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Oddworld: Soulstorm is a 2021 platform video game developed and published by Oddworld Inhabitants . It is a sequel to 2014's Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! and a re-imagining of 1998's w:Oddworld: Abe's Exodus.

The game centers around the titular Abe, a former slave-turned-hero after he saved his race from RuptureFarms and must now save the other Mudokons from other Glukkon-run factories and also stop the production of a powerful brew that keeps the Mudokons enslaved.


[the Mudokons are celebrating Abe and the escape from RuptureFarms by drinking Soulstorm Brews]
Mudokon 1: They came creeping up, just like this. And then, and then, and then.... whammo! Slignuggets! [chuckles] That's great.
Mudokon 2: I love Abe.
Mudokon 3: Take that, slugface. Then we all slipped through.
Mudokon 4: That's awesome.
Mudokon 3: Here's to Abe.
Mudokons: Yeah! Here's to Abe!
Mudokon 5: Oh, I love Abe.
[Abe is talking to a Mudokon priest in his hut about his mouth stitches]
Priest: You must, Abe.
Abe: But it's the only memory of her that I have.
Priest: You cannot face what's ahead if you choose to hold onto those strings of oppression. You must find and embrace your full voice. You must do it!
Abe: [attempts to cut his mouth stitches, but can't] B-but she was real. She gave me these. An-and no one else even remembers her or--
Priest: You are no longer a slave, Abe! You have worn those your entire life, but you and the others were under a spell, living your lives inside of lies upon lies, until finally... It was the terrible truth you discovered that broke your mind free. Now... Now you must grow! [throws a Glukkon-shaped voodoo doll into a fire; in a foreign language] We detest the Glukkon's testimony. May it seep paranoia and distrust through his peers for he who has finally come.
Abe: But how can I just...
Priest: Your voice must grow for the lies to fade. The spell that deceived you must break entirely if you're to face what's coming.
Abe: But we're free now. I just need some time--
Priest: You have no time. Your voice they believed, trusted, followed, and it led them here, but even you have yet to fully embrace it. But you must, you must now, or our chance will be lost. You may have escaped the murderous blades, but not the shackles you chained to yourself.
Abe: But it's over and RuptureFarms is burned down. We're free now and--
Priest: No, Abe. Not over. Just beginning.
Abe: But I'm so tired. They're all tired.
Priest: There is no rest.
Abe: But with some time, I--
Priest: There is no time.
Abe: But we're safe now!
Priest: Only for you few. And only for this moment. But this moment... [gunshots are heard by the Mudokons] ...is over.
Mudokon: We're discovered!
[Abe goes outside the priest's tent to see the Mudokons running in panic; one knocks over a bottle of Brew and another knocks over a torch that lands on the Brew, igniting it]
Priest: I am sorry, Abe, but it really is up to you. Now, it begins, Abe. The fate of the entire people is up to you.
[the burning rooftop falls on the Priest]

[after escape the Slig attack in Monsaic Lines, Abe comes across a dying Mudokon escapee]
Dying Mudokon: Abe? Abe.
Abe: You know me?
Dying Mudokon: Abe... Soon the whole... the whole Oddworld will know you.
Abe: I'm sorry. I-I don't know how to help you.
Dying Mudokon: But you can! You can help us all! I thought I failed. I thought... I'd never reach you. But, but you came, Abe! And... and you... you found me! You found me.
Abe: I'm so... I'm so sorry. I-I can't save you.
Dying Mudokon: But... but you... but you can. You... you can save them all. But the others... already dying!
Abe: Who?
Dying Mudokon: Followers! Your followers! They... they don't know. None of you know...
Abe: Know what?
Dying Mudokon: You must... must... find... [hands Ape a spherical package] ...must find the Keeper. [dies]
[Abe looks at the package and unfolds it to find a glowing object inside; suddenly he hears gunshots]
Abe: The others!

[Molluck is in his airship with his Slig pilot]
Molluck: What are they doin'? Did those fugitive morons burn down their own hideout?
Slig Pilot: It sounds idiotic, but that's exactly what it looks like.
Molluck: [chuckles] Bad Quarma for burnin' down my farm. Ha! Okay, first we whack that blue bastard, then we can finally clear my name and make things right with our creepy Magog Cartel investors.
Slig Pilot: Those guys terrify me, boss.
Molluck: That's why we're here: So we can get to Abe before they can get to us. Alright, now I want your Slig pals positioned all around this place, 'cause we're not letting that Abe guy get away from us again!
Slig Pilot: You got it, boss!

