Escargoon, who's been beating on me!?
Escargoon: [yells in panic, then laughs nervously and afterwards throws Dedede's hammer to Kirby] Uh, Kirby!
Kirby: Poy! [Dedede grabs his hammer back from him] Po, poyo? Po...

Tuff: Whoa, that monster's super mad!

[Kirby and friends laugh at each other]
Kirby: Poyo, poyo! Poyo, poyo!

Dedede's Pet Threat [3.5][edit]

King Dedede: Aww... Ain't my new Scarfy-poos sweet, Escargoonie-goon?
Escargoon: Yeah, I suppose they're kind of sweet. The kind of sweet that makes you barf.

Tokkori: What's the matter? Ain't I tasty enough?

A Half-Baked Battle [3.6][edit]

[Kirby laughs at King Dedede]
[Tokkori laughing]
Escargoon: Get a load of that!
[Buttercup and Chief Bookem laughing]
Escargoon: Let's show an instant replay! [laughs]
[Prof. Curio laughing]
Escargoon: Here it is from another angle! [laughs]
[Tuggle & Gus laughing, Escargoon laughs even harder, Chef Kawasaki, Gengu and two other Cappies laughing]
Escargoon: I gotta see this again! Roll it in slow-mo this time! [A slow-mo of King Dedede getting hit by the pie is shown on TV, laughs]
[Iro & His Parents laughing]

King Dedede: I'm through with that chef show! I want some good grub and all I get is a pie in the eye!

King Dedede: [overhears Tiff's family laughing at him getting hit with a pie] Hey, what's so funny? [the family stops laughing for a few seconds, and then starts laughing again]
Sir Ebrum: You're quite the comedian, your majesty!
Tiff: A cream pie in the face... now that's a classic! [She and Sir Ebrum start laughing again while Dedede growls angrily]
Escargoon: Slowing down the tape for a moment, we clearly see the stunned expression on the king's face as he is unexpectedly pie-pummeled. [laughs at the repeats twice]
Lady Like: You also made my family scream many times in the past, your majesty. But now it's screaming with laughter!
Tuff: It's funnier every time they show it! [Dedede growls again before running out of the living room]

Dedede: I'm replacing it with a brand new show. It's one of them reality programs... called Pie Justice!

Tiff: Dedede! Pie throwing isn't just a waste of time. It's also a waste of food! You should be ashamed of yourself.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Here's a little get well present for ya, D-Man! We heard you had a serious case of pie-arrhea!

Escargoon: Now listen up! His Highness is declaring a new law!
King Dedede: From now on, anybody in this here kingdom who says the word "poyo" is gonna be found guilty of treason!
Kirby: Poyo?
King Dedede: AH! Y'all heard that trash-talkin' traitor!

Tiff: Why don't you suck it up!? [tastes the unknown custard] UUUUUGGGHHH!!!

Escargoon: Bellybuster must make his pies in a barber shop. They taste like shaving cream, except worse.

Tiff: Kirby, suck it up!
Kirby: [covers his mouth and shakes his head no]
Tiff: [gasps]

Tuff: Not even Kirby could eat anything that bad.
Chef Kawasaki: Somebody cooks worse than me! [laughs heartily]

Meta Knight: I feel... dirty. [Sigh]

Meta Knight: Here comes the custard!

Tiff: What's happening?!
Meta Knight: Bellybuster has swallowed them and they will now be... digested.
Tiff: NO!

eNeMeE Elementary [3.7][edit]

Tuff: [Singing] When old King Dedede came to town, he got off his throne and his pants fell down.
Spikehead: [Singing] He thinks he's a king, but he's really a clown.
Honey: [Singing] When Dedede came to town!
Tuff, Iro, Spikehead & Honey: [Singing] When old King Dedede starts to roar, he never heard anything like it before.
Kirby: Poyo, Poyo!
Tuff, Iro, Spikehead & Honey: [Singing] Unless of course, you heard him snore, then Dedede starts to roar! [Laughing]

Escagoon: [Laughing] That's you, sire.
King Dedede: They're making a monkey out of me!
Escargoon: Oh, you've got to admit, it is pretty funny, sire. (laughing again) Huh? (sees his own drawing) I'll sue those little punks!

Tuff: How come we have to wear these goofy-looking robes?
King Dedede: 'Cause I'm the one selling them, that's why!

King Dedede: Must be the spirit of creativitude taking over!

Tiff: [being possessed by the demon hat] Listen up you rowdy bunch of hooligans! [To Kirby] If you think you can get away with that kind of behavior in my class, You've Got Another Thing Comin'!

King Dedede: [cried] Them ruffians ain't never gonna learn no manners! [crying]

The Meal Moocher [3.8][edit]

King Dedede: [He starts to shake and hold the menu in the air, everyone backs away as he tears the menu in half] I WANT NEW FOOD AND I WANT IT NOW!!

Hana: [to Kirby] You came just in time! I'm about to serve dinner. Would you like to come join us?

Escargoon: Just look at 'im! That pink pan-handler hustled three dinners out of those Cappies in one night!

Sir Ebrum: [about the idea of winning money through a meal] That's interesting.
Lady Like: It would be nice to win that money.
Sir Ebrum: Oh dear, we're above that sort of thing.

King Dedede: [laughing] Just remember, I like king-sized portions!

Buttercup: Oh, we'll begin with the miso soup! It's from an old Japanese recipe I found. The second course will be sushi! There are twelve different varieties! We also have a medley of spring vegetables - many from outside Dream Land - all steamed to perfection and sprinkled with the special egg soy sauce! Next, comes a new dish I just invented: turkey tempura! There's also a special treat: broiled eel and onions! Those are just the appetizers! Now, for the main course!

Escargoon: [thinking] This is trouble. I gotta stop the king from giving them a five-star rating, or our bank accounts is going belly-up!

Buttercup: My crab has been sabotaged! I demand to see an instant replay just before the main course!

King Dedede: [he grabs Escargoon's goatee] HEY! What's the idea torchin' my tongue!?
Escargoon: Sorry, Sire. But I had to act quick cause you can't afford to pay out any more prize money!
King Dedede: Let's see how you like you red pepper, You double-dealin' spice sneakin' slug, here!?

King Dedede: I done decided that I don't feel like dinin' on crab no more. 'Specially when it's bigger than me. But you can go on ahead and eat it yourself if you want to.

Tiff: Not even Kirby gets hungry enough to gobble up a giant monster for dinner. [laughs with everybody until Kirby gets ready to inhale the crab he just cooked, much to their shock] Kirby! NOOO!!!

Crusade for the Blade [3.9][edit]

King Dedede: [yawns] I ain't seen no flyin' saucers here. I just wanna go back to bed!

Sirica: Meta Knight!
[Meta Knight looks up to see Sirica on a level higher than the one he's standing on]
Sirica: It's been a very long time.
Meta Knight: You speak as though we have met. Have we?
Sirica: So you don't remember? My mother was the Star Warrior Garlude!
[Meta Knight gasps in realization that Sirica is Garlude's daughter, just before Sirica starts opening fire on him and his knights with her machine gun]

Tiff: Who are you?
Sirica: My name is Sirica.
Tiff: Why are you after Meta Knight?
Sirica: He has something that is very precious to me. His sword: Galaxia.
Tiff: Galaxia?
Tuff: You mean Meta Knight's sword has a name?
Kirby: Poyo?
Tiff: This is ridiculous! Meta Knight's a great Star Warrior, not a thief like you.
Sirica: Hmph. Meta Knight inspires great loyalty, for someone so heartless.
[Kirby and the kids gasp at what Sirica just said]
Tuff: What do you mean?!
Sirica: Your friend Meta Knight was an enemy of my mother. [begins flashback, in her mind] It was many many, years ago. My mother Garlude was considered the greatest of all Star Warriors. She and Meta Knight had been chosen among many noble warriors to reclaim the sacred sword, Galaxia, which had been stolen by the evil beast: Kirisakin. They began to battle the great monster. Both were brave and fought valiantly, but in the end, the beast proved too strong for Garlude. Just as she was reclaiming the sword, she was overpowered! Meta Knight stood and watched as my mother lost the battle. He stole the sword and fled, leaving my mother to perish... alone. [ends flashback]

Escargoon: She's a little girl with a big ol' gun and a whole lot of attitude!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Very interesting. Well, if this space girl's as tough as you say she is, then I better send over the "big guy". [sends Kirisakin to King Dedede and Escargoon as it roars and clashes its two scythes over its head]
King Dedede: Now that's a monster!
Escargoon: Ugh... I think I'm gonna faint.

Sirica: That sword is mine! Now you will pay.

Sirica: [having heard a familiar lion-esque roar and seen Kirisakin making its way to Kabu] This can't be... it's Kirisakin, the great monster.
Meta Knight: Kirisakin is here to reclaim the Galaxia sword. We must stop it!

Galaxia: [after Sirica tries to pry it from the ground a second time] My name is Galaxia. Only the most powerful of knights may wield my ancient magic. Meta Knight is the chosen one. Your mother Garlude knew well this truth. [begins flashback to how Garlude sacrificed herself to deliver Galaxia to Meta Knight] In sacrificing her life, Garlude made the ultimate sacrifice.
[Garlude manages to pry Galaxia from its pedestal and throws it to Meta Knight before Kirisakin delivers the killing blow to her from behind. Meta Knight claims Galaxia and leaps at Kirisakin to fight it. End flashback]
Sirica: If my mother gave my life for this, I shall too.

Sirica: Galaxia... Now I know what a great Star Warrior my mother was to the very end.
Meta Knight: Sirica. Your mother would have been so proud.

Tiff: Wow, Meta Knight! She was a great warrior.

Fitness Fiend [3.10][edit]

King Dedede: [Surrounded by potato chip bags] Y'know, there's jus' somthin' about sittin' in front o' the TV all day long that gives me the nibblies!
Escargoon: Just look at this mess! Where do you expect me to put all these soggy sacks?
King Dedede: This looks like a good place! [Shoves an empty bag onto Escargoon's head]
Escargoon: You know, you're a real couch potato. You're as big as a couch and you're full of potatoes.

Escargoon: Hey! You're a doctor, not a detective! Mind your own business, Yabui!

Meta Knight: He has fallen, and cannot get up!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Hey, what up, D?
King Dedede: Zip yer layer!
Escargoon: Your chips made his majesty a travesty!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: It's not our fault he can't control his appetite! We made those snacks to fatten up Kirby, not you, sire.
King Dedede: Why'd ya have to go and make 'em so delicious?! Nobody can resist those things! THEY'S TOO DANG TASTY!!!!

Max Flexer: Treadmills are a lot of fun. You'll survive 'em if you run! Get it going really fast, or this race will be your last!

King Dedede: If fit is in, I'm out.

Tiff: [after Kirby has transformed into Mike Kirby] Oh no! I forgot how terrible Microphone Kirby's singing is!

Mabel Turns the Tables [3.11][edit]

Mayor Len Blustergas: [about Curio's fortune] He must have picked the stone! NO!!

Tiff: I know what you're doing. Samo, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Lady Like: My husband's prime minister!
Escargoon: Your husband's unemployed, Blondie!

Escargoon: I suppose the royal golf course is a bust?
Mabel: You said it, not I.

Something to Sneeze At [3.12][edit]

Escargoon: Ah...ah...ah...ah...AH-CHOO!!!
King Dedede: [grunts] You sprayed me! Now what was that for!?

King Dedede: HEY, YOU, META KNIGHT! Whadda' you know about all the sneezin' and wheezin' that's goin' round' here?
Meta Knight: [Coughs and Runs off]
King Dedede: Even Meta Knight got a cold!

Kirby: Ahh..ahh.ahhhh.... CHOO!!

King Dedede: I turned myself into an ice cube and I still ain't sick. What am I doing wrong!?
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Maybe you're too warm-hearted.

The Kirby Quiz [3.13][edit]

King Dedede: Here it is! A spankin' new year. Who knows? Maybe this year, I'll turn over a new leaf and treat folks more nice-like.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Greetings, and Happy New Year from all your friends at Nightmare Enterprises! I'll be hosting tonight's Kirby Quiz and I just know we're going to have a rockin' good time!

Honey: I think it was Stone Kirby.
Mabel: I think you are right. [presses button]
Tokkori: What's the answer?
Tuff: It was Fire Kirby. [presses button]
Samo: I don't recall.
Kawasaki: I'll take a wild guess. [presses button, answering "Needle"]
Tiff: That's easy. It was Fire Kirby, remember?
Kirby: [pressing button] Fire!
Escargoon: It was Fire Kirby for sure.
King Dedede: Haha! Stone Kirby! [presses button]
[Escargoon gasps]

N.M.E. Sales Guy: This tough cookie fought against Kirby only to become a great hero. What was his name?
Mabel and Honey: Knuckle Joe! [presses button]
Samo and Kawasaki: Knuckle Joe! [presses button]
Tiff and Kirby: Knuckle Joe! [presses button]
Tuff and Tokkori: Knuckle Joe! [presses button]
Escargoon: Knuckle Joe!
King Dedede: [presses button] DEDEDE!
[Audience breaks out laughing]
Escargoon: I had the right answer!
King Dedede: Guess my hands must have slipped or something.

