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The Misfits are an American punk rock band formed in 1977 and led by singer and songwriter Glenn Danzig (born Glenn Anzalone) and bassist Jerry Only (born Gerald Caiafa).


  • Bonfires burning bright,
    Pumpkin faces in the night.
    I remember halloween!
    Dead cats hanging from poles
    Little dead are out in droves
  • They called us walking corpses
    Unholy living dead.
    They had to lock us up
    Put us in their British hell
  • The corpses all hang headless and limp,
    Bodies with no surprises
    And the blood drains down like devil's rain,
    We'll bathe tonight.
  • All I wanted to say and all I gotta do
    Who'd I do this for?
    Hey, me or you?
  • I got somethin' to say
    I raped you mother today, and it
    Doesnt matter much to me
    As long as she's spread

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