Alf: Abe! Abe! We're over here! Over here!
Abe: You made it out! Did the others?
Alf: Yeah, we're all here! We can meet you up there where Stoopy is! Ya see him?
Abe: Okay! I'll meet you there!

Abe: Alf! I'm over here! Over here!
Alf: Abe, they blown up the bridge! You can't get to us now! But if you can take care of these Sligs shootin' at us, we can make it to that old mine shaft, way over there! Ya see Stoopy? He's way over there, in the mine shaft! Can ya see him?
Abe: Uh, yeah! I can see him!
Alf: Hurry, Abe! Hurry!

Abe: Alf! How do I get to you?
Alf: You can't! There's no way! But-but we have a plan!
Abe: Uh, okay!
Alf: Stoopy says: If we follow this mine shaft, we'll come out at the Old Trellis, a few miles east of here. You can meet us there if you follow the canyon THAT way! You'll pass through Sorrow Valley, soon after you will arrive at a Phat Station.
Abe: Okay!
Alf: From there, you follow the tracks east to the Old Trellis! We'll meet you there!
Abe: Okay!
Alf: But first when you're at Phat Station, you gotta hijack a train!
Abe: Wuh, what? Hijack a what?
Alf: A train!
Abe: A train?! How am I gonna hijack a train?
Alf: We gotta run, Abe! We'll see you there! And don't forget the train!

Slig Pilot: Let's go! Let's go! Come on!
Molluck: [sees Abe boarding a train through his periscope] He's getting away! ...Again.
Slig Pilot: Sorry, boss, it's a miracle this heap of crap delivery deathtrap has made it even this far. It's just all you had left.
Molluck: [glares at the pilot] What's the next stop?
Slig Pilot: Oh, uh, well, that would be, uh... [pulls out a map] Slig Barracks, boss! And maybe while we're there, we can pick up some reinforcements, you know. I mean, we did kind of lose a lot of good guys there, and--
Molluck: Bunch of idiots couldn't stop one stinkin' slave!
Slig Pilot: Well, uh, little harsh, maybe, huh, boss? I mean, I know you been workin' your whole to retire on one of those mega luxury air-yachts and all, and I know this Abe guy burned that dream to smithereens.
Molluck: Pft!
Slig Pilot: But maybe... maybe we clean this all up, and you can still afford one of them economy models. Y'know, you buy it used off of E-Crappy?
Molluck: Get us to Slig Barracks. DO IT!!!
Slig Pilot: Of course, boss. I'm tryin'. I'm tryin' 'till I'm dyin'. We're gonna bring this puppy home. We are gonna bring this puppy home.

[Abe makes it to the front of the train]
Alf: Abe, I don't know how you did, but... unbelievable!
Abe: I tell ya, it was... [sees Toby running the train] He knows how to drive a train?
Alf: He swiped the manuals out of shipping years ago. He's been readin'em ever sincee.
Abe: Huh. Oh, I was given this from a Mudokon escapee from Necrum Mines. [pulls out the package the dying Mudokon gave him] He died looking for us. [unfolds the package]
Alf: Abe, that's terrible. What's that, a map?
Abe: Huh, I guess it is. [picks up the Queen Bee pendant] And this came with it.
Alf: Woah!
Abe: Creepy, right?
Alf: Yeah, creepy.
Abe: With his last breath, he said they're all dying.
Alf: Who's dying?
Abe: Our followers. They're all dying.
Alf: What do you mean, "our followers?"
Abe: I think he means, since we fled the farms, rumors have been spreading throughout the factories. Mudokons have started escaping and now they're trying to find us.
Alf: [to Toby] I told you that would happen! [to Abe] Anything else?
Abe: I found some sick Mudokons. They escape from other factories, but they were dying. All of them were dying. With their help, I discovered an antidote. I made some medicine and it fixed them, but I still don't know why they got sick.
Alf: Nothing else?
Abe: He said we needed to... "find the Keeper."
Queen Bee: The Keeper...
Alf: What's "the Keeper?" [the Queen Bee pendant begins to glow] Um, what's it doing?
Abe: I don't know. I...
Alf and Abe: Whoa!
[the Queen Bee shines a light on a certain spot on the map]
Alf: Ooh, look at that! Look where it's shining. Even though the train is bouncing around, the light stays right on... Necrum.
Abe: The Keeper?
Alf: I hope it ain't telling us...
Abe: The Keeper is in Necrum.
Alf: Nobody wants to go to Necrum.
Toby: Slig Barracks comin' up! What are we gonna do?
Abe: I also found another guy. He left a note for me. He said we gotta know what's on this tape. [holds out a cassette tape titled "Projekt Soulstorm]
Alf: Is that an old Blahtta tape?
Toby: Not too old. They still use them at communication outposts.
Alf: Okay, lookie here. [pulls out a map of the train routes] Slig Barracks is the next stop on this line. It should have a communication outpost, shouldn't it?
Toby: Yup.
Alf: If we don't take out that comm tower, then every factory ahead of us, including Necrum Mines, they're gonna know we're coming.
Abe: But first I gotta play this tape.
Alf: Yup, you gotta play that tape.