Tuff and Tokkori: Spin Kick! [Tokkori presses button]
King Dedede and Escargoon: Who cares, anyway?
[The entire audience breaks out laughing]

[The new year is welcomed with fireworks above Castle Dedede. King Dedede and Escargoon, on the other hand, are standing atop the mouth of a cannon/fireworks launcher]
King Dedede: Please, please, I beg o' you!
Escargoon: We promise we'll never cheat again!
[Waddle Doo laughs mischievously as he lights the fuse, launching the two into the air alongside the fireworks where they get caught in their explosions]
King Dedede: What kind of prize is this 'ere?!
Escargoon: It looks like the new year's goin' off with a bang!
[King Dedede and Escargoon get launched back into the air and caught in even more fireworks explosions, including a Kirby-shaped one, as the citizens of Dream Land happily watch]
Tiff: Well, it's starting to look like a Happy New Year already.
Kirby: [jumps happily into the air] Poyo!

Masher 2.0 [3.14][edit]

Lady Like: [sees Tuff's soccer ball] Tuff, you know better. Take this ball outside.
Tuff: [about the outside storm] Out there? [cue booming thunder sounds, startling Kirby and the kids]
Sir Ebrum: The weather's taken a nasty turn.
Tiff: I've never seen lightning this bad.

Knuckle Joe: I ain't sure how, but Masher's been rebuilt. And now it's out for revenge.

Knuckle Joe: [to Masher 2.0] You're a lot stronger than me, that's for sure. But you've sure got a bucket of bolts for a brain! [Masher approaches] Get ready to rock! [punches the rock he's standing on, causing it to shatter]

Escargoon: [to King Dedede] Socked by a soccer ball. Your first sports injury!

The Chill Factor [3.15][edit]

King Dedede: What?! You blamin' it this here a weather on me!?
Escargoon: You two brats need to take a chill pill!
Tuff: Don't act innocent how come it got so cold all of a sudden!
Tiff: I bet you ordered another freeze monster!
Escargoon: Oh, is that so? [As he shows a "Notice" bill sign] Guess again!
Tiff: Heh? "Due to late charges on your account. Until further notice, you can no longer order any monsters"?
Kirby: Poyo.
Tuff: Ha! Maybe you better start paying your bills.
Escargoon: We don't need advice from a pipsqueak like you!
King Dedede: I can pay them bills any time I want to. Only I don't want to!
[Both laughing. Dedede sneezes]

King Dedede: Hmm. What's all that jabba join' about down there?
Escargoon: There those drippy Cappies are rolling out the welcome wagon for those creepy Pengy.
King Dedede: Well I want to meet him too. Hey, Waddle Doo!
Waddle Doo: You pardon me, Your Majesty. But I got some bad news for you see the rest of the guys [As the scene where The Waddle Dees huddle close to the oven for warmth] ain't handling this cold so good and they're all sick.

Pengy: It is the Pengys' fate to wander far and wide. We are very weary but happy to have stumbled upon your chilly village. We would like to rest here for a while if you will have us.

[Kirby and the kids have found a giant air conditioner that's been spewing cold air into the sky, discovering the source of the second wave of Winter weather in Dream Land]
Tuff: Hey Tiff, what is that thing?
Kirby: Poyo?
Tiff: Now it all makes sense.
Tuff & Kirby: Huh?
Tiff: The Pengy tribe brought this here on purpose, and it's so powerful that it turned our summer into winter.
Tuff: Yeah, but why?
Kirby: Poyo...
[suddenly, the trio hears a familiar voice. It's Pengy]
Pengy: So, it looks as though our young friends have discovered our secret. [laughs as the trio turns around to see him and his guards ambush them and surround them with their spears]
Tiff: Pengy!
Tuff: [gasps in horror]
Kirby: Poyo!

Pengy: Your reign is through, King Dede-dumb!

[King Dedede and Escargoon are forced to mop up the castle by the new guards]
Pengy guard: Hey, you! Watch it, will ya?!
Escargoon: We're very sorry, Mister guard sir.
Pengy guard: Yeah. [As he walk away and door closes]
King Dedede: [Growls in enrage and he hitting a bucket with a mop] HOW DARE THEY PUT ME IN A MOP DUTY!? [He breaks a mop]
Escargoon: Chin up, Kirby will find us, Sire, he just has to.
King Dedede: That little pink pest ain't so bad after all, I'll ease up on that little meatball.
Escargoon: [Sighs] If only he were here.
King Dedede: Mmm-hmm.

Pengy: More ice. How thoughtful of you, Kirby!

Kirby: [Singing] Payao puh poyo pay ya pa poyo poyo payo pay, poyo!

Escargoon: Delightful. This weather simply perfect, Sire. Not too cool and not too hot.
King Dedede: And all we got to do to keep it that way is flip a few switches.
[Both laughing. Pouring water on them]
King Dedede: Hey! What's the big idea!?
Escargoon: You brats could have electrocuted me!
Tiff: The Pengy were right. So starting today we're conserving energy.
[Kirby proceeds to soak in a small tub, Tiff and Tuff laughs. An episode ends]

The School Scam [3.16][edit]

King Dedede: A while back, we celebrated the inauguration of Dream Land's first school: the Dedede Academy. It was dedicated to the noble cause of making all the kiddies behave right. With a little help from Nightmare Enterprises, the school was up and runnin', with lots of classic classes like: how to pitch a pipsqueak, and advanced sledge-hammin'! Things really got rollin' once we got our schoolyard set up. Them brats had loads of fun when I combined gym and detention into one theory. But it all blew up in my face, thanks to that killjoy, Kirby! No matter what I do, that little pink runt wrecks everything! [cries]

Kirk: I sure hope our new school's built better than this dump!

Smirk: There ain't no one to stop us, so we can teach all we want!

Kirk: [as Tiff enters the classroom] What are you doing here?
Dirk: You got expelled from school.
Smirk: And we did the expellin'.
Tiff: I'm taking charge here and you're taking a hike. [Kirby, Tuff, and the Cappy kids are surprised]
Dirk: You don't count so good for a math teacher.
Kirk: It's three against one!
Tiff: True... But I've got one brain and you three bullies haven't gotten any.
Smirk: Then let's have a toughness test!
Tiff: That's fine with me.

Smirk: You ain't such a bad brawler for a teacher. Too bad I gotta clobber ya.
Tiff: I hope you like to travel, because I'm gonna send you packing.

Tuff: YAY!!!
Tokkori: HOORAY!!!
Kirby: POYO!!!
Kirby, Tuff, and the Cappy kids: [cheering]
Tiff: No!
[Kirby, Tuff, and the Cappy kids gasp]

Tiff: Maybe... but teachers are supposed to solve problems with their heads, not their hands. I wish I could figure out a way to reach even those three guys. To help them see learning's really interesting. When you goof off in school, you could be missing something really great and never even realize it. The most important job of the teacher is to help your students want to learn. It's really sad when you don't succeed. There are so many great things to discover in this world. School gives you the tools that can help you learn. But the most important tool of all is the curiosity inside us. Promise me that you guys will never give up trying to learn new things. Promise! That's... all, I guess.

MT2: Here we come, Kirby!

King Dedede: Aaah! School's out!
Escargoon: We failed again!
King Dedede: There's always next semester!

Delivery Dilemma [3.17][edit]

Tuff: [brings out a nice hot bowl of ramen] Here, nice hot noodles.
King Dedede: Hot... noodles...? [steps closer to Tuff, laughing all the while, while quickly recovering from his red eyes of sleeplessness] THEY'S FINALLY HERE!!!
Escargoon: Thanks, kid. [takes the bowl of ramen before Dedede can grab it]
King Dedede: Huh? [sees Escargoon eating the ramen and grabs him] You no-good noodle-nabber! [swipes the ramen bowl]
Escargoon: [swipes his ramen bowl back] Hands off! I just ordered these for myself.
King Dedede: What's that?!
Tuff: That's right. He called 10 minutes ago.
King Dedede: Yeah? Well I ordered me a big bowl of noodles yesterday. [releases Escargoon] I thought mine got here first.
Tuff: Uh oh. I guess Kirby goofed up after all. Uh, be right back with your order! [runs off back to Restaurant Kawasaki]
King Dedede: [angrily growls] I should've known it was Kirby, that nasty little pasta poacher! I'm gonna get me my own delivery dude so there ain't no more mess-up!

Trick or Trek [3.18][edit]

Tiff: When is everybody gonna learn that we have to treat nature with respect?

Whispy Woods: I will protect you for as long as I am able.

Escargoon: Okay, Cappies, let's get started! The first thing you need to know about eco-touring is that it's rough stuff, so don't expect to get pampered like a bunch of primaballeroonies! Now everybody grab a backpack and let's get the lead out!

Tiff: That isn't true! It's even more fun because it's educational.

Escargoon: [chuckles] I hope she keeps on buggin' everybody. Pretty soon, they'll hate her more than they hate us!

King Dedede: Yeah, that kid's pricklier than a hive a' hornets!

King Dedede: That there falls is gonna make a whopper of a water hazard!

[Meanwhile, King Dedede and Escargoon manage to get out of the river, and soon realize they are lost as well]
King Dedede: Maybe it's gone forces just as selfish worthless idea mind.
Escargoon: My thoughts exactly.
King Dedede: [glares at Escargoon] Huh?
Escargoon: I was just kidding. It's worth it. It's worth it!
King Dedede: You little liar! [snarls in angry]
Escargoon: Wait, Majesty! we have more urgan problems! Like be a lost in the wilderness without our map!
King Dedede: What'd you talkin' about that long!? I don't want to be lost in these scary woods!
Escargoon: Join the club, sire.
[Both crying]
King Dedede: I'm sorry I yelled at ya.
Escargoon: I'm sorry it did too.
[Both crying]
King Dedede: What's the matter?
Escargoon: Look who's coming this way, sire?

Escargoon: We have to make sure they see our smoke signal.
King Dedede: This oughtta do the trick.
[suddenly, the fire they placed bursts into an even bigger one to their surprise, causing the nearby trees to catch fire much to Escargoon's shock]
Escargoon: Ah! The whole forest could catch on fire.
King Dedede: Hey, great idea!
Escargoon: Huh?
King Dedede: We gotta clear out Whispy Woods for my golf course and this is the quick, easy way!
Escargoon: [smiles delightfully in response to Dedede's voiced idea] Your blazin' new trail, Sire!
King Dedede: And afterwards, there's gonna be a lotta charcoal 'round a useful barbecuein'!
Escargoon: Let's go! Before we get cooked... [he and Dedede are scared off by the flames, which have now grown bigger and are spreading quickly through the forest, causing a huge forest fire]

Waddle Doo: Hey! Are you down here, Your Highness? Yo, Escargoon! Where are you guys?

Buccaneer Birdy [3.19][edit]

Tokkori: Nobody appreciates me. I can't help it if I'm obnoxious. I mean, it's not my fault that I'm superior to everybody else, right?

Escargoon: Yep! Tokkori's ancestor used to sit perched up on his shoulder which must have been murder on his dry-cleaning bills!

Tokkori: So now we know I'm a noble. [chews] Guess I'll live with ya here at the castle, huh? [chews] I don't [gulps] mind. [chews] But I warn ya, I can't stand loud snorin' when I'm tryin' to sleep. I bet Blue Boy here snores even louder than Kirby, so ya better keep it quiet or you're gone!

Tuff: Quit stallin' and hand over Tokkori's treasure now!
Kirby: Poyo!
Escargoon: That birdseed brain's out of luck. The king and I are goin' fifty-fifty!
King Dedede: Fool. I used it all to buy myself more monsters!
Escargoon: But sire...

Tiff: I guess Tokkori will always be Tokkori after all.

Kine: Hey, Tiff! This is a friend of mine, and I asked him to catch these guys for ya!

A Whale of a Tale [3.20][edit]

Kine: SUSHI!?!?
Kirby: Sushi poyo!

Tuff: HEY!
Tiff: What's wrong?
Tuff: We saw what you're hiding down there. Nets and harpoons and stuff for catching whales!
Kirby: [angrily] Poyo!
Tiff: For catching whales?!
King Dedede: Aww. Guess we've been found out. Escargoon?
Escargoon: Aye aye, Sire. [presses a button and Dedede's boat reveals its true form as a whaling ship]
Tiff: This isn't a tour boat. It's a whaling ship!
King Dedede: [laughing] Time to start whaling!

Waddle While You Work [3.21][edit]

Tiff: That's just horrible!
Chef Kawasaki: What is?
Tiff: Taking advantage of those poor things!
Curio: Would you all rather they work for Dedede?
Tiff: Uh, well...
Tuff: Hey, Tiff, we never thought about that.
Gengu: After all, it's not as if we don't treat 'em right!

Tiff: This is hopeless.

