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Migration is a 2023 American 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film produced by Illumination. The plot follows a family of mallards who try to convince their overprotective father to go on a vacation of a lifetime and attempt to migrate from New England, through New York City, to Jamaica.

Directed by Benjamin Renner. Written by Mike White.


  • Let's fly.
  • We're going to finish this crazy, wonderful adventure, and we're going to show our kids that when danger strikes, you do not run from it. You take a stand!
  • I don't need your help, Dax. I need you to do what I say! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!
  • Huh, that's weird. My inner compass may be a little rusty, but I'm sure we're heading south.


  • Mack, I don't wanna miss out on life because you're afraid to leave this pond! This isn't about migration, it's about-- uh... adventure! Seeing what else life has to offer! Is that a little scary? Sure. But, isn't it worth it?
  • There's a whole world we've been missing out on. Things we didn't even know existed.
  • Hey, kids, don't worry. We're gonna be alright. Here we are together, we're on an adventure. I promised adventure, and this is exactly what I promised, huh?
  • Hi there, I’m Pam. I’m sharing my life with him, so I’m painfully aware of all the stupid things that come out of his mouth.
  • Why are we the only birds heading this way?


  • Just because you're scared of everything in the world doesn't mean I have to be!


  • You look mad... you need a hug!
  • Sibling cruelty!


  • We're not gonna make it, are we? [Pam: Uncle Dan!] You can tell me, I don't mind! I'm a big boy! I'm a big duck!
  • I don't like heights.
  • Wake me up when it's my turn to be eaten.
  • [upon spotting a sandwich] Well, hello there!


  • Whatever you are expecting over there...[chuckles] it's going to be even better.
  • The chef keeps that key on him at all times, and trust me, you don't want to go anywhere near that lunatic. Him catch ya, him turn you into duck à l'orange.


  • Don't worry. Chump's got ya.
  • Just stick close to me, and everything will be alright.
  • [as the Mallards leave New York City with Delroy] Bye bye, you country pumpkins! I love you!


[first lines of the film]
Mack: And now for a bedtime story. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful pond. It was paradise! Everyone was happy there...well, not everyone, for two ducklings were suffering from a strange condition. They were bored, and they were eager to discover what lay beyond their cozy little pond. [as Dax] "Come on, let's have a look!" [as Gwen] "But Daddy says it's dangerous to leave the pond!" [as Dax again] "Pfft, we're brave and strong, we ain't scared of nothing!" So they decided to go for it, straight into the arms of... [in a suddenly violent manner] PREDATORS! They were surrounded, trapped! But the ducklings were not afraid. The tiny heroes attacked the predator, aaand... they died. The end.
[Dax looks on in disgust, while Gwen is left petrified]
Gwen: Th... that's all? They're dead?
Mack: Oh yeah, no survivors.
Gwen: But how?
Mack: Oh, you want details? Okay. So first, the heron cut them in half-
Pam: [shoves Mack aside] Woah, woah, woah, whoa, wait a second here! Your father got the story wrong, [to Mack, in annoyance] again. What really happened was, the heron saw that they were lost, so she offered to help them.
Mack: Pam, it's a heron, a psycho killer designed to eat ducklings!
Pam: Alright, fine, the heron was about to eat them, but, their parents arrived just in time, and saved them!
Mack: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, the parents arrived... but it was too late. [as himself] "Oh Dax, don't worry, it's going to be okay." [as Dax] "Really, Dad?" [as himself again] "Yeah, sure. Squished ducks, they can achieve great things too, as long as they stay in the pond, far from the dangers of the world, such as herons, and bears, and wolves, and storms, and cyclones, and tornadoes, and crocodiles, and poisonous mushrooms... [he continues to list off the dangers, acting out with a leaf model of Dax]
Dax: [gets up and walks away] Okay, I really need to get to bed now.
Gwen: [still traumatised] What happened to the other duckling? Was she squished too?
Pam: Oh, no, no, don't worry, Gwen, the ducklings were both safe. They just went on their way right back to the pond.
Mack: [barges in] But another predator came in and-
Pam: [holds Mack's bill shut] And wished them good day! The end.