[after Abe succeeds in shutting down the communication tower in Slig Barracks, he plays the tape in a video player; the video shows a Glukkon named the Brewmaster]
The Brewmaster: [in the video] Greeting, wise investors of the esteemed Magog Cartel. What I propose to you today is the ultimate employee performance and job retainment solution. For years, it has been my quest to find the upper limits of Mudokon labor capabilities, as well as their potential addiction dependencies, so that tomorrow, your conglomerates of factories may profit from maximized labor performance, chemically induced loyalty and the end to labor escape whistleblowers and those costly PR nightmare blowbacks. Only Soulstorm Brew takes performance, chemical dependency, and profitability to entirely new levels and sustains them. Our solution is simple: Two Brews a day keeps job performance at peek operability. But if that laborer ever makes a run for it, within 48 hours of not having access to our beloved Brew, their withdrawals will have kicked in and become so severe, that in only a few hours, the little wannabe whistleblowing ingrates... Will. Be. Dead.
Abe: Dying?
The Brewmaster: They will not be running to the cities, because they will die before they even get there. They will not be meeting any Union Representatives, because they will never reach one. They will not be causing you PR nightmares because... They. Will. Be. Dead.
Abe: Oh, no. The followers... They're all dying... from the Brew!
[a Slig fires at Abe; Abe takes the tape and escapes]
Slig: Hold it right there!

[as the train leaves Slig Barracks]
Alf: [drinks some Soulstorm Brew] You see all those pipes out there? Those are the Brew Pipelines. They start at Soulstorm Brewery where all that Brew starts getting pumped out to all those factories across Mudos. Imagine that. [Abe walks in] Abe! How'd you do?
Abe: We got problems.
Alf: Ya think? It gets worse?
Abe: Much, much worse. [pulls out the tape] I played it.
Alf: Aw, shit.
Abe: Now I know why the others are dying. It's the Brew! I-it's killing them!
Alf: That's ridiculous. Brew never killed nobody. We been drinkin' it all our lives.
Abe: That's just it. It's when we don't have Brews, that's when we get sick, because the Brew, it's designed to kill us if we ever escape.
Alf: But we're okay and we escaped.
Abe: But only because you stashed Brews for us when we split the farm. Then the train we stole had Brews on it and we got lots more. But when we run out... [he and Alf look at the Brews]
Alf and Abe: We're screwed.
Alf: But you said you crafted a cure.
Abe: But only in little doses. Not enough for a whole continent full of factories full of slaves! And a lot more rumors will be spreading after what we done today.
Alf: With lots more escapes and lots more dyin'.
Abe: [pulls out the map] I need to find the Keeper. [picks up the Queen Bee pendant, which shines a light on Necrum] We gotta get to Necrum.
Alf: [he and Toby nod] It's the next stop, Abe.