[Escargoon notices Kirby in the garden of the castle of Dedede, which is where Waddle Dees are going into a machine to be sold and touches Dedede. Escargoon starts to whisper a plan to sell Kirby as a Waddle Dee with most of it being unintelligible. The only words that can be clearly heard are Kirby and something sweet]
King Dedede: That's a good idea.

Waddle Doo: Your Highness! Let go of the boy!
Tiff: He wants Dyna Chick for his dinner!
King Dedede: That's right, and I ain't givin' up this here bird no way no how!

King Dedede: I'll get you, Kirby! That's the last time you steal my dinner! YOU CHICKEN THIEF!

Dedede's Raw Deal [3.22][edit]

King Dedede: This grub tastes grubby.
Escargoon: Ugh. If you eat fast, you won't notice.

Chef Kawasaki: Your Majesty, I could use some financial help.
King Dedede: [laughs] I bet you want a loan!
Escargoon: That's an even riskier proposition than eating your food.

King Dedede: You'll get a small raise when my investment's paid off. At this rate, that should only take about 10 or 20 years!

Escargoon: Why you? How dare you question His Majesty's integrity!? Why, he's as honest as the day is dark!
Tiff & Tuff: Huh?

Tiff: This isn't news, it's a commerci- [hiccups and covers her mouth]

Chef Kawasaki: Hold on! Sushi is a very special dish that has a long and proud history. Sushi making is an art! Anybody who uses a robot to make sushi is just selling out for profit. Now... let's get that sushi rolling!

King Dedede: This sushi monster's gonna clobber Kirby!
Escargoon: Yeah. It sure is well-armed.

Tiff: Kirby, listen up! [Kirby hiccups] If you don't get rid of those hiccups, you'll never be able to eat again!
Kirby: [Freaking Out] POYO!!!!! [Jumps and spins around to freshen up and his hiccups are gone]

Chef Kawasaki: Look, Sire. It's raining calamari!
King Dedede: Great. I'm bankrupted in all I got is a lifetime supply of squid.
Escargoon: We're broke now. What do we do?
Chef Kawasaki: That's easy. We can use this squid to make sushi. Right?
[Dedede and Escargoon crying]

Caterpillar Thriller [3.23][edit]

Escargoon: Get it, Kirby! I can't take these sinus allergies anymore. [sneezes]

Island Sisters: Mosugaba truly wants to live in peace. It is only attacking to set us free. But we can sing to Mosugaba to calm him down.

King Dedede: Come back here, you! [sneezes] I can't beat Kirby 'less you stay and turn him into a sneezeball! [sneezes]

Fossil Fools - Part I [3.24][edit]


Tiff: [reading Dedede's book about dinosaurs] Lots of folks say that dinosaurs is extunct, but I say the proof is in the pictures.

Escargoon: [screams] Look at that thing!
King Dedede: Looks kinda familiar!

Fossil Fools - Part II [3.25][edit]

King Dedede: [laughs] Escarsaurus sure is a dino wimp, I'd say.
Escargoon: Give him all you've got, Escarsaurus! Tackle that tub of lard!

Buttercup: [to Chief Bookem] That dinosaur has your face!

Mabel: Something about that dinosaur looks familiar.

Mabel: Have I gone mad, Samo, or did those dinosaurs look just like you and me?
Samo: They did indeed. But I must admit, I find you much prettier.
Mabel: I hope so.

Tiff: That dinosaur looks just like me!
Tuff: She even has your personality!

Kirby: Yaaaiie suikaa poyoo!

Doctor Moro: It would be foolish to destroy my laboratory.

Chef Kawasaki: Hey, he looks just like me!
Tuff: It's a Kawasakisaurus!

Doctor Moro: Thanks to your invaluable tip, Tiff, I have achieved what I believe to be my greatest creation. By using Star Warrior DNA, I have created the ULTIMATE MONSTER!! [evilly laughs and turns into a monster]

Season 4[edit]

Dedede's Monsterpiece [4.1][edit]

Escargoon: Majesty, have you forgotten you're supposed to return these paintings in perfect condition?!

Waddle Doo: After droppin' off your artwork, please note down your name, address, and telephone number in the sign-in book.

Tiff: This is real art! I've never seen anything so breathtaking before! We have to tell everybody about 'em!

King Dedede: [points to a huge, cross-eyed version of himself] Right here, that's me. Since I'm what you'd call the star of this here paintin', I'm smack-dab in the middle! You'll note the perspecticles, and I put a big old impressionistic Sun [a red circle with lines coming off it] up there, see? [Points to his small castle, and a huge misshapen-looking Escargoon next to it] Right there is my castle, and right next to it is Escargoon. Note the lack of depth. [points to an awkwardly-angled version of Mayor Len Blustergas with noodle arms and two giant angry Pac-Man-like sheep behind him] This here's the Mayor being chased by his sheep. [points to a misshapen Kirby in the corner of the painting] And this here's Kirby. He's being chased by me! See, I drawed him all lumpy to express his inner lumpiness!
Kirby: [angrily hopping up and down] POYO! POYOOOO!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Original art can get kinda steep there, Big D. One alone could set you back a cool two mil'. Why not just order a monster who could paint for ya?

King Dedede: Ain't you done yet?
King Dedede's portrait: What'd you think?
King Dedede: I'm see a thing! [He runs near the portrait, but the giant portrait of Dedede was materializing to life]
King Dedede's portrait: I'll show you who's ruler 'round here!

Meta Knight: Whatever he paints comes to life: even the most dangerous things.

Right Hand Robot [4.2][edit]

King Dedede: You must be cleaning this castle with your eye-shut. It's filthy! [He blows the dust at Escargoon]
Escargoon: [coughing] I dust this dump every day! I can't be a full-time housekeeper and a full-time lackey.
King Dedede: Well, you better find a way you out of here.
Escargoon: But sire, I need this rotten job.
King Dedede: It's time for my massage.
[Escargoon massaging Dedede on a back, grunting]
King Dedede: Quit wimpin' out. Pull a little muscle into.
Escargoon: How's this?
King Dedede: LOUSY! This is how you give a massage!
Escargoon: [screaming as Dedede stretching his arms] Uncle! [thuds] That wasn't too relaxing.
King Dedede: Guess I'll have to pull harder next time. [laying down on a beach lounge chair] Fetch me a toothpick and my monster catalogue.
[Escargoon scowls]
King Dedede: [Being serious] What you waiting for!?
Escargoon: Sorry, Sire. [He scurried]
King Dedede: My monster catalogue.
Escargoon: Ugh. I've forgot. [He scurried again]
King Dedede: Magnifying glasses.
Escargoon: Sorry, Sire. [He scurried once again] Here.
King Dedede: I want me a cup of tea.
Escargoon: [He scurried again once more] Yes, Sire.
King Dedede: Too cold.
Escargoon: Right. [He keep scurried]
King Dedede: Too hot.
Escargoon: [He scurried slowly, panting] The King's runnin' me ragged here! I wish he'd give me some time off to take a trip! [He tripped on a carpet as the cup of tea spilled on his head, screamed in pain] Hotty! Hotty! Hotty! Hotty!
King Dedede: Escargoon!
Escargoon: His Highness does care about me. Oh, Si..[Getting hitted by Dedede's mallet]
King Dedede: You spilled tea on my carpet!
Escargoon: But Sire, I'm bound to make mistakes when you overwork me and don't give me a break.
King Dedede: Well if you fooled up again I'll give you plenty of breaks from head to toe.
Escargoon: Hmph! You snail-driver! I'm tired of being harassed, tired of being insulted, and tired of being tired!

King Dedede: Escargoon! This your pea-brained idea of a joke?!

Escar-Droid: MUST. CRUSH. KIRBY.

Escargoon: I'll get you this time, Kirby!
Meta Knight: No, you won't! [slides into Escargoon and sends him flying into a tree]

Escargoon: [warned Dedede] Just don't touch it!
King Dedede: I hate it when you tell me "Don't!" That means I gotta do! [He hits Escargoon with his mallet] Let's see! [He press the button of Escar-Droid]

Goin' Bonkers [4.3][edit]

Bonkers: Look for him.
Mabel: You want me to tell you Kirby's future?
Bonkers: Kirby, in here?

Tokkori: Ha ha! I bet ya Kirby went on a banana-eatin' binge and gobbled up all his food supply!

King Dedede: What? A gorilla hammering folks on a head?
Waddle Doo: I heard that if you don't give 'im money or bananas, he gets real mad, and that's when he strikes.
Escargoon: He sounds like a bill collector which means he'll come here for the nine million we owe N.M.E..
King Dedede: So how much would nine million be if we pay him in bananas?
Escargoon: Huh? I don't know the exchange rate for fruit.
King Dedede: Well, ain't no bullying bill collector gonna knock on my royal noggin'! Throw that gorilla into whose gal!
Escargoon: Let's hope he doesn't make a chimpanzee out of you. [Getting hitted by Dedede's mallet]
King Dedede: Hey, Waddle Doo! Go and get that gorilla!
Waddle Doo: Let's move it!

Tiff: Kirby's in big trouble if that gorilla can track him down before we do.

King Dedede: You dog-gone dirty ape!

Tuff: Yeah! Why would a big gorilla be lookin' for Kirby?

Bonkers: Me want to train with Kirby.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: That's a ridiculous idea. Who ever heard of making a giant gorilla monster?

Power Ploy [4.4][edit]

King Dedede: Why, just last night I was working at my desk burning up the midnight oil!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Did... I just hear you say you were working?
King Dedede: Yep! I spent hours at my PC!
Escargoon: And he almost got it turned on, too! [laughs before getting hammered by Dedede]

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Upwardly mobile types like us can easily get worn down. That's why we came up with a new energy-booster drink to keep you going like gangbusters round the clock. It's called Pump Up D!

Chef Kawasaki: Yeah! I have tons of energy! Ha-haha! I feel like Super Kawasaki! Up and away!

Cappy patient: Doctor... Isn't there anything you can do? I feel awful all over.
Dr. Yabui: There's no cure... unless you drink this Pump Up D!

King Dedede: Yo! Wake up, you slumberheads! Goin' to sleep is for wimps! Let's stay up and party all night long! You snoozers are losers! Upwardly-mobile folks like Yours Truly drink down lots of Pump-Up D to keep ourselves movin' and shakin' twenty five hours a day! From now on, nobody in this here kingdom be drinkin' nothin' but Pump-Up D! Pump-Up D will make ya like me!

Tiff: Glu-gly-cero-poly-carbo-phosphate. This health drink is totally unhealthy.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Triple D, this snake monster is guaranteed to rattle Kirby.

A Trashy Tale [4.5][edit]

Escargoon: I can't tell if this is a throne room or a landfill.

Dr. Yabui: It took me months and months to finish this article!! [growls] WHO DID THIS?!

Dr. Yabui: I'm messy, eh? Just wait 'til I get my hands on you! I'll show you messy! My paper's ruined!

Meta Knight: Trash Basher, the garbage monster. This stinks.

Tuff: Yeah! We haven't seen Cleaning Kirby in ages!

King Dedede: If Kirby don't eat up Muck-Mouth quick, this whole town gonna be buried under one humongous heap a' slimy slop! [spits] It's downright sickening!

Tiff: [To Tuff] Don't laugh, you have to clean your room too!
[Tuff nervously Laughs]
Kirby: [while Handing Tuff A Broom] Poyo, Poyo!
Tuff: Ah boy, what a dirty trick.

Cooking Up Trouble [4.6][edit]

Lady Like: I'll be home late, and I won't be able to make dinner for you. So get something from the refrigerator, okay?

Tiff: Wipe that dopey smirk off your face! To say cooking is womens' work is not only insulting, it's also a big fat lie!

Sir Ebrum: You're quite right, men can cook too. That's why I'm making dinner tonight.

Sword Kinght: Blade?
Blade Knight: Ay?
Sword Knight: Smells delicious, don't it? Course' anything would smell good compared to Meta knight's cooking!
[Blade Knight speaks in foreign language]
Sword Knight: You could say that again!
Meta Knight: [he enters from behind] Say what again?
[Sword and Blade turn around surprised]
Sword Knight: Err... He was saying that your cooking... is beyond compare!
[Blade Knight responds in foreign language]
Meta Knight: Hmm...

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Just buy 'em and sell 'em bit by bit and watch 'em all come together! [laughs]
Kirby: [impatiently pacing] Poyo...poymm....poyo... Poyo!

Tuff: Ha, ha! Even Blade Knight and Sword Knight are here!

Tokkori: Phooey, that's one ugly Food Processor! Hope it works.

King Dedede: And now we gonna cook ya up a heap and helpin' o' trouble!

Escargoon: You gullible geeks thought you were buyin' food processors, but you were really buyin' parts for our cruel new tool! [laughs]

Waddle Doo: Hurry up, we start in twenty-minutes!

Chef Kawasaki: Start with oil, I like my risotto nice and slippery! Add the rice, strawberries, and slowly stir over a medium flame until it's really gloppy! Now, add some grade-A...hey guys?

Meta Knight: The robot seems to know Kirby's greatest weakness!

