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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, known in Japan as Hoshi no Kirby (星のカービィ Hoshi no Kābī, Kirby of the Stars), is a Japanese anime series created by Warpstar, Inc. and based on Nintendo's Kirby franchise. The series ran for one hundred episodes from October 6, 2001 to September 27, 2003. The series aired on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting in Japan and in the United States on 4Kids TV; 4Kids Entertainment heavily edited the content in the process.


Kirby Comes to Cappy Town[edit]

Escargoon: Monster!? That's ridiculous! There's no monster here!
Cappy: Yes there is! It's big and it eats everything in sight!
Escargoon: That's King Dedede!

A Blockbuster Battle[edit]

Kirby's Duel Role[edit]

Dark and Stormy Knight[edit]

Beware: Whispy Woods![edit]

Un-Reality TV[edit]

Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure[edit]

Curio's Curious Discovery[edit]

The Fofa Factor[edit]

Hail to the Chief[edit]

The Big Taste Test[edit]

Tuff: Kirby's in trouble!
Tiff: That monster knows every trick in the book!
Meta Knight: You mean in the cookbook!

Kirby's Pet Peeve[edit]

Escargoon Squad[edit]

The Pillow Case[edit]

A Fish Called Kine[edit]

Flower Power[edit]

Here Comes the Son[edit]

Dedede's Snow Job[edit]

A Princess in Dis-Dress[edit]

Island of the Lost Warrior[edit]

Tuff: What are we going to do, Tiff?
Tiff: I'm thinking, Tuff! It takes a while to come up with a good idea!
[Tiff's stomach growls]
Tiff: [looking embarrassed] My stomach thinks it's a good idea to find some lunch.

The Empty Nest Mess[edit]

Ninja Binge[edit]

Like Mother, Like Snail/Escargoon Rules[edit]

Sword and Blade, Loyal and True/Hour of the WolfWrath[edit]

The Flower Plot[edit]

Labor Daze[edit]

The Hot Shot Chef / A Spice Oddysey[edit]

Hatch Me if You Can[edit]

Cappy New Year[edit]

Abusement Park[edit]

Meta Knight: I fear Microphone Kirby mat be Kirby's most powerful form!
Tiff: Now you tell me!

The Kirby Derby - Part I[edit]

The Kirby Derby - Part II[edit]

A Recipe for Disaster[edit]

Junk Jam[edit]

Watermelon Felon[edit]


Monster Management[edit]

Prediction Predicament - Part I[edit]

Prediction Predicament - Part II[edit]


War of the Woods[edit]

Pink-Collar Blues[edit]

Tourist Trap[edit]

A Novel Approach[edit]

Snack Attack - Part I[edit]

Snack Attack - Part II[edit]

Cartoon Buffoon[edit]

Don't Bank on It[edit]

Kirby Takes the Cake[edit]

Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I[edit]

Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II[edit]

Scare Tactics - Part I[edit]

Scare Tactics - Part II[edit]

One Crazy Knight[edit]

Sweet & Sour Puss[edit]

Escargoon: Dedede's a rotten boss to work for. That I can't deny. He yells and screams and criticizes, no matter how I try. I deserve a raise, but the king refuses. All I ever get are bumps and bruises! He's a grouch. He's a grump. But I stay. Maybe I'll be king one day.
King Dedede: So I'm a grouch in a rotten like a boss, huh?

Dedede's Pet Threat[edit]

A Half-Baked Battle[edit]

Escargoon: Maybe Bellybuster makes his pies in a barber shop, cause this tastes like shaving cream!

eNeMeE Elementary[edit]

The Meal Moocher[edit]

Escargoon: [his thinking-voice] This is trouble. I gotta stop the king from giving them a five-star rating, for our bank accounts is going belly-up!

King Dedede: [he grabs Escargoon's beard] HEY! What's the idea torture in my tongue!?
Escargoon: Sorry, Sire. But I had to act quick cause you can't afford to pay out any more prize!
King Dedede: Let's see, how you like you red pepper? You double-didn't spice sneaky slug, here!?

