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Monster House is a 2006 American computer animated fantasy film, released on July 21, 2006 produced by ImageMovers and Amblin Entertainment, and distributed by Columbia Pictures. Executive produced by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg, this is the first time since Back to the Future Part III.

There Goes The Neighborhood.(taglines)


  • We're dead. [to DJ] You've killed us, and now we're dead!


  • Are you guys mentally challenged? Because if you are, then I'm certified to teach you baseball.


Skull: Calm down! You make me want to throw up in some tin foil and eat it!

[from the trailer]
Mom: We'll be back tomorrow night. Oh, if anything happens, call the police and hide in your closet.
Dad: He knows that.

Jenny: There!
[waves flashlight at chandelier]
Jenny: Well, if those are his teeth, and that's the tongue, then that must be the uvula!
Chowder: Oh, so it's a girl house...
Jenny: [looks at him] What?

DJ: I'm a murderer.
Chowder: No your not. When it's an accident, they call it manslaughter.

Mr. Nebbercracker: [to Eliza] GET OFF MY LAWN!
[to Eliza shrieks in horror as she helplessly tries to get her trike off the lawn]
Nebbercracker: Arrrrgh, trespasser!!! Do you want to be eaten alive???
Eliza: No.
Nebbercracker: THEN GET OUT OF HERE!!!
[Eliza shrieks and running away from him, but forgets her trike]
Eliza: My trike.
[Nebbercracker angrily takes the wheels off her trike and growls. Eliza runs away, sobbing.]
Nebbercracker: STAY AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!


  • There Goes The Neighborhood.
  • This Summer......Cross Over to the Other Side........Of the Street.
  • A living, breathing, nightmare of a house!
  • Welcome to the Fun House!
  • Three Kids. One House. It's Alive!
  • Hide Your Children. This House Will Eat Them!
  • The House is . . . ALIVE!
  • It's up to them to save the neighbourhood


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