Tiff: Listen everybody! You're going about this thing the wrong way. Those machines can't cook for you because the most important ingredient is missing. You can't make great food unless you use your heart. Cooking isn't about using all the latest technology. Your food will always be mediocre unless you care about what you make.

Teacher's Threat [4.7][edit]

King Dedede: Escargoon, I done founded not one but two schools here in Cappy Town. They was phony schools, a'course, set up to get rid a' Kirby. Well even though I deserved a' A for effort, every time I tried to teach that pink fake a lesson, I failed. Them schools was a great idea, but for some reason, they didn't do the job. Kirby's still kickin'! [weeps]

King Dedede: It's time for me to face the fact that I may need some education.
Escargoon: Education won't help you. The mind's only a terrible thing to waste if you have one.

Tokkori: What are you brats gonna learn standing out here in the rain? How to get soggy?

Mr. Chip: I'm Mr. Chip, and I'm a teacher.

Tiff: But this school doesn't have anything to do with cooking.
Chef Kawasaki: That's okay. My cooking doesn't have anything to do with cooking either!

Escargoon: Kirby's tryin' to interrupt the class by saying "poyo" instead of "here"!

Mr. Chip: I'm sorry, but in my classroom, everyone is equal, whether you're royalty or not. Let's try again, shall we, Dedede?

Mr. Chip: Punishment won't help him learn. What Dedede could use is a bit of encouragement.

Tiff: If Mr. Chip could stay here in Cappy Town, I'd be the happiest girl alive. Mr. Chip is a wonderful man!

King Dedede: I need some down time so my brain could re-coagulate.

Mumbies Madness [4.8][edit]

Tokkori: You hear that weird noise over there? You go check it out and I'll go back to sleep.

Prof. Curio: LEAVE HERE IMMEDIATELY!!! [his shouting sends Kirby into an immediate panic as the latter flees, and he laughs evilly as the relic he was excavating is unsealed]

Prof. Curio: It's none of your business! Get lost!

Tiff: [about Professor Curio] But... why would he act so mean?

Kabu: Kirby. You must be careful. That monster will never stop attacking you.

Tiff: [reading] Mumbies are a good luck monster. Whoever finds one will become rich. Mumbies dwell underground by day, and know where many fabulous treasures are buried.

Meta Knight: The Mumbies are vicious monsters sent throughout the universe to hunt down and exterminate Star Warriors. When the containers that hold them are discovered, they are automatically unsealed, and they begin looking for Star Warriors to destroy.

Prof. Curio: It wasn't until I re-examined that book today that I realized what the King had done. I can't believe he tricked me!

Escargoon: Easy, Sire. This is a comedy show, not a reality series!

King Dedede: [seeing that Kirby has let the Mumbies get burned by the sun's rays] Kirby won!
Escargoon: And who's fault was that?
[Dedede screams in anger]

A Sunsational Surprise/A Sunsational Puzzle [4.9][edit]

Sir Ebrum: Those were the days...
Lady Like: WRINKLES!?!? [looks at herself in the mirror and then screams] The sun! [Inaudible, to the viewer] Stop staring at me! My face is looking like a prune! [screams] Call the plastic surgeon!
Sir Ebrum: Aren't you overreacting, dear?

Escargoon: Uhh... Well, Sire, you look like a roast turkey whose timer never popped up.

Lady Like: Outside?! [screams] Those beastly sunbeams are going to attack you! You're not going out there, is that clear?!

Tuff: If Mom wants me to go back inside, she'll have to come out and get me!

King Dedede: Yeah! Gives you wrinkles, blotches, and scabby-lookin' sores that make ya even uglier than usual! [laughs] But your worries is over if you buy this here stuff! DDD Sun Potion blocks them nasty UV rays, plus it instantly D-juvenates your skin and makes it all smooth and silky-like! Looks like a baby's behind!

Tiff: You can't believe every TV ad you see, especially if the product comes from King Dedede. He's up to something.

Tiff: Looks like she's found a night owl.
Tuff: Yeah, but Mom's a cuckoo bird.

A Chow Challenge [4.10][edit]

Chef Nagoya: You really have made progress as a chef, Kawasaki. This is quite tasty!

Chef Kawasaki: I don't want Nagoya to find out that I still can't cook!

King Dedede: If that guy studied with Kawasaki, then he's gotta be a graduate of the institute of indigestion!

Escargoon: He took cookin' lessons with Kawasaki!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: We're doing our best, but Nightmare Enterprises deals in monsters, not in groceries. It may take a little time, Triple-D.

Chef Nagoya: Your crazy cuisine has won that little Star Warrior's heart and stomach. Kirby would never be happy eating my food. It's way too bland for his taste!

Waste Management [4.11][edit]

Escargoon: Go hug a tree-frog, sister! That's not the way we're getting rid of this rubbish!

Waddle Doo: By orders of King Dedede this garden is being converted into a garbage dump!

Crowmon: We've made it! Our troubles are over! The ruler of this land has promised to feed our flock if we stay here!

King Dedede: Thanks for flyin' in, boys! Pick what'cha want and chow down!
Tiff: I knew these crows were gonna be a problem, I just knew it!

Crowmon: You lied to me! You said you'd give us all we can eat. But the trash is gone and we're still hungry!

Tuff: Yeah, he's tellin' the rest of the crows what to do!

Tokkori: Well, ya got me stumped. I couldn't tell ya what this mystery meat is if ya paid me!

Meta Knight: Now it is controlling all of the other birds. They must be stopped!

[Crowmon threatens Dyna Blade and holds her chick hostage]
Tiff: Holding Dyna Chick hostage is a dirty trick!
Tuff: Yeah, can't even defend itself!
[Dedede and Escargoon crying; offscreen]
Tiff and Tuff: Dedede?
Escargoon: This is just terrible!
King Dedede: If Dyna Blade don't stop them crows, they gonna come after us next!
Tiff: [as Dedede and Escargoon crying continues] You two started all this, when you all provided prove to your nature trash!
Escargoon: Listen, missy! Talking trash isn't gonna save Dreamland from those flying freaks!
King Dedede: Yeah, we want to stop them crummy crows too!

[Dyna Blade is knocked back when Crowmon zaps her with laser eyes]
Tuff: Knock it off!
King Dedede: Ain't that nobody knows how to stop that thing?!

Crowmon: You will never get away!

Shell-Shocked [4.12][edit]

Tiff: Shell collecting is fun, but it can also be quite educational. Some creatures like clams have two shells that are connected. Other creatures just have a single shell.

Escargoon: [sneezes] Somethin' around here's got my allergies acting up.
King Dedede: [laughs] Just don't sneeze on the grill! I'm cookin' top shell! [he take a mouthful of topshell and he chewing] Maaaan! Is that ever hot! But tasty. Here, you wanna try one?
Escargoon: Not if they taste like they smell.
King Dedede: Not even one?
Escargoon: I don't like shellfish.
King Dedede: Bet you never tasted ones like these here. Come on!
Escargoon: Eugh... No! [exclaims]
King Dedede: Guess that just means more top shells for me! [some empty topshells fell on a ground after he ate them all] Boy, oh, boy, that does a belly good!
[Waddle Dees clean some other topshells and except one who fell, and then Dedede imagine of this topshell]
King Dedede: An empty shell. Get outta that shell right now!
[Escargoon screaming]

King Dedede: Come back here, Escargoon! I wanna see what you been hiding underneath that shell of yours!
Escargoon: You're crazy! It's not open to the public!
King Dedede: Slow down, so I can get a crack at it! [He tried to a mallet to Escargoon's shell, but it missed, Escargoon laughs] Grrr!! Come here!
Escargoon: [jumps] Oh! How dare you try to hit me! [jumps again]

Escargoon: [laughs] Methinks the king is out of shape. Well, adieu. [chuckles, leaves with suavity]
[Dedede however, was never tired, and tricked Escargoon. He then hammers his shell from behind, Escargoon screaming in shocked]
Escargoon: Sneak attack!
King Dedede: I'm crackin' your shell open and havin' a look!
[Escargoon screams, his shell is about to slightly cracks]
King Dedede: Ah-ha!
Escargoon: Huh?
King Dedede: [he points on Escargoon's shell] Hey, it's startin' to open up!
Escargoon: [screaming] It is? Everything looks okay to me?
King Dedede: I always knew you was a little bit cracked. Now you're more cracked than before! [laughs]
Escargoon: You may find this amusing but I don't! [groans] I just hope I don't catch pneumonia.

Escargoon: Get me a doctor this is an emergency, I'M CRACKING UP HERE!

[At Doctor Yabui's clinic, Escargoon gets his fractured shell looked at by Doctor Yabui]
Dr. Yabui: Oh...yes I goodness.
Escargoon: Your goodness what, doc?
Dr. Yabui: Bad news. there's a fracture in your shell.
Escargoon: [gasps] Well don't just sit there, fix it!
Dr. Yabui: I'm afraid there's nothing I can do
[Escargoon whimpers in terror]
Dr. Yabui: It can't be repaired.
Escargoon: You're joking!
Dr. Yabui: It might even get bigger.
Escargoon: THIS CAN'T BE!!![His shell cracks once more, Tiff and Tuff gasped. Whimpering in terror, he sees behind his shell cracking again, cries] PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Tiff: That's tough.
Tuff: Don't get excited, Escargoon! It's only a shell.
Escargoon: Don't tell me no to get excited, kid. My whole world's falling apart!
[Escargoon is suddenly interrupted by Dedede shows up in the limousine to exacerbate things further]
King Dedede: Hey, Yabui. No use hiding Escargoon! [He barges into Yabui's clinic] Come on out! I know you here some-place. And I'm gonna find ya. [He tries to open the door] It's me, Escargoonie-goo. Open up this here door. I'm your best pal, ain't I? I won't hurt you.
Escargoon: Go away. I can't see you now. I'm studying for a blood test.
King Dedede: I'm real worried about you, so please open up, little buddy? [He pulls out his mallet] In fact...I'll open it for you! Stand back, buddy! [He hits a door with a his mallet]
Escargoon: He wants to smash my shell to pieces! [He barricades the door]
King Dedede: Now ain't you gonna let me in there or ain'cha?
Escargoon: [grunts] Uh-uh! [His shell cracks again, then he screaming in terror]
Tiff: Stop that! Haven't you done enough?! Don't you know Escargoon needs his shell to protect his body?!
King Dedede: Protect his body?
Dr. Yabui: That's right. Without his shell, Escargoon would be completely exposed.
[Tuff laughing]
King Dedede: Hey! Wonder what that looks like...[He imagines what Escargoon would look like without his "clothes" on, which is reference by The Birth of Venus; thinking] Am I being disrespectful? Should I leave Escargoon alone? Probably but I ain't a' going to. Now show me what you hiding under that there shell!
Escargoon: I'm never showing nothing to nobody!
Tiff, Tuff, and Dr. Yabui: Nobody?
Escargoon: Why do I suddenly feel like a scientist experiment!? [When Dedede busts the door with his mallet] I'm not letting you in this door!
King Dedede: [He continue busting the door with his mallet for several times] Let me in!
Escargoon: GO AWAY!!! Help me.
King Dedede: Here I come! [He smash the door down. He does so and breaks the shell completely]
Escargoon: That did it!
[All exclaims, and Kirby close the Escargoon's shell]
King Dedede: Hey! You get off of that! You can't park it there!
Tiff: Stay right where you are! Now you've done it! You've split Escargoon's shell apart!
Escargoon: I never felt so violated! I lost my dignity!
King Dedede: Now you just relax whilst I have myself a little look-see here!
Escargoon: Don't let him touch me!
King Dedede: You know you're gonna have to show me sooner or later.
Escargoon: How about later? Much later.
[Dedede chases Escargoon around, both yelling]
King Dedede: As your king, is it my royal right to see what you got under that shell and I ain't quit 'til I get a peek! [As he steps on Escargoon's tail, Escargoon screams as Kirby falls off. Escargoon grab and pull the tail offs and his so the shell falls off, but it closed again] Oh no!
Escargoon: Thank goodness.
Kirby: Po-yay?
Tiff: Leave Escargoon alone! Don't you think you've caused enough trouble for him already?!
King Dedede: Not really. I think I could cause a lot more trouble.
Tiff: You broke his shell in the first place, so you better find him a new one!
Escargoon: And fast!
King Dedede: Find him a new shell, huh? That's a great idea!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Sure thing, King! In fact, we have a monstrous new line of mollusc-wear that is guaranteed to bring out the beast if you know what I mean.

[Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff patch Escargoon's shell up with tape]
Tiff: Okay.
Escargoon: Phew, I feel so much better. But why'd you have to repair it tape? The least you could a done is use the invisible kind!
Tiff: This is just temporary. We'll come up with something nicer.
Escargoon: [to Tiff] Anything be nicer than this cheap fix! [to Dr. Yabui] Can't you patch up this shell with some kind of plastic surgery!?
Dr. Yabui: Hmph. I suggest you find yourself a veterinarian for that.
[Escargoon growls in annoyance]
Tuff: Hey. Why don't we fix it with some glue?
Tiff: Yeah. The really strong kind.
Dr. Yabui: It might work, but to apply glue you'd have to remove the shell temporarily.
[Escargoon screamed in shocked]
Tiff: That won't be so bad. Come on, let's go look around for something Escargoon can wear in the meantime.
Kirby: Poyo!