Crusade for the Blade[edit]

Fitness Fiend[edit]

King Dedede: [Surrounded by potato chip bags] Y'know, there's jus' somthin' about sittin' in front o' the TV all day long that gives me the nibblies!
Escargoon: Just look at this mess! Where do you expect me to put all these soggy sacks?
King Dedede: This looks like a good place! [Shoves an empty bag onto Escargoon's head]

Mabel Turns the Tables[edit]

Something to Sneeze At[edit]

The Kirby Quiz[edit]

Masher 2.0[edit]

The Chill Factor[edit]

The School Scam[edit]

Delivery Dilemma[edit]

Trick or Trek[edit]

Buccaneer Birdy[edit]

A Whale of a Tale[edit]

Waddle While You Work[edit]

Dedede's Raw Deal[edit]

Caterpillar Thriller[edit]

Fossil Fools - Part I[edit]

Fossil Fools - Part II[edit]

Dedede's Monsterpiece[edit]

Right Hand Robot[edit]

Goin' Bonkers[edit]

Power Ploy[edit]

A Trashy Tale[edit]

Cooking Up Trouble[edit]

Teacher's Threat[edit]

Mumbies Madness[edit]

A Sunsational Surprise/A Sunsational Puzzle[edit]

A Chow Challenge[edit]

Waste Management[edit]


Escargoon: AH-CHOO! Somethin' around here's got my allergies acting up.
King Dedede: [laughs] Just don't sneeze on the grill! I'm cookin' top shell! [he take a mouthful of topshell and he chewing] Maaaan! Is that ever hot! But tasty. Here, you wanna try one?
Escargoon: Not if they taste like they smell.
King Dedede: Not even one?
Escargoon: I don't like shellfish.
King Dedede: Bet you never tasted ones like these here. Come on!
Escargoon: Eugh... No! (exclaims)
King Dedede: Guess that just means more top shells for me! [some empty topshells will fell on a ground] Boy, oh, boy, that does a belly good!
[Waddle Dees clean some other topshells and except one who fell, and then Dedede imagine of this topshell]
King Dedede: An empty shell. Get outta that shell right now!
Escargoon: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Tooned Out[edit]

Tiff: Well, well, well, the spies got out spies.
Buttercup: Who are you?!
Mabel: Why are you following the kid?!

Born to Be Mild - Part I[edit]

Born to Be Mild - Part II[edit]

Hunger Struck[edit]

D'Preciation Day[edit]

The Thing About the Ring[edit]

A Dental Dilemma[edit]

Cowardly Creature[edit]

Frog Wild[edit]

King Dedede: There goes my limo!
Escargoon: Thanks, Kirby.

Cappy Town Down[edit]

Combat Kirby[edit]

Fright to the Finish[edit]

Voice Cast[edit]

Makiko Ohmoto - Kirby
Kerry Williams - Tiff
Kayzie Rogers - Tuff, Lady Like, Hana, Princess Rona, and Honey
Ted Lewis - King Dedede, Escargoon, Amon, Escargoon's Mother, Crowmon, and Maimaigoon.
Eric Stuart - Meta Knight, Gus, Blade Knight, Coo, Slice n' Splice, and Yamikage
Andrew Rannells - Chief Bookum (75-100), Nightmare, Rick, Benikage, and Max Flexer
Maddie Blaustein - Chef Kawasaki, Gengu, Tuggle, Biblio, Waddle Doo, Mr. Curio, Melman, Hardy, Bonkers, and Chef Nagoya
Mike Pollock - Mayor Len, Samo, Kit Cosmos, and Chef Shittake.
Amy Birnbaum - Spikehead and Mabel
David Lapkin - Sir Ebrum, Dr. Yabui, Mr. Chip, and Dis Walney
Veronica Taylor - Fololo, Falala, and Sirica
Darren Dunstan - Kine and Dr. Moro
Jerry Lobozzo - Chief Bookum (1-75)
Tara Jayne - Fololo, Falala, and Commander Vee
Dan Green - NME Salesmand and Whispy Woods
Kevin Kolack - Tokkori and Knuckle Joe
Jim Napolitano - Kabu and Iroo
James Carter Cathcart - Sir Gallant
Lisa Ortiz - Buttercup, Mabel, and Lovely