Molluck: How can this weak, pathetic, uneducated schmuck of a slave still manage to be alive?!
Slig Pilot: I don't know, boss, but that creepy dude is some kind of supernatural, I tell ya. I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes, when my best friendsies got taken over by some kind of mind control and suddenly they start blowin' each other away. Pow, pow-pow, pow, pow! It was so disturbing. I dunno, boss, but maybe the Brew ain't workin' on that one.
Molluck: Brew was our insurance. Our guarantee that would prevent anything like this from ever happening.
Slig Pilot: But it is happenin', and we're past that creep's expiration date. Unless they had Brew with them, how do you explain it?
Molluck: Maybe the Brewmaster's solution is failing us.

[in Necrum Mines, Baron Morguer, the Glukkon in charge of the mining facility, is watching the news]
Reporter: Welcome back to News for your Blues. Following up on our top story, how Molluck the Glukkon deceived his own investors after burning down his own farm for the insurance moolah in a truly diabolical act. Now we expect Gluks to be greedy, heck, we even bank on it, but this Gluk doesn't just take the cake, he steals the whole cake delivery blimp, then makes a run for it. Here at the site of the once top performing meat farm on Mudos... [Morguer's phone rings] now just a smoldering disaster area that has suffered massive casualties, a charge some call the mass murder of a loyal labor force betrayed by the Glukkon that they...
[Morguer takes the call]
Slig: Hello, Mr. Morguer, Security Chief here.
Morguer: Have you been able to reach the Brewmaster yet?
Slig: Sorry, sir, but the communication lines seem to be down all along the Z-line.
Morguer: Hm, how often does that happen?
Slig: Only once that I know of and that was a hurricane. One other thing, though: There's this conspiracy theory floatin' around about an uprising at RuptureFarms. Claims some PTSD Slig survivors, they've been ramblin' on about a supernatural slave took out Molluck's place and escaped with the rest of the slaves. Says they didn't die there. Thought you should know.
Morguer: Hmm... Would Molluck burn his own farm down, or is the Brew failing us?
Slig: Er, Mr. Morguer, I know we're in a creepy business, diggin' up bones and stuff, but sir, that's the most terrifying thing I have ever heard you say.
Morguer: Keep trying to get a hold of the Brewmaster. Alert me when you get him.
Slig: Ah, you can count on me.
[Morguer hangs up]

[Abe travels deep within Necrum Mines until he reaches a large, underground chamber; he looks around until he comes the Keeper, an elderly, blind female Mudokon; the Keeper inspects Abe and feels the stitches on his mouth; the Queen Bee taps her pendant, and the Keeper taps back]
The Keeper: They've always known you would come. Do you know why you have?
Abe: I, uh... are you... The Keeper?
The Keeper: We're all Keepers here. [gestures to a group of elder Mudokons in the wall, encased in amber] Since the beginning.
Abe: What do all of you keep?
The Keeper: We keep the oldest things, Abe. Dangerous things. Each other and the secrets.
Abe: The secrets?
The Keeper: Secrets of crimes hidden throughout time, long since buried in lies. Lies you know as history. A false history, written in our blood. These walls hold the memory of what happened. What really happened. For the Keepers remember everything! Their memories are most dangerous things. Things that would threaten even the most powerful bloodlines that rule the industries of Oddworld. They would destroy this place if ever it were discovered. This is why our Keepers, their memories, must remain hidden. Must stay secret. But only for so long as it takes you to unleash what's coming.
Abe: What's coming? What do they know?
The Keeper: They know what you need to know, Abe, but you are unable to see it... just yet. [leads Abe to the entrance of a deep, dark tunnel]
Abe: Just yet?
The Keeper: When you return with the Stone of the Fragon's Eye, only then can you see.
Abe: Return? Return from where?
The Keeper: The depths.
Abe: [peers into the tunnel] Down there?
The Keeper: Down there. Where you can return with the Eye and receive the branding. So you can see.
Abe: [looks at the scars on his hands] the branding?
The Keeper: Mm-hm. And it will go right... there! [kicks Abe into the tunnel]
The Keeper: You can return with the Eye, Abe. As long as you remember they don't like the light.