Sir Ebrum: All clear outside, too, my dear!
Lady Like: I think the way the King is behaving is perfectly un-decent.

King Dedede: With my new remote-controlled spy fly, I'll get me a real bug's eye view! [He uses the Grasshopper Eavesdropper to take a peek at the Escargoon in a changing-tent]
Escargoon: How humiliating...[He pick up with the tin-pan] This one looks too small, but I'll try it on anyway,
King Dedede: This is it! Yeah! Let see!!
Escargoon: [Moans, but he noticed Grasshopper Eavesdropper spying on him and he screaming in shocked, smashes it with the tin-pan] SPY ON ME, WILL YA!?
King Dedede: It's busted! Now my undercover bug can't spy on that slug!

Escargoon: [In a changing tent] A tin pan on my can...How am I supposed to look good in this junkaroo!? [Wears a bucket] Ta-da! Bucket-butt! [Wears a sheep wool] Look at me! I'm a sheep! I'm a mess! [Wears a vase, laughing] How about this one? Disaster! [As he throws a vase out of changing tent]
Sir Ebrum: Steady, Tiff.
Lady Like: Did it work?
Tiff: I hope so. Wow, this shell sure is interesting.
Tuff: It is?
Tiff: Sure. Just look at how intricate it is inside.
Tuff: Wow, how come something as nasty as a snail gets such a nice shell, Tiff?
Tiff: Because snails don't have any bones in their bodies.
Sir Ebrum: I wonder what he does look like without that shell.
Tuff: Escar-goofy!
[All laughing, except Tiff]
Escargoon: [upset] Quit making jokes and go find me something decent to wear, I can't bear it anymore!

Escargoon: It's amazing! Kirby, this is so nice it almost makes me regret all the times I tried to destroyed you!
Kirby: Poyo!
Escargoon: OK, kids, get ready.! [Everybody applausing and Kirby cheers. Escargoon posing with his new shell for a bit] Hi!
Lady Like: Very becoming!
Escargoon: It shows the spikier of me.
Tiff: And it looks like a perfect fit, too.
Escargoon: Merci. Fashion's show's over, missy! Get cracking that shell! And step on it!
Tuff: Man, he's still rotten.
Tiff: I guess you can't judge a slug by his cover.

King Dedede: So? Making like top-shell, huh? You lucky I didn't fricasse you!
Escargoon: Yeah, well you came close enough!
Tiff: Escargoon's just wearing this, while we're trying to fix up this regular shell.
King Dedede: Oh. Now I get it.
Kirby: Poyo.
King Dedede: You hog! You ate my tender delicious topshell before I got to it!
Escargoon: That shell was empty when I put it on, you blowhard!
King Dedede: Hey, that reminds me!...I still ain't seen what you been hiding under that shell!
[Escargoon exclaims]

Escargoon: [laughs in evilly] It's too late now.
King Dedede: New shell or no new shell, I still wanna see what you hiding underneath here!
Escargoon: It's no use, but give it a shot, Sire.
King Dedede: ALRIGHT!!! [He attempts to break it open, but to no avail] It's too hard.

Tiff: All that pounding is giving me a pounding headache!

Maimaigoon: This shell makes me invincible...and powerful!

Maimaigoon: [to Kirby as he fires his lighting beams] You're finished, Kirby!

King Dedede: For a snail, he's pretty quick.

Escargoon: [He fits back into his repaired old shell] Ta-dah!
Tuff: Escargoon's shell looks as good as new.
Tiff: And all's well that ends well.
King Dedede: Hold on! I think there's another crack in that there!
Escargoon: The only thing cracked in this room is you, you wacko!
King Dedede: Just one little-itty-bitty peek?
Escargoon: You keep your paws off of me! HELP!
King Dedede: Escargoon, please!?
Escargoon: Buzz off, you creep!
Tiff: Well, at least that monster's gone.
Tuff: Yeah, but it would have tasted good with some garlic and melted butter.

Tooned Out [4.13][edit]

N.M.E. Sales Guy: You don't know what you're asking for, D. Putting together a professional animation team takes a lot of effort and money.

Escargoon: This is our hero, King Dedede and his evil arch-nemesis, Kirby.
King Dedede: Kirby's a klutz, but he's a tough fighter!
Escargoon: However, the king always defeats Kirby by the end of the episode.
King Dedede: Makes you wish real life was more like TV. [he and Escargoon break out in laughter]
Escargoon: So what do you fellas think about of our show?
King Dedede: Ain't you got questions before you start to draw?

Sleepy: Dudes, that girl character is totally awesome.
Biggy: She's so awesome, she deserves her own animated series.
Bony: Why don't we make HER the hero?
Escargoon: Tiff can't be the hero! She's a bad guy!
King Dedede: There's only room for one hero on my show and that's me!
Bony: This is like a no-brainer.
Sleepy: Totally no-brainer.
Biggy: Tiff has to be the star.
Bony: Totally.
Sleepy: Totally.
Biggy: We'll have her fight monsters!
Bony: We'll give her some super powers!
Sleepy: We'll maybe a secret identity!
[boys talking in once]
Escargoon: Believe me, guys, she's no hero.
King Dedede: If ya saw up close, you'd agree.
Sleepy: Cool, then we'll check her out.
Bony: We'll see you later.
Escargoon: You're leaving?
King Dedede: You just got here.
Boys: [as they heading outside] Roses are red. Violets are blue. Here we come, Tiff. We're gonna draw you!
King Dedede: They don't seem like professional animators.
Escargoon: I bet they don't have enough brains among the three of 'em to fill a pencil case.

Tuff: Kirby'd go picnicking in a snowstorm as long as there's food.

Biggy: Trouble, dudes, she found it. Bummer.
Bony: We better split before she sees.
Sleepy: We need more recordings of her voice to use in the cartoon.

Chief Bookem: Dedede must have hired these three jokers to do it.
Sleepy: We're not using that dude.
Bony: We decided to change things around.
Biggy: We're creating a female hero to star...
Boys: "The Tiff Show"!
All: "The Tiff Show"?
Kirby: Poyo.
Biggy: Tiff's got everything it takes to be an animated star.
Sleepy: Expect hey.
Bony: We can fix that easy.
Tuff: Looks like you already have your own fanboys. [Tiff growls at him]
Tiff: [angrily] You guys shouldn't have snuck around taking my picture without permission!
Sleepy: She looks good when she's mad.
Bony: Those lines on her head look totally fierce.
Biggy: She's sure is gonna be a lot of fun to draw.
Boys: Cutie.
Tiff: [gasps, angrily] Don't call me that! [as she glaring to three boys] Why don't you guys show a little originality and invent your own cartoon character instead of picking on me?! I DON'T WANT TO BE A CARTOON STAR!
Boys: If you say so, star!

King Dedede: My new cartoon's premierin' in two days?!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: You better get moving, Triple D! A hole opened up in our network's schedule for the day after tomorrow!
Escargoon: We can't produce a cartoon in 48 hours!
King Dedede: Don't worry, we'll wiggle out of this one somehow.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: According to our contract, if you don't finish the cartoon on time you won't get your production money back!
King Dedede: I done got swindled here! [Escargoon exclaims] We gotta find them three guys.
Escargoon: Uh-huh. [He and Dedede running off]

Escargoon: You guys have two days to finish a cartoon!
Sleepy: But dude, that's not enough time.
Escargoon: Really?! Then you loafers will just have to draw around the clock!
King Dedede: Now quit stallin' and go get to work!

King Dedede: Don't let 'em get a wink of sleep till they finish with my cartoon.
Waddle Doo: Yes, sire!
Escargoon: You guys better work fast. If that cartoon show isn't done in two days you'll be staying down here permanently!

Escargoon: See? We're crackin' the whip on 'em!
King Dedede: Them animators is under total control now. I ain't gonna let 'em out the dungeon 'till they got my cartoon finished!
Tuff: But they look miserable in there!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Aww, having production problems?
Escargoon: Those animators you sent won't obey our orders!
King Dedede: They makin' the show all about Tiff!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: If we don't get your cartoon tomorrow there's a penalty.
King Dedede: Don't blame me, it's them animation freaks fault!
Escargoon: The only way we can deliver on time is if you send us the fastest animator ever.
King Dedede: Make it quick, there ain't time to lose!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Alright, boys, I'm sending you the ace of all animators. Allow me to introduce the legendary Dis Walney!

Dis Walney: Hmm, the scene needs more excitement. I need more energy, King!

Dis Walney: You can make a cartoon in just a few hours, and you don't need to pay any artists anymore!

Anige: Now I'm going to delete your friend Kirby permanently!

Tuff: Hey, it's morning.
Tiff: And there's still no cartoon.
[Dedede and Escargoon whimpering]
King Dedede: If we don't put a cartoon on I'll be flat broke!
Escargoon: But sire, there's only five minutes left to go!
King Dedede: Whoever said "the show must go on" didn't know us!
[Dedede and Escargoon embrace each other crying and Tuff laughs]
Tiff: Too bad those professional animators couldn't help you.
Both: [stop crying] Huh? What'd you say?
King Dedede: So let's go!
Escargoon: There's still hope!

King Dedede: Well, guys?
Sleepy: It wasn't easy, dude, but we did it.
Biggy: We had to draw it really fast.
Bony: But it's way cool!
King Dedede: Who cares? It's done!
Escargoon: 10 seconds left!
[Meanwhile, Dedede puts it on the reel]
Tiff: They drew it a day?
Tuff: That's amazing!
Kirby: Poyo.
[Dedede sets it up for live broadcast]
Tiff: I underestimated of you three. [The three boys laughs each other] You obviously have more talent then I gave you credit for.
[The cartoon begins with an overly-stylized image of Tiff. King Dedede and Escargoon's jaws drop, Tiff is shocked, and Tuff and Kirby cover their eyes]
Escargoon: That doesn't look like you, sire!
King Dedede: There's somethin' bout 'dat girly that looks sorta familiar!
Tiff (anime-stylized): I got an idea, I'll invent my own cartoon!
Tuff: That's supposed to be you!
Tiff: That's my voice but the rest is all wrong!
Kirby: Poyo...
Tiff (anime-stylized): [giggles] This is an absolutely perfect day for snowing, don't you think so? [giggles]
Tiff: That's so disgusting!
Kirby: [closes eyes] Poy-oy...
[an image of the animated Tiff holding a parfait is shown]
Tiff (anime-stylized): I think I'll have a picnic all by myself!
[cut to Tiff growling angrily as she balls her fists]
Tiff (anime-stylized): I got a funny feeling that somebody out there is watching me.
[cut back to Tiff, who at this point is a boiling mass of impotent rage]
Tiff (anime-stylized): I wanna be a cartoon star! [giggles]
Tiff: Is that airhead really supposed to be me?!
Biggy: [as the boys laughs] Yeah! Except she's not short like you!
Tiff: Yeah, I'm short alright... [growls and she pulls out what appears to be King Dedede's mallet out of nowhere, angrily yelled] AND SO'S MY TEMPER!!!!!
[A furious Tiff chases the three boys across the room in an attempt to clobber them. The episode ends as Kirby joins in the chase, thinking it to be a game]
Kirby: POYO!

Born to Be Mild - Part I [4.14][edit]

Rip: The name's Rip. Sorry to wake ya, officer!

King Dedede: Ow! Ow! Ow! You hit the volume-izer by mistake!

[Both coughing]
King Dedede: Hey, what's the idea sticking up the hand here!?
Escargoon: Yeah, who do you think you are? King Dedede?
King Dedede: You're in big trouble!

Tiff: That biker gang could strike again at any time! We've got to have a plan to defend ourselves!

Tuff: We're not gonna let you mess up Cappy Town!

Turbo: My name's Turbo. Allow me to introduce our fearless leader: Fang!

Fang: First we gotta find a dude named Steppenwolf, but then we'll take care of Kirby for ya.

Gus: One of them bikers is an old friend of mine. You see, I used to belong to a motorcycle gang.

NME Sales Guy: Now hold up, Highness. Have you considered beating them with a track attack... by having a race? Of course, you'll need a place to race! That's expensive, but Nightmare Enterprises could be the sponsor!

King Dedede: We gonna have a big race at the brand spankin' new DDD Speedway!

Narrator: It looks like Fang's racing circles around Kirby and the rest of the Cappy crew! Can the friends defeat the gang without Gus? Find out next time, on Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Born to Be Mild - Part II [4.15][edit]

Fang: Just wait, Kirby. I'll finish you off later! Right now, I wanna make sure I win this race.

Melman: You caused a lot of trouble when you were younger, but this is your chance to make up for it. Take that chance while you still can!

King Dedede: That punk jockey ain't got a chance of beatin' Fang now!

Escargoon: That grease monkey must've got out!

Tiff: Listen! According to this chemical analysis, the fuel in Fang's motorcycle couldn't have come from this planet.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: What a surprise! It looks like our bad boy biker has been de-fanged by a rough-riding old-timer with a need for speed!

