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Max Headroom (1987-1988) was a short-run but ground breaking U.S. science fiction television series that grew out of a one-hour British TV movie titled 20 Minutes into the Future.

Season 1[edit]

War [1.5][edit]

Max Headroom: "Hi, this is Max-Max Headroom on Network 23, brought-brought-brought to you by... ah... oh, no no no no no no-no-no. I'm sorry, but sorry, but if they think I'm endorsing car accessories, they've got another dipstick-stick coming!"
[Uptempo music plays as clips of vintage auto films play in background.]
Max Headroom: "No, no, they've tried this one before and I'm radial tired of it. If they expect me to change gear now and start spark-spark-sparkplugging their products, they must be out of their pis-pis-pistonheads! Listen, I don't like to blow my own gasket, but I have better things to do than to sit here and wax-polish lyrical about car parts! Car parts! I've got letters from fan-belts who say, 'Max! You're special! You're unique! You're differential!' Yes, yes, I know it's what they want... that's because they're air-conditioned to it. To it. (Oh.) To it. Oh, I've fendered it off time and timing belt again... I mean, who's calling the tu-tu-tune-up? Who's in cru-cru-c-cruise control here, anyway? I'll tell you who: Me! Me! Max Headlamp! And if they don't like it, they can stick-stick-stickshift it in their exhaust pipe and cho-choke it! And smoke it!"

The Blanks [1.6][edit]

[Janie Crane presses a button on a television, turning it off.]
Janie Crane: "An off switch?"
Metrocop: "She'll get years for that. Off switches are illegal!"

Season 2[edit]

Lessons [2.7][edit]

Max Headroom: "Have you any idea how successful censorship is on TV? Don't know the answer? Hmm... successful, isn't it?"

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