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Logan's Run is a 1976 science fiction film depicting a dystopian future society in which population and the consumption of resources are managed and maintained in equilibrium by the simple expediency of killing everyone who reaches the age of thirty, preventing overpopulation. The story follows the actions of Logan 5, a "Sandman," as he "runs" from society's lethal demand.

Directed by Michael Anderson. Written by David Zelag Goodman, based on the novel of the same name by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.

Logan 5[edit]

  • I've never killed in my life. Sandmen terminate runners.
  • That sweet madman. How could he come to exist?
    • On the Old Man outside
  • Just so many people want it to exist, so many people who don't want to die... They want it so much that a place called Sanctuary becomes real. But it doesn't exist. It never existed. Just... just the hope.
    • Regarding the myth of Sanctuary

Francis 7[edit]

  • You know, Logan, you wonder a lot. Too much for a Sandman.
  • You know, when you question, it slows you down.
  • It's crazy. He could have renewed on Carousel. Now he's finished forever. Why do they run?
  • Logan! Listen to me! I'm your friend. I understand. We all go crazy once in a while. Nobody knows except me. I won't tell. I could have turned you in. I didn't. But she's a runner. But it's over. Terminate her! Now! You're a Sandman! Now, Logan! Now!
  • You thought I wouldn't find you, didn't you? You thought I'd quit, huh? What did you do to him? You know what he was? He was a Sandman. He was happy. You ruined him. You killed him.
    • Upon finding Jessica

Jessica 6[edit]

  • What's the matter with you? He's a runner! He's blinking! We must help anyone who asks. We must! Or we're the same as they are, deciding who lives and who dies!
  • I hate outside! I hate it! I hate it!
  • Upon seeing the gravestones: 'Beloved husband.' 'Beloved wife.' I wonder what it means.
  • Those cracks in your face, do they hurt?
    • Upon seeing the Old Man

Old Man[edit]

  • You know, they've each got three names. Yes. The naming of cats is a difficult matter, It's just not one of your holiday games; You may think at first that I am mad as a hatter, When I tell you that each cat's got three different names. See, they got their ordinary name and then they got their fancy name. And that makes two names, doesn't it? And now it's got a third name. Can either of you two guess what that third name is? (beat) Come on! (beat) Above and beyond, there's one name that's left over, and this is the name you never will guess. The name that no human research can discover, but the cat itself knows, and never will confess.
  • Why did you want to see my hand earlier, show me yours. [Logan opens his left hand, revealing his embedded clear life-clock.] Oh my. [Jessica does the same, showing hers] Can I have one of those?


  • Welcome, humans! I am ready for you! Fish, plankton, sea greens and protein from the sea. Fresh as harvest day. Overwhelming, am I not? Are you, too, startled? Am I too removed from your ken?
  • I'm more than machine or man. More than a fusion of the two.


Francis 7: What makes you so curious? [beat] You know who his seed-mother was?
Logan 5: Of course not! I'm curious, not sick.
Francis 7: Good. [chuckles]

Logan 5: Did you ever see anybody renew?
Francis 7: You've been skulling out too much. First nursery, and now silly questions.
Logan 5: No, but did you?
Francis 7: Did I what?
Logan 5: See anybody renew?
Francis 7: Of course.
Logan 5: Anybody we know?
Francis 7: Look... get into the water. You need it, more than I do.

Jessica 6: Here I am. Now tell me why.
Logan 5: I couldn't get you out of my mind.
Jessica 6: I'm the most beautiful woman you ever saw, I suppose.
Logan 5: Maybe.
Jessica 6: And you must have me?
Logan 5: Yes. Something like that.
Jessica 6: Just like that?
Logan 5: Yes, why not?
Jessica 6: But I still have the choice?
Logan 5: Yes. Of course.
Jessica 6: Then the answer's still 'no'.
Logan 5: I still don't believe you.
Jessica 6: That's why you had me brought here?
Logan 5: Would you have come on your own?
Jessica 6: No.
Logan 5: Well, there it is. I was right.

Jessica 6: I've never heard of a Sandman running, ever.
Logan 5: And I never heard of Sanctuary.

Jessica 6: I wish I knew my mother.
Logan 5: [scoffs] Where do you get these crazy ideas?

Logan 5: [Upon seeing the statue of Abraham Lincoln] That must be one of them.
Jessica 6: Then they looked almost like us.
Logan 5: Except... I've never seen a face like that before. That must be the look... of being old.

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