Melman: You can say all you want, Tiff. The important thing is that Fang is gone. Ooh, am I gonna be sore tonight...

Hunger Struck [4.16][edit]

Escargoon: Sire! Sire! You won't believe with those Waddle Dees! I just left him in the dining hall!
King Dedede: Good, don't bring him in here cause it might kill my appetite.
Escargoon: While you slurp that slot the Waddles Dees are having the feast. It's a gourmet meal with four different courses fit for a king.
[Dedede becomes enraged and he throw the cup of ramen noodles to Escargoon's face]
King Dedede: If it's fit for a king, how come I ain't gettin' any?! Grrr!

[A Waddle Dee Eats A Cookie]
King Dedede: No Way!
Escargoon: It absorbed the cookie!
King Dedede: Hey, how'd it do that? It's munchin' alright...
Escargoon: Wonder how it flosses...
King Dedede: That's weird.

Waddle Doo: [to the Waddle Dees] The king's so stingy he put us on a starvation diet! Now our stomachs cry out for vengeance!
[cut to King Dedede and Escargoon being chased by angry Waddle Dees]
King Dedede: We in trouble! My own guards is out to get me!
Escargoon: I've heard of hunger strikes before, but this is ridiculous!

D'Preciation Day [4.17][edit]

King Dedede: Does this mean I ain't getting a gift?
Escargoon: I'd be shocked if they gave you a card.
King Dedede: We'll see about that!

Escargoon: I think you'd be a much better candidate for something like "Take Your Tyrant to Lunch Day!"
King Dedede: Must be somebody out there appreciates me!
Escargoon: Oh, I wouldn't bet on that. [to Waddle Doo and Waddle Dees] Do you guys know anybody who appreciates His Majesty?
Waddle Doo: Nope. Nobody.
Escargoon: [offscreen] Don't you appreciate the king?
Waddle Doo: I prefer not to say.
Escargoon: [As Dedede growls] I have somebody who appreciates me.
King Dedede: You liar, they're ain't nobody who appreciates you none neither!
Escargoon: Is too!
King Dedede: Who could ever appreciate a slug-less slime maker like you. [laughs]

Escargoon: It really hit the spot.
King Dedede: I'm gonna hit your spot if you don't hush!
Escargoon: [laughs] ♫ I detect a hint of jealousy. ♫
[King Dedede screams in angrily]

Tiff: I know Dedede can be mean and nasty and selfish, but deep down, he really just wants to be loved. If we gave him a present, maybe he'd feel loved, and change his ways.

King Dedede: Nobody 'round here appreciates me, so I'm gonna start up a brand new tradition in Dream Land! There gonna be no more appreciation days. From now on, we only celebrating Dis Days!

Chef Kawasaki: Please, take it down! I don't deserve this!
Waddle Doo: Sorry, Kawasaki! King's orders!

Gengu: Maybe we should give this diss thing a try.
Gus: And it sure beats having to buy him a present.
Mayor Len: You do have a point there, Gus.
Mabel: Kawasaki deserves a little dissing.
Chief Bookem: His food disses all our stomachs.

Escargoon: Looks like Tiff's trying to disrupt Dis Day.
King Dedede: Just wait 'til she finds out who we dissin' next.
[King Dedede and Escargoon laughing in sinister]

King Dedede: I sure wish Kirby would hurry up and get here.
Escargoon: Just make sure those watermelons you squatting on don't get crushed, Your Majesty. And don't forget they've all been hollowed out and have time bombs inside them.

Escargoon: Sire, we have to get out of here.
King Dedede: What's the problem? It's only a watermelon patch.
Escargoon: You're forgetting about our explosive surprise.
King Dedede: Oh yeah. Don't eat yet, Kirby!

Escargoon: Those watermelons won't blow up till the timers go off.
King Dedede: So we got time to get away.
Escargoon: I got an idea. [He whispers something to Dedede]
King Dedede: Then I'll prank and still work.

[Dedede and Escargoon laughing]
King Dedede: You fell for it!
Escargoon: [laughs] We got you got good this time, sucker!
King Dedede: Only a few seconds left! 10. 9. 8.
Escargoon: 7. 6. 5. 4. 3.
Tiff: Spit it out, Kirby!
King Dedede: Here...
Escargoon: We...
Both: GO!!!
[Kirby's face becomes red and glows, and he then starts to spit gray smoke from his mouth, at such a force and speed that he is sent flying up in the air while spitting out more smoke]

[Kirby crashes into Cappy Town; charred, but still okay after the watermelon bombs explode]
Tuff: Kirby.
Tiff: Oh no.
Tuff: He looks barbecued.
Mayor Len: Imagine someone doing such an awful thing.
Tiff: [angry] Dedede's gone too far this time!
Mayor Len: Oh.
Tuff: Yeah, he can't get away with turn it Kirby into a firework!
Tiff: I having an idea how to get them back! And I'll need you all to help me! [All the cappies exclaims in once] If he thinks these pranks is funny he's dead wrong!

Waddle Doo: A message for you, Sire!
King Dedede: Who's it from?
Escargoon: It's from Tiff. She's inviting us to Kirby's memorial service.
King Dedede: His what?
Escargoon: I regret to inform you that Kirby is gone. We're gathering to bid farewell to him this afternoon. Please, join us to pay our last respects.
[Both exclaim in surprised]

King Dedede: Is Kirby really!?
Tiff: Poor old Kirby.
Mayor Len: All of those explosions we simply too much for it to take.
[Dedede and Escargoon whimpering]
King Dedede: So, Kirby's in there?
Gus: Hard for him. What was left.
King Dedede: [gasped. he cried] KIRBY!! [whimpering as he shivering, starts having flashbacks of Kirby, and he, realizing the full weight of his actions. His tears about to cried] ...I'm sorry!..
[Dedede and Escargoon start crying in front of Kirby's grave, while Tiff, Tuff, and the Cappies, still crestfallen, are standing in front of his grave]
King Dedede: It's all our fault!
Escargoon: Forgive us, Kirby! That prank was His Majesty's idea, but I was the one who came up with the time bomb part! For once I wish I weren't so brilliant!
King Dedede: Now I wish you weren't dumb as me!
Escargoon: How did that work possible?
King Dedede: I never would have played that prank If I don't know this was gonna happen. I wish I could take it all back!
Tiff: Unfortunately, it's too late.
King Dedede: But there's got to be something I can do.
Tiff: You can't do start by promising not to play any more practical jokes on your subjects!
King Dedede: I PROMISE!! [crying] Here, Kirby. This one ain't got no time bomb.
Tiff: I'm sure he'd like that a lot.
King Dedede: I MISS YOU KIRBY OL' BUDDY! [cries]
Tiff: I think Dedede is really sorry.
Mayor Len: I agree.
Tuff: Looks like he learned his lesson.
[Kirby then jumps out of his fake grave, and eats the watermelon. Dedede and Escargoon screams]
King Dedede: He even got a hungry ghost!
Tiff: Oh, Kirby.
[Tuff groans]
Escargoon: Kirby's not a ghost. The runt's still alive! A-ha! You were all playing a trick on His Majesty, weren't ya?
King Dedede: [whimpers as he cries] I'M GLAD HE'S OKAY!!!
Escargoon: You are?
King Dedede: It was dull bein' ruler of Dream Land before you came along. I need me an enemy!
Tuff: The king really has changed.
Tiff: In his own twisted way he cares about Kirby.
King Dedede: Kirby...

Escargoon: Don't you think you should check and see what it is first?
King Dedede: Quiet! [as he proceeds to hit Escargoon with his hand]

Waddle Doo: The card says: This is Chuckie. Made especially for Kirby by Nightmare Enterprises.

Escargoon: Every day's Kirby appreciation day.
Waddle Doo: You've got a card, Sire.
King Dedede: Huh? Somebody appreciates me too.
Escargoon: Here. Let's see. It's a bill from Nightmare Enterprises. They want 9 million D-Bills for that monster.
King Dedede: [whimpering as he cried loudly] THERE ONLY APPRECIATED MY MONEY!!

The Thing About the Ring [4.18][edit]

Tiff: (to Sir Ebrum) How come you always act so weird on your anniversary? I don't get it. It's the same thing every time.

Escargoon: There you are, my twinkling little treasures. I bet none of you's made of glass. Little does King Greedede know I've been collecting you glittery goo-gahs for years!

A Dental Dilemma [4.19][edit]

Tiff: Oh, please. I've had toothaches funnier than King Dedede.

Escargoon: That's easy for him to say. PLEASE DON'T PULL MY TEETH OUT, DOCTOR!!

Escargoon: That maniac drilled so deep, I thought he was gonna strike oil.

Escargoon: You could get cavities too, you know.
King Dedede: [laughs] My choppers is way too powerful to get conquered by cavities.

Lady Like: Tuff. I want you to brush your teeth before you go to bed tonight. You too, Kirby!

Escargoon: But, Sire, you have to get that tooth filled.
Dedede: Ain't no way you gonna drag me there! I'd rather dive head-first into the Booma-Dooma Volcano!

Escargoon: Doctor Yabui won't hurt you, Sire.
Dedede: He had you shrieking like a smoke detector!

Cowardly Creature [4.20][edit]

Escargoon: My life is a nightmare...

Tokkori: That thing's already torn up half the town!

Tuff: Whoa! That monster must be huge!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: I can assure you we're not responsible, Triple-D. The escapee was part of our "Young Monsters of the Future" program. The training facility is secure, but it looks like somebody found a way to break into our computer system and sent one of our horrible hopefuls free.

King Dedede: I'm me, alrighty. I think it's about time to extra-cise my kingly duties and protect my subjects!

Escargoon: In fact, I can assure you that the King is totally irresponsible!

Tiff: That poor thing's afraid! We have to do something!

Chef Kawasaki: Well at least when I don't have any customers I don't have any complaints.

King Dedede: A Star Warrior ain't supposed to be protectin' no monster!

Escargoon: Sire, what if he turns into Hammer Kirby?!
King Dedede: Now don't do nothin' rash! We yer friends, Kirby!

Tiff: I wish I knew why Phan Phan's so frightened all the time. I've never seen a monster act like this before.

Escargoon: He's a juggler who goes right for the jugular!

King Dedede: Now that's my kind of clownin' around! Wonder if that guy does birthday parties?

Whippy: Hitti hitti!

Frog Wild [4.21][edit]

Hana: I don't know what's gotten into Kirby, but something has.

Professor Curio: [crying] Oh no... how could you? My relics are just a pile of rubble now. Why did he come in here and smash them all? Why, Kirby?

Tuff: This doesn't look too good for Kirby.

Tuggle: [crying] I'm always nice to Kirby! Why would he wanna do 'dis?

Mabel: What is wrong, Kirby? You do not seem to be your perky-pink self today.

Tiff: There has to be a misunderstanding. Kirby's a Star Warrior, not a juvenile delinquent!

Mayor Len Blustergas: Kirby totaled my car...[cries]

King Dedede: He done what?!
Escargoon: Kirby's smashing up Cappy Town like a pink wrecking ball!
King Dedede: [laughs] He sees it's more fun to be a heel than a hero! But there's only room for one mischief-maker in this kingdom, and that's me!
Escargoon: Well now the Cappies are more scared of Kirby than they are you, Sire.
King Dedede: Say what?
Escargoon: Maybe they're just afraid of Kirby because he's a dynamic-demonic ball of fire, and you're just a big bellied out of shape ball of blubber! [gets hit it with Dedede's mallet]
King Dedede: Now you're out of shape. I'm checking this out!

Chef Kawasaki: Oh, hello, Kirby. Come on in. I got some leftover turkey jerky hash if you want... Where you goin'? You don't have to have the hash. I can cook anything you want me to. Ah! You just name it!

Tiff: This can't be true.
[Which leads King Dedede and Escargoon to drive into Cappy Town with their limousine]
King Dedede: I heard a rumor that Kirby's raisin' a ruckus 'round here.
Chief Bookem: He's public enemy number one.
Mayor Len Blustergas: He's destroying Cappy Town!
Gus: He's like a monster.
King Dedede: Is that so?
Escargoon: I told you Kirby's scarier than you are.
[Kirby throws a pan out the window, breaking it]
Tiff: It is Kirby!
King Dedede: He does look kinda scary.
Escargoon: [laughs] Who knew a half-pint could be so horrifying?
King Dedede: I ain't gonna let that pipsqueak out need me! [He jumps out of limousine]
Escargoon: Wait, what are you gonna do!?
King Dedede: I'm gonna prove I'm more troublesome than Kirby is! [He enters in Kawasaki's restaurant]
Escargoon: Sire, I was only kidding!
King Dedede: Hey you there, gumball!
[Kirby's evil state up-close for himself and Dedede gasped]
Escargoon: You're much worse than Kirby.
[Kirby's evil state up-close for himself, Escargoon screams and hides behind Dedede]

King Dedede: Forget it! Kirby ain't no threat to you Cappies. Why he's as harmless as a horse-fly!
Tiff: Yeah, anyone who knows Kirby knows that he wants to help us, not hurt us.
King Dedede: It's true. Why that goody-goody ain't got a bad bone in his body.

