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Nouri Kamel Mohammed Hassan al-Maliki (Arabic: نوري كامل المالكي, transliterated Nūrī Kāmil al-Mālikī; born c. 1950), also known as Jawad al-Maliki, is the State Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq. He is a Shi'a Muslim, and is the deputy leader of the Islamic Dawa Party.


  • I'll be frank and say that we were deluded when we signed the contract [with the US]. We should have sought to buy other jet fighters like British, French and Russian to secure the air cover for our forces; if we had air cover we would have averted what had happened.
    • On his country's order of F-16 fighter aircraft [1], June 2014
  • Despite what we are suffering through, we haven’t heard from our political partners with any support. They are not partners in facing the crisis, but they are partners in spending the wealth of Iraq.

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