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Knight Rider is an American television series that originally ran from September 26, 1982, to August 8, 1986. The series was broadcast on NBC and stars David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a high-tech modern crime fighter assisted by an advanced, artificially intelligent and nearly indestructible car

Season 1[edit]

Knight of the Phoenix (Part 1) [1.1][edit]

Knight of the Phoenix (Part 2) [1.2][edit]

Deadly Maneuvers [1.3][edit]

Major: You're gonna be in big trouble, Knight: accosting army personnel, destroying government property.
Michael: Oh, really? Major, these shells are blue. According to that chart over there, they're armor-piercing shells. What if somebody repainted them? I know it's an awful thought, but just suppose. Well, then they might be... tactical nuclear weapons.

Good Day at White Rock [1.4][edit]

Michael: You know, you and your buddies must have watched too many bad movies on TV when you were kids.
Hilly: Why is that?
Michael: 'Cause your accidentally lousy manners are ten years out of date. You can't be real.
Hilly: Oh I'm for real, I'm a Scorpion. Hilly.
[draws switchblade]
Sherry: Davey, run. Go get the sheriff, quick!
Hilly: This... is Stinger. You're about to be the stingee.
Michael: Before or after the commercial?

Sheriff Bruckner: I'll see if I can arrange some kind of a reward for you, Sherry, for aprehending the prisoner.
Sherry: Oh come on, Sheriff, he is not a criminal.
Sheriff Bruckner: Yeah, a few hours ago I might have believed you. Since then he has stolen his vehicle from the impound lot and broken out of jail.
Michael Knight: I didn't steal my car.
Sheriff Bruckner: Oh I suppose you want me to believe that it drove itself over here and picked you up?

Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular [1.5][edit]

Michael: Devon, don't let anyone tell you differently: you are a little strange.

Just My Bill [1.6][edit]

Maggie: (after dodging explosions on road) I just hope the next time you go for a ride like this, you take me along. It's fun!
Michael: Yeah, it's a real blast.
Maggie: Outta sight.

Not a Drop to Drink [1.7][edit]

(after evading bulldozers trying to ram them)
KITT: Are you positive it was a deliberate assault on us?
Michael: No question about it.
KITT: How can you be so sure?
Michael: Because earthmovers don't mate this time of year.

No Big Thing [1.8][edit]

Michael: (promising to find fuel for KITT) I'll find you some blood, Dracula.
KITT: A very inept analogy. Blood has almost no combustible qualities at all.

Trust Doesn't Rust [1.9][edit]

Devon: KARR is like a loaded gun in the hands of a child; it's only a matter of time until there's a real explosion.

Michael: What's wrong with a little companionship? You can understand that.
KITT: No, I cannot. When you're one-of-a-kind, companionship does not compute.

KARR: You waste your time, my twin. You cannot triumph over a prototype. Desist your pursuit. You will be damaged.
KITT: KARR, I didn't know you cared. KARR, perhaps you should be a little more careful and a lot less belligerent.

Inside Out [1.10][edit]

Michael: Maybe I can get something from the girl.
KITT: I wouldn't touch that line with a 10-foot drive shaft!

The Final Verdict [1.11][edit]

Michael: I have a problem.
Devon: My dear boy, don't be modest. You have a multitude of problems.

A Plush Ride [1.12][edit]

KITT: With your usual lack of subtlety, you would have no problem at all in panicking anyone with anything at all to hide. Actually, we might go so far as...
Michael: KITT?
KITT: Yes, Michael, I know.
Michael: Shut up.

Forget Me Not [1.13][edit]

Micki: Michael, if you don't stop driving like this, I'm gonna jump out.
Michael: Again?

Michael: How many languages do you speak now, anyway?
KITT: Should I count the archaic tongues?

Hearts of Stone [1.14][edit]

Give Me Liberty… or Give Me Death [1.15][edit]

KITT: There's no doubt about it, Michael. That's the exact signal I detected 2 milliseconds before the Prince brothers were... what is the phrase?
Bonnie: Blown to smithereens.

Liberty: (muffled scream through tape)
KITT: Michael, she would like you to take the gag off.
Michael: Oh. (looks at Liberty) I don't think so. You know, this is the first conversation I've had with you where I could get a word in edgewise.

The Topaz Connection [1.16][edit]

Lauren: Okay, there's the smile. Let's see, what else do we have? Ah, the cake, champagne... anything else?
Michael: I'll tell ya what; you do the cake, I'll do the champagne, and then we'll see what else comes to mind.

A Nice, Indecent Little Town [1.17][edit]

Sheriff Moore: That dishrag you put out you're calling "the press?"
Jobina: Just as surely as you call those six high school dropouts a police force.

Chariot of Gold [1.18][edit]

Deauville: Does it surprise you that we have devised the perfect crime to finance our project?
Michael: Comin' from you, nothin' surprises me.
Deauville: Good. We understand each other.

White Bird [1.19][edit]

Michael: (to Cole) I'm going to start rattling cages until all the monkeys fall, so you get yourself a real good grip!

Knight Moves [1.20][edit]

Devon: Michael, please be careful—this semi is worth a king's ransom.
Michael: Or a Knight's yearly salary.
Devon: At the very least.

Sheriff: When the fire department completes its investigation, I want you to stick around.
Michael: One minute you tell me to leave town, the next minute you tell me to stick around. Fella could get real dizzy listenin' to you, Sheriff.

Nobody Does it Better [1.21][edit]

Devon: (on videogames) I fail to see how anyone could find something so frivolous entertaining.
Michael: I'll bet your mother used to say the same thing when you used to run off and play cricket.

Short Notice [1.22][edit]

KITT: Since you haven't asked, it was demeaning; demoralizing.
Michael: What?
KITT: Police impound.

About Knight Rider (1982 TV series)[edit]

  • Michael Knight [Hasselhoff’s character] in a way is prototyped by the Lone Ranger. If you think about him riding across the Plains and going from one town to another to help law and order, then K.I.T.T. becomes Tonto.”
  • Glen Larson [1]

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