Chef Kawasaki: [After Demon Kirby set the fire on Kawasaki's restaurant] Why, Kirby!? Why!?

Chief Bookem: He destroyed headquarters...
[King Dedede's limousine crashed into Chief Bookem's police station, Doron escapes and exploding violently]
King Dedede: THERE GOES MY LIMO!!!
Escargoon: Thanks, Kirby.
King Dedede: Now what am I gonna drive?
Chief Bookem: They're wiped out.
[All the cappies talking at once]
Tuff: I can't believe this.
Tokkori: I always knew Kirby was trouble, but this takes the cake. That boy's gone ballistic!

Chief Bookem: Attention all Cappies! Stay inside your homes! Keep your doors locked, and your windows shut! Kirby's on the loose!

[At night, Dedede's castle]
King Dedede: [offscreen] I ain't gonna let Kirby to show me up.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: This is a surprise, D-Meister. Why the late night call?
King Dedede: Tell me who's the baddest bad guy in Dreamland?!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Is that a trick question?
King Dedede: You're supposed to say it's me!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: I'd agree with that.
King Dedede: But then Cappies thinks it's Kirby!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: No. How come? [As Dedede angrily growls]
N.M.E. Sales Guy: But Kirby's a good guy.
Escargoon: [As Dedede growls furiously] He's tearing through this kingdom on a debris spree!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: [laughs] Sounds to me like Kirby found your Demon Frog.
King Dedede: My Demon Frog?
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Don't you recall the monster you ordered a couple months back? [imitates frog noises]
King Dedede: Yeah. Now I remember that frog.

Escargoon: Majesty, that frog is a hoppin' horror show!

N.M.E. Sales Guy: If the Demon Frog really is inside Kirby, then there's no way he can be held responsible for attacking Cappy Town, because it was really the Demon Frog forcing him to do it.

Meta Knight: We must find a way to make that Demon Frog leave Kirby.

Waddle Doo: Sire!
King Dedede: What's wrong?
Waddle Doo: Emergency! Kirby's attacking the castle!
King Dedede: He is?!

Waddle Doo: Sound the call for reinforcements!
King Dedede: I'll show that runt.
Escargoon: If we try to take on Kirby without Heavy Anaconda's help we might accidentally unleash the Demon Frog and who knows what it'll do!
King Dedede: [to Escargoon] I DIDN'T ASK YOUR OPINION! [as he used the tape to taping Escargoon's mouth] Keep your yappin' shut! Hey! [laughs] I'm gonna use this tape to stick it to Kirby!

Meta Knight: Kirby responded to you, Tiff. He is trying to resist the Demon Frog!

Tiff: Kirby! I told you to knock it off!
[Demon Kirby is still beating up Dedede and the Waddle Dees]
[The Demon Frog momentarily loses control of Kirby]

King Dedede: [after letting the Demon Frog after he transforms himself into Demon Dedede, evilly deep voice] You puny peewees better be scared, 'cause I'm the baddest dude on the whole planet!


Escargoon: They finally sent you the monster. That must be the Heavy Anaconda, Sire!

Tiff: You should teach those two a lesson.
Tuff: Yeah, they're always scheming against you!
Kirby: Poyo.
Tiff: It's time to give them both a taste of their own medicine!
Kirby: Poyo.
King Dedede: Step away, Escargoon! [He kicks Escargoon on a ground and he run away]
Escargoon: Wait, Sire! I'm a coward too!

Cappy Town Down [4.22][edit]

[Kirby and friends arrive to find Cappy Town a smoldering wreck and thousands of Cappies homeless]
Tiff: Oh, Tuff... This is terrible. The whole place was destroyed when that spaceship attacked. There's no Cappy Town left.
Tuff: I don't believe it.
Tokkori: Folks are sayin' this is your fault.
[Kirby lowers his head and lets out a sad Poyo. The Cappies turn to Kirby to try to take out their grief on him]
Mayor Len Blustergas: When your ship crashed, we welcomed you to Cappy Town and now we're paying for it, Kirby.
Chef Kawasaki: Yeah. We lost everything because of you!
Tuggle: It was a mistake to let you live here.
Buttercup: Maybe it's time for you to move on.
Gengu: Yeah, this is all your fault, Kirby!
[Kirby lets out another sad Poyo, only for his friends to step in and defend him]
Tiff: This isn't Kirby's fault. It's Dedede's fault!
Tuff: Yeah, what about all the times Kirby came to our rescue?
Chief Bookem: He sure didn't save us this time.
Hana: That's why we don't have a place to live anymore.
Mayor Len Blustergas: Cappy Town is in ruins.
Melman: There's not a mailbox left in the whole town.
Samo: It's a fine mess Kirby's got us in.
Tiff: Well this isn't gonna solve anything.
Tuff: Yeah! Now's the time to work together!
[The Cappies are questioning in a confused state while Tiff growls. Then she proudly grunts]
Tiff: Come on! We can't give up now! Remember, we've been through tough times before. We'll pull through this one too!
Kirby: Poyo!
Chief Bookem: We just don't know what we should do, Tiff.
Tiff: Meta Knight will tell us. He wants to meet with all of us up in the castle.

King Dedede: It's a phone.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: That isn't just an ordinary phone, Your Majesty. [Dedede's phone starts ringing with a familiar-sounding ringtone, and Dedede opens his phone to find Kirby and another familiar-sounding ringtone, this one being a remix of the theme song]
King Dedede: Hey, what's that pink stinker doing in there?!
Escargoon: And what's with that annoying music?!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: [laughs] Nobody would ever suspect that you'd use a Kirby phone to call Nightmare Enterprises.
King Dedede: Great idea!
Escargoon: I wouldn't be surprised if we even get stuck with a phone bill.

King Dedede: [about the Halberd] Hey, what is that damn thing?
Escargoon: Sire, how am I supposed to know? But whatever it is, I think our friend at Nightmare Enterprises would be very interested in it.

Meta Knight: The coming battle may well determine the fate of the galaxy.
Tiff: We can't give up without a fight.
King Dedede: Meta Knight, you's a dirty double-crosser! You've got some nerve building this here battleship in my basement!
Escargoon: And what's with this "fate of the galaxy" mumbo jumbo? You got that helmet on too tight?
Meta Knight: You still have a chance to join forces with us before it is too late.
King Dedede: Lemme see inside of that ship first.
[the door to the inside of the Halberd opens]
Meta Knight: Follow me. I will take you to the bridge.
King Dedede: Yeah, I'd like to push you off one.

Mayor Len Blustergas: This is catastrophic.
Samo: How can we survive, Meta Knight?
Prof. Curio: Maybe we should just get rid of Kirby.
Meta Knight: Listen to me. eNeMeE is not just after Kirby. He will not stop until he controls the entire universe! We must all try to stop him!
Tiff: That's what this battleship's for, right?
Tuff: We can battle eNeMeE from inside here.
Kirby: Poyo.
Mabel: This sounds crazy.
Meta Knight: The odds are against us, but you must decide now! I need a crew. Will you stand up and fight with me?
[the Cappies recoil in fear]
Samo: You want us to fight?!
Chef Kawasaki: I'm a chef, not a soldier!
Meta Knight: I cannot fly this ship alone. Are there no brave volunteers? Chief Bookem!
Chief Bookem: Ah, I'd like to help, but I'm a lawman, not an airman.
Mayor Len Blustergas: I'm too old to volunteer.
Chef Kawasaki: I think I left my oven on!
Mabel: My crystal ball needs polishing!
Gus: Gotta go pump some gas!
Prof. Curio: Good luck, Meta Knight!
[the Cappies run out of the Halberd in terror]

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Hey there, D. What's shakin'?
King Dedede: ME! You just blowed up my monster transmitter!
Escargoon: And you nearly got us, too!

Kit Cosmos: Kirby doesn't stand a chance without help.
[the Cappies turn around and notice Kit Cosmos]
Kit Cosmos: Well what're you waitin' for? We can't let a Star Warrior battle alone!
Samo: Who is he?
Mabel: I don't know, but he could use a shave.
Kit Cosmos: Sergeant Kit Cosmos! I served with Meta Knight and the Star Warrior force and I'm reportin' for duty.
Iro: Tiff told us about you.
Honey: He's a big hero.
Spikehead: You live on that island.
Kit Cosmos: Kirby and his squad found me there, and when they went home, I chose to stay. But now I've come to help Kirby take on eNeMeE. All right then, who's ready to fight alongside me?
Samo: He certainly is a tough cookie.
Chef Kawasaki: Yeah. Even tougher than my cookies.
Kit Cosmos: Will you stand alongside me, or are you a cowering coward?
Mayor Len Blustergas: We can't fight, Sergeant.
Prof. Curio: We're not soldiers.
Kit Cosmos: Not soldiers? Is that a reason for you to stand there and do nothin'?! Kirby's riskin' his life to save your planet, and it's your duty to help him!

Tuff: Look who's here.
Tiff: Sergeant Cosmos!
Kit Cosmos: I'd never miss a fight if I can help it. [Meta Knight steps out to greet him] Meta Knight sir!
Meta Knight: What brings you here?
Kit Cosmos: I may be a soldier who's over the hill, but I'm proud to serve one last time, if you'll have me.
Meta Knight: I will.
Kit Cosmos: It'll be an honor, sir.
Chef Kawasaki: I can mess up the mess hall, so count me in too!
Dr. Yabui: You'll need a medic.
Gus: And I've got the muscle to tune this baby up for ya!
Tiff: Thanks, guys! But not all of us can go.
Tuff: Yeah. Somebody's gotta stay behind to start rebuilding Cappy Town.
Prof. Curio: Hmmm. We never thought of that, did we?
Gengu: Yeah, I guess you're... [the area around them shakes again]
Sword Knight: All volunteers on board.
Blade Knight: [mumbling] Help Kirby.

Escargoon: Hey, sire. What were you supposed to do again?
King Dedede: I was supposed to plant this here time bomb on the ship.
Escargoon: We weren't supposed to be on the ship, were we?
King Dedede: Aaah! Get me outta here!

Combat Kirby [4.23][edit]

Sword Knight: Don't worry. She'll be fine. This ship's made to move at hyper speeds.
Tuff: Yeah, but none of us are.

Tokkori: Some wormhole. I don't see no worms nowhere.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Our sensors go to have picked up some sort of battleship coming out of a wormhole one light year away. It appears that Kirby and Meta Knight have decided to attack us with their puny little battle barge.
Nightmare: They are growing desperate. They'll realize I have them beaten. I was hoping they'd be foolish enough to attack, so I've prepared a surprise for them.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: The capsule's set, sir. I'll send it on its way. [sends out a capsule containing Heavy Lobster]

Chef Kawasaki: Cooking this space food is as easy as boiling water!
Samo: This is the first time I ever enjoyed Kawasaki's cooking.
Chef Kawasaki: Can I boil you some dessert?

Dr. Yabui: Rather dull up here. When I don't have any patients to see, I get rather impatient.

Tuff: Isn't there any place we can go to get away from you two?
Tiff: I should've guessed you'd try and stow away.
Escargoon: We have a right to be here, sister!
King Dedede: Yeah, this ship was built on my property.
Chef Kawasaki: What are you doing here?!
King Dedede: I'm comin' along to give you all a helping hand! I'm sick and tired of eNeMeE sending me all them defective monsters!
Escargoon: What else can we say? We're disgruntled.
King Dedede: I'm gonna show them crooked creepos that they've done ripped off this here king for the last time!
Tiff: Well we don't believe a word you say!
Meta Knight: Do your duty, Chief.
Chief Bookem: I'm lockin' you up as non-combatant detainees.

King Dedede: You think he was trying to tell me something?
Escargoon: He did sound awfully final.
[King Dedede and Escargoon screaming in shocked. And they hugged in panicking]

Escargoon: I think we got ourselves a monster!
King Dedede: Hey, there must be some mistake. I didn't order no monster from ya!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: We sent this monster to you for free, Your Majesty.
King Dedede: Well I don't want no favors from ya, so just take it all back, ya hear?!

King Dedede and Escargoon: [in unison] RUN!!

King Dedede: You ain't nothing but a cheap chizzlin' cheater and now we gonna settle the score with ya.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Can't we just talk this over?
King Dedede: It's too late! We just found your space fortress and now we gonna make a sneak attack!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Thanks for the tip off, Big D. [to the other members of N.M.E.] Prepare for attack. Launch all Destraya ships immediately! [signs out]
King Dedede: Hey, that chump just hung up on me!
Tiff: You're the one who's the chump!
Tuff: Thanks to you, they know our whole plan now.
Escargoon: [he and Dedede are shocked by what Tiff & Tuff just said] That sales guy just tricked you again, sire.
King Dedede: [Laughs] Least I don't have to pay that phone bill.

Gus: They got thousands of those flyin' hub-cabs!
Chef Kawasaki: Maybe we should go back while there's still time.
Chief Bookem: I agree. There's no way we can win this.
Meta Knight: We will not retreat. We must enter the fortress and fight to the finish!