Mack: Do you know what can happen on a trip that long? What sort of father would I be if I put my young fowl in harm's way for no reason except a chance at a Caribbean vacation?
Pam: A father who knows it's important for his kids to see other parts of the world! Mack, I don't want to miss out on life because you're afraid to leave this pond. This isn't about migration, it's about...adventure! Seeing what else life has to offer! Is that a little scary? Sure, but isn't it worth it?
Mack: No, Pam. Not really.
Pam: [sighs] You really need to open your eyes, Mack... before you miss it all. Come on, kids.
[Pam, Dax and Gwen leave Mack to ponder about Pam's words]

Mack: [barges into the tree while his family is sleeping] Rise and shine, Mallards, we're burning daylight, up and at 'em, let's go, go, go! [feeds Dax and Gwen some berries] Here's breakfast!
Dax: [spits out his berries] Dad, what are you doing?
Mack: Getting your soppy feathers out of bed, come on, we gotta get ready!
Pam: [yawning] Mack, ready for what?
Mack: Nothing. Just, you know, for our big, super-fun FAMILY MIGRATION!
Pam: What?
Mack: HA! Bet you didn't see that coming.
Pam: A-are you serious?
Mack: Yep. An adventure into the totally unknown... [turns nervous] And I'm gonna love it.
Pam: Woah, woah, woah. Is this real?
Mack: What do you mean, "Is this real?"
Dax: We're really going?
Mack: Yes.
Pam: On a migration?
Mack: Mm-hmm.
Dax: To Jamaica?
Mack: Yeah.
Pam: Together?
Mack: Yes.
Dax: Like everyone?
Mack: Yes!
Dax: Including you?
Mack: YES! We're all going on a migration to Jamaica! In which language should I tell you--?
Dax: [suddenly hugs Mack] Thanks, Dad.
Mack: You're welcome.
Pam: [joins the hug, sighing happily] I knew there was some adventure left in you.
Gwen: Wait, wait, wait! [completes the family hug]
[after a brief moment, the family is interrupted by Dan, who has entered the tree and is chewing on the vines]
Gwen: [gasps, overjoyed] Uncle Dan, you're coming too!
Pam: Gwen, no!
Mack: No, no, no, no...
Gwen: We're going to Jamaica!
Dan: No, I don't think so, kiddo.
Gwen: Oh, please, Uncle Dan?
Dan: Nah.
Mack: [nervously] Oh, too bad he doesn't wanna come, honey, we tried, what else could we do? Let's leave.
[determined to have Dan come with them, Gwen inhales]
Gwen: PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...EEEE...EEA...SE...!? [flops on the ground; weakly] Pretty please...?
Dan: Woah... That did it! I can't refuse her. Look at her! Look at how cute she is.
Gwen: Yes! Uncle Dan is coming! [chanting] Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan...
Pam: [nervously] No, he's not.
Dan: [chanting along with Gwen] Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan...
Pam: Oh, for real?
Dan: [exiting the tree] Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan, Uncle D, that's me!
Gwen: Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan, YEAH!
Mack and Pam: [reluctantly] Yay...

Mack: Here we go! Let's do the final check. Tail-feather torsion?
Pam: Check!
Mack: Wing deployment?
Gwen: Check!
Mack: Heads in take-off mode?
Dax: Check!
Mack: Let's fly.

[The Mallards are caught in a rainstorm and have to wait it out under a dock.]
Pam: Hey, kids, don't worry. We're gonna be alright. Here we are together, we're on an adventure. I promised adventure, and this is exactly what I promised, huh?
Dan: We're not gonna make it, are we?
Pam: [angrily] Uncle Dan!
Dan: You can tell me, I don't mind! I'm a big boy! I'm a big duck!
Pam: No, Uncle Dan! Things are gonna be fine! Isn't that right, Mack?!