[three Destraya ships suddenly attack the other Destraya ships to everybody's amazement]
Chef Kawasaki: What's going on? They're fighting each other.
Tuff: And they're not attackin' us.
Tiff: What's eNeMeE up to now?
Meta Knight: We are not fighting this battle alone.
Knuckle Joe: [turns on his screen to contact the Halberd crew] Hey, how's it going, gang?
Tiff: Knuckle Joe!
Knuckle Joe: I took over a Destraya and was hoping you'd let me join your party.
Sirica: [her screen comes on as well] Do you remember me? I came along to help, too.
Tiff: Hey, that's Sirica!
Kirby: Poyo!
Sirica: Knuckle Joe and I have become friends now and we're teaming up to help you defeat eNeMeE.
Sir Arthur: [his and his knights' screen comes on as well] And we will be joining the battle as well.
Meta Knight: Arthur, and the rest of the Star Warriors!
Sir Arthur: We were able to raid the fortress and commandeer some Destraya ships. We will clear the way for you to enter the fortress so you and Kirby can challenge eNeMeE.
Meta Knight: It'll be an honor.
Kirby: Poyo.
Knuckle Joe: But right now, just sit back and let us handle that fleet.
Sirica: Now onto victory!
Sir Arthur: Full speed ahead!
[the three Destrayas that Knuckle Joe, Sirica, Sir Arthur and his knights stole destroy the other Destrayas]
Tiff: They destroyed the enemy ships!
Meta Knight: Yes! Now we can enter the fortress. Set sail for liftoff! [the Halberd blasts its way past more Destrayas and successfully enters the entrance to Nightmare's fortress]

Chief Bookem: It's awful quiet.
Chef Kawasaki: I wonder why nobody's attacking us.
Tuff: Maybe they've given up.
Sword Knight: Detecting something big, closing fast.
Tiff: Look there!
Kirby: Pooo...
[Nightmare, finally stepping out of the shadows after 98 episodes, makes himself known to the Halberd crew through a giant projection of himself]
Meta Knight: eNeMeE...
Nightmare: Heh. It was a mistake to come here, Kirby. As you can see, you and your puny band of Star Warriors pose no threat to me. Challenging me is the last mistake you will ever make!
Kirby: Poyo!
[Nightmare laughs evilly]
Meta Knight: Follow him.

Fright to the Finish [4.24][edit]

Tiff: Meta Knight, those blasts went right through him.
Meta Knight: He has led us into a trap!

Escargoon: I guess Kirby's gonna beat us once and for all, Sire.
[Dedede's cell phone starts ringing]
King Dedede: What's that sound?
Escargoon: Your phone. [Dedede pulls out his phone and struggles to catch it] Ugh, that music's annoying. I wish you'd put it on vibrate. [Dedede catches his phone]
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Hey there! Are you ready to surrender yet, Your Majesty?
Escargoon: You bet we are.
King Dedede: I ain't never gonna wave no white flag!
Escargoon: Forget His Highness. Can you at least save me?
N.M.E. Sales Guy: If you'd like to negotiate, you'll have to speak with my boss. [reveals Nightmare, who hypnotizes both Dedede and Escargoon]

Sword Knight: [using King Dedede's cell phone that he dropped to track the signal] The signal's coming from up there.
Gus: Must be the command center.
Dr. Yabui: That's where they control the fortress.
Chef Kawasaki: Hey, let's set up a blast up there and wreck the place. That'll stop eNeMeE!
Tuff: Yeah, but who can do it?
Tokkori: It's your idea, so you oughtta go.
[Chef Kawasaki gasps]
Kit Cosmos: [laughs heartily] Don't worry. I'm comin' along to provide backup support.
Chef Kawasaki: I wish I never cooked up this idea.

N.M.E. Sales Guy: Thanks for the special delivery.
King Dedede: I know that voice. You're the sales dude!
Escargoon: We've never actually seen you in person before.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: Well you're in for a little surprise. [turns his chair around, and, to the surprise of Tiff, Dedede, and Escargoon, reveals that he has stubby feet similar to other Kirby characters and is only about as tall as Escargoon]
King Dedede: You look a lot taller on the TV screen.
Escargoon: You're almost as shrimpy as Kirby.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: [laughs] I may be shrimpy, but I'm a whale of a salesman. And now, we'll take the kid. [Nightmare grabs Tiff]

Nightmare: It's too late, child. Kirby is about to face his worst nightmare...

N.M.E. Sales Guy: [evilly laughs] Kirby's falling right into our trap, thanks to you.
King Dedede: Hold it! We've got a problem here.
Escargoon: We could use some refreshments.
King Dedede: Yeah. How about showing us some grinditude with some grub?
N.M.E. Sales Guy: I'm afraid I can't help you fellas. There's no kitchen in the command center.
Escargoon: We'll call Kawasaki!
King Dedede: Oooh! [laughs and grabs the microphone] Yo, Kawasaki! Whip me up a little something and rush it to me right away!
Chef Kawasaki: Here you go, sire! Liver and spinach surprise.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: How'd he get in here!?
King Dedede: Oh boy! Home cooking! (sits down to eat Kawasaki's cooking and enjoys it) Mmm. This here dish is delish! Go on. Have a bite.
N.M.E. Sales Guy: No thanks, I'm not...
King Dedede: [shoves the liver into the N.M.E. Sales Guy's mouth] You're gonna love it! [laughs]
Escargoon: [as the N.M.E. Sales Guy turns around, unable to handle the taste of Kawasaki's cooking] Bet ya never tasted anything like that!

Nightmare: This is checkmate, Kirby. The game is up!
Tiff: You brought Kirby here because this is where you make nightmares! But he's not afraid of you and your tricks.
Nightmare: We shall see about that! Before this match is over, you will both learn the force of my power. [evilly laughs]

Meta Knight: We can use the monster delivery system here to deliver us home.
Tokkori: You don't seriously expect us to use that contraption, do ya?
Kit Cosmos: Hm. It's worth a try.
Meta Knight: But it is close to the place where you planted that bomb.
[the rest of the crew gasp]
Chef Kawasaki: We have to go back?
Meta Knight: Yes, and we do not have a moment to lose!

Nightmare: He has used up all of his energy. Kirby is now completely helpless. I can crush him with little effort... But first, some fun! I shall enter Kirby's sleep and give him a nightmare, and you can join him. This dream will be a real scream!

Nightmare: [screams in terror as Kirby surrounds him with a barrage of stars from the Star Rod] No! How did Kirby discover the secret? That pitiful little Star Warrior has found my only weakness. I am helpless against the power of the Star Rod!

Tiff: eNeMeE is really a living nightmare, so the only place you could beat him was inside a dream. Good work, Kirby! You are the only Star Warrior who gets the secret of the Star Rod and can use it against eNeMeE!

Tiff: [About Tuff, Meta Knight, and the Cappies] We better go look for the others now.

Tiff: Hi, everybody!
Tuff: Hey, Tiff!
Tiff: Kirby battled eNeMeE and he beat him!
[everyone cheers now that they've heard the good news]
Tiff: Where are you guys going?
Tuff: The Halberd was blown away. We have to escape before our bomb goes off!
[Tiff and Kirby gasp upon hearing Tuff's own fair share of news]

King Dedede: [laughs] That liver sure made you shiver!
N.M.E. Sales Guy: [brushing his teeth to get the taste of Kawasaki's cooking out of his mouth] I was completely disgusted!
Escargoon: Now you know how we feel about you!
[both laugh until they are suddenly interrupted by the Halberd's crew barging into the command center]
Mayor Len Blustergas: There's the monster delivery system!
King Dedede: Hey, what's goin' on?!
Chief Bookem: Kirby beat eNeMeE and now we're gonna destroy this place!
King Dedede: No way!
[the N.M.E. Sales Guy gasps in shock and terror after having heard what Chief Bookem just said and makes a run for it]

Sir Arthur: Kirby and his crew have actually done it.
Knuckle Joe: I hope they had time to...get away.
Sirica: Good luck, my friends.

[Last lines, series finale; the sun rises over the horizon and the people look on at the fully-rebuilt Cappy Town happily]
Mayor Len: Cappy Town's as beautiful as ever.
Mabel: It was hard work, but we rebuilt it together.
Tiff: Everything's back to normal.
Escargoon: Except for the castle...[he and King Dedede look at the still-damaged Castle Dedede] It's still a wreck.
King Dedede: And I ain't even got me a way to order me no more monsters.
Meta Knight: [holds Dedede's cell phone out] What about this?
King Dedede: Ah! Gimme!
[King Dedede turns his cell phone on only to find its monitor all fuzzed out due to the destruction of Nightmare's fortress and the command center that was inside it, and he and Escargoon sigh in sadness. Tiff, Tuff, & Kirby laugh at the two and then look back at Cappy Town]
Tiff: And so Kirby saved the galaxy and proved himself to be the greatest Star Warrior of all... and life in Dream Land went back to normal. But I suppose that with Kirby around, life will always be an adventure. Isn't that right, Kirby?
Kirby: Puuu... Poyo!

English Voice Cast[edit]

Makiko Ohmoto (Japanese voice kept) – Kirby and Kirbysaurus (Ep 76)
Kerry Williams – Tiff and Tiffasaurus (Ep 76)
Kayzie Rogers – Tuff, Lady Like, Hana, Honey, and Tuffadactyl (Ep 76)
Ted Lewis – King Dedede, Escargoon, Escargoon's Mother, Amon, Togeira (Ep 55), D-Rex (Ep 75-76), Escarsaurus (Ep 76), Escar-Droid, Rekketsu (Ep 83), Crowmon (Ep 87), and Maimaigoon (Ep 88)
Eric Stuart – Meta Knight, Gus, Sword Knight, Blade Knight, Coo, Slice n' Splice, and Yamikage
Andrew Rannells – Chief Bookem (75–100), Nightmare, Rick, Benikage, Max Flexer, and Bookemsaurus (Ep 76)
Maddie Blaustein – Chef Kawasaki, Gengu, Tuggle, Biblio, Waddle Doo, Mr. Curio, Melman, Hardy, Kawasakisaurus (Ep 76), and Bonkers
Mike Pollock – Mayor Len, Samo, Kit Cosmos, Chef Shittake, Lensaurus (Ep 76) and Samosaurus (Ep 76)
Amy Birnbaum – Kirby (speaking parts in early episodes), Spikehead and Mabel
David Lapkin – Sir Ebrum, Dr. Yabui, Mr. Chip (Ep 83), and Dis Walney (Ep 89)
Veronica Taylor – Rowlin and Sirica
Darren Dunstan – Kine and Dr. Moro
Jerry Lobozzo – Chief Bookem (1–75)
Tara Jayne – Fololo, Falala, Princess Rona, and Commander Vee
Dan Green – NME Salesman and Whispy Woods
Kevin Kolack – Tokkori, Knuckle Joe
Jim Napolitano – Kabu and Iro
James Carter Cathcart – Sir Gallant
Lisa Ortiz – Buttercup and Lovely

Original Japanese Voice Cast[edit]

Wikipedia has an article about:
Makiko Ohmoto – Kirby, Hohhe, and Rick
Sayuri Yoshida – Fumu
Rika Komatsu – Bun
Kenichi Ogata – King Dedede
Naoki Tatsuta – Escargon
Atsushi Kisaichi – Sir Meta Knight and Chief Borun
Yuko Mizutani – Memu, Mabel, Waddle Doo, Lovely, Mini-Galbo, Walky, Phan-Phan, and Devil Frog
Takashi Nagasako – Parm, Mayor Len, Professor Curio, and Beat
Chiro Kanzaki – Lololo, Blade Knight, Kana, Iroo and Coo
Madoka Akita – Lalala, Sato, Honey, Iroo's Mother, Princess Rona, Scarfy, and The Twin Nuts
Nobuo Tobita – Chef Kawasaki, Kabu, Samo, Moso, Kine, Hardy, Amon, Acorn, Gabon, Togeira, Macho-san, Bonkers, and Crowmon
Osamu Hosoi – Gus, Whispy Woods, and Kittari Hattari
Banjo Ginga – Customer Service and Nightmare
Fujiko Takimoto – Tokkori and Honey's Mother
Hiroshi Naka – Dakonyo and Dr. Moro
Isshin Chiba – Yamikage and Monsieur Goan
Kazunori Sekine – Dr. Yabui and Bibli
Mizuki Saito – Gangu and Tago
Bin Shimada – Quixano
Hikaru Tokita – Sword Knight
Junichi Sugawara – Cook Osaka
Kazue Ikura – Broom King
Keiko Yamamoto – Escargon's Mother
Minami Takayama – Knuckle Joe
Kumiko Watanabe – Benikage
Norio Tsuboi – Chef Nagoya
Shigeru Nakahara – Mr. Chip
Tomoe Hanba – Silica
Tomomichi Nishimura – Master Bacteria
Yuko Sasamoto – Vee (Princess Rona)
Yumi Toma – Rowlin