[as Uncle Dan is fighting with a pigeons over his sandwich and the Mallards trying to get them away]
Mack: Get out of here, you trashy, trashy VERMIN!
[the word, "vermin" echoes which the pigeons gasp]
Chump: [from the tunnel] Who said that?! I asked WHO SAID THAT?!
[The leaves blown from the tunnel. The pigeons and Uncle Dan points to Mack. Chump approaches from the tunnel.]
Chump: Come here, pumpkin. [The pigeons carry a frightened Mack to her] Say it again.
Mack: Uh, which part?
Chump: "Trashy, trashy vermin."
Mack: Let the record reflect I just meant to say "trashy vermin". [chuckles] Which I’m not saying that’s good, but I wasn’t doubling down on “trashy,” vermin.
Chump: [uses her claw as a toothpick] You ducks make me sick, you know that? You’re fed all day by the humans in the park, but that’s not enough for you. No, no, no. You got to come to our territory. You got to steal our food. And then you insult us?!
Mack: What? No, no, no, no, I wasn’t…
Chump: NAME?!
Mack: Uh, Mack!
Chump: Well, uh, Mack, I’m the Chump, and I’m the leader of this group of hardworking birds you just called vermin. [hawks and spits, then the pigeons]
Mack: Okay, okay, okay, okay. So listen, Chump…
Chump: [gets angry] What did you just call me?!
Mack: Sorry, I thought your name was Chump.
Chump: Yeah, Chump, yeah. That’s my name. What?
Mack: Right. So listen, Chump…
Chump: [gets more angry] WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!
Mack: I'm sorry, is anybody else hearing "Chump", or--?!
Chump: What did… What?!
Pam: [cuts them off] Okay, okay. I think there’s a slight misunderstanding here. Excuse me. Will you excuse me? Coming through. Uh-huh. Thank you. Okay. Hi there. I'm Pam. I'm sharing my life with him, so I’m painfully aware of all the stupid things that come out of his mouth.
Mack: Hmm? Oh, yeah, that’s true. She is.
Pam: But I assure you, he meant no harm. And to show our gratitude for your understanding in this matter, how about we share the sandwich 50/50?
[pause; Chump groans, turns her back and looks back at her.]
Chump: 80/20.
Pam: 60/40.
Chump: 70/30.
Pam: 65/35.
Chump: 68/32!
Pam: 67/33!
Chump: You got yourself a deal.
Pam: [to Dan] Uncle Dan, cut the sandwich.
Dan: [looks at his sandwich] Uh... You don’t want to try 50/50 again?
Pam: Uncle Dan!
Dan: All right, all right.
[Uncle Dan cuts his sandwich and feeds it to the pigeons]
Chump: You, I like.

[Delroy gives the Mallards a bear hug after being freed]
Delroy: OH, THANK YOU! YOU DID IT! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I was in a cage, and now I'm not! In, and now, not! [laughs] And you did it! ALL OF YOU! [to Mack] But you, YOU WILD DUCK, YOU! You must be the bravest duck me ever meet!
Mack: [still having helium in his voice] Oh, I'm not that-- [coughs off the helium] I'm not that brave.
Delroy: WHAT?! You knew the danger, you did it anyway! What you call that?!
Mack: [chuckles] Yeah, you're right. I guess that's the only word that describes... who I am. [to the others] You hear that? He called me brave.
Delroy: So you want to go to my island, eh? I would be honored to take it in me-self!
Pam: [gasps; happily] You'd do that?!
Delroy: For you? Me do anything, because I CAN DO ANYTHING! [flies around] WOO-HOO! I can go here, or I can go here! FREE AS A BIRD! Right. CAUSE I'M A BIRD! [flies off laughing]

[while flying to Jamaica, Gwen is holding her feet together, meaning she has to go the bathroom]
Gwen: Mom? [whispers] I really need to wee-wee. It's really bad.
Pam: [chuckles] It's okay, Gwen. You can do it while we fly.
Gwen: HERE?! But anyone could see me!
Pam: No one's watching, Gwen. You know what? I'll go up front.
[she flies to the front]
Mack: What's happening?
Pam: [whispering] We have a number 2 situation.
Mack: Oh... [to Gwen] Everything okay back there?
Gwen: [trying to do her business but see Mack looking at her, screams] Dad, don't look! What are you doing?!
Mack: Oh--sorry, Gwen, my bad, my bad!
Gwen: Mom, I can't do it here. Can we land?
Pam: No, we won't land, Gwen. You're old enough to do it in the sky now.
Gwen: But it's too much pressure, and it's GROSS!
Pam: It's not gross! We're birds! Every bird does it in the sky!
Gwen: What if someone is looking down there?
Pam: No one is looking down there! I told you, we are not landing. There is no way we're landing!
[cut to the group having landed; Pam is absolutely annoyed while she and the others wait for Gwen to finish her business behind the bushes]
Gwen: Are you sure no one's watching?
Pam: GWEN MALLARD! Do it now, or we leave without you!
Gwen: Okay, okay...
Pam: Ugh, she's perfectly capable of doing her business in the sky, and yet here we are.
Mack: It's okay, Pam, just let her be.
Gwen: Does anybody have a soft moss?


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