[after Abe retrieves the Stone of the Fragon's Eye from Sleech-infested catacombs, he returns to the chamber where he met the Keeper]
The Keeper: Go to the center of the lake, Abe. Find yourself at the center. Find yourself and see. It's the only way you will know.
[Abe reaches the center of the lake and finds a pedestal; he places the Eye in the center of the pedestal and puts his hands on the pedestal; he is zapped with electricity that brands a new scar on his chest and fills his heads his head with elders' memories]
The Keeper: Forgive us, Abe. It was the only way.
[Abe collapses on the floor and weeps; the Keeper picks him up and carries home]
The Keeper: To behold such terrible truth. So much for a heart to bear.
Abe: Why would they? How could they?
The Keeper: I'm so sorry, Abe, but you needed to know who we really are, what happened to us, and what's at stake if you don't succeed. You must taint the Brew, Abe, for the Brew is what keeps the rest enslaved. Break its spell with your remedy or our kind will never be free. Break the spell, for what good is a poison that's tainted with its cure.

[Abe has boarded the train after escaping Necrum Mines]
Alf: Hey, Abe! You had us worried! We're gettin' low on Brews. [sees the scar on Abe's chest] Woah, check that out!
Abe: Oh, uh, guys, it's worse than we thought.
Alf: What's that?
Abe: All we've been taught our whole lives in the factories, everything we thought we knew, it's all lies! But the truth... We're not just the schmucks we always thought we were. We're something much, much more, and.. But... But, right now, we gotta survive. And what the Keeper said we need to--
Alf: You found the Keeper?!
Abe: I did, and she told us what to do, but what she meant, I can't figure out.
Alf: W-wait. "She"? Was she hot?
[Toby facepalms]
Abe: Alf, no! She was the oldest thing I've ever seen!
Alf: Oh... Well, what'd she say?
Abe: She said we needed to taint the Brew because it keeps us all enslaved, but we knew that.
Alf: Did she say anything else?
Abe: Well, she said, "for what good is a poison, if it's tainted with its cure." But what does that mean?
[the Queen Bee pendant begins to glow]
Alf: It's doing that creepy stuff again.
[the Queen Bee shines two lights on marks on the map and the lights swirl together where the Brewery is on the map]
Abe: Those are ingredients. I wrote them down when I was figuring out how to craft medicine for the sick guys. But I... [five lights shined on the ingredients before swirling into where the Brewery is on the map] The ingredients. It's like they're all swirling into the Brewery.
Alf: Does it want us to mix them into the Brewery?
Abe: [realizes] What good is a poison if it's tainted with its cure?
Alf: Wait. The Brewery pumps Brew out to all the factories in Mudos. Maybe it's telling us to mix your medicine into the Brew before it gets pumped out to all those factories!
Abe: But I only crafted the medicine in small doses. How would we ever find enough to mix it for all those factories and all those slaves?
Alf: But you already got the recipe, and it's only five ingredients.
Abe: But how will we get enough to match dose Mudos' biggest Brewery?
Toby: How about FeeCo Depot?
Alf and Abe: Huh?
Toby: FeeCo Depot. It's close by on the Z-Line, and its switch-track is comin' up.
Abe: But FeeCo's a freight yard, not a deep, dark, abandoned mine shaft like where I found the stuff.
Alf: I don't know, Abe. Anything manufactured on Oddworld passes through places like FeeCo Depot every day. And all those ingredients you wrote down? I'm pretty sure they're all used by food, drug, and makeup companies, aren't they?
Abe: I guess they are.
Alf: Toby, if we can get Abe into FeeCo Depot, then maybe we can get some favors from some old buddies still slaving away there and they could ID the right containers, and Abe can help them load onto this train, then run this train right up that Brewery's-- [another train runs past them]
Abe: Maybe that's it.
Alf: If we don't do this now...
Abe: We gotta try.
Alf and Abe: Let's do it!

Molluck: Looks like that Abe guy tore up the place. What's the next facility them tracks is headed to?
Slig Pilot: [looks at the map] Uh, let's see, that's, um, FeeCo Depot.
Molluck: Feeco Depot? We gotta hurry. Go faster! If we don't stop that Abe guy, I'll get blamed for this disaster down there, too.
Slig Pilot: You got it, boss!

[Ludwig von Aslik, the head Glukkon at FeeCo Depot, is taking a nap while listening to peaceful music until he's woken by a phonecall]
Aslik: What?! You know this is my nap hour!
Slig: Uh, sorry to bother you, Mr. Aslik, but, uh, there's these rumors been spreadin' around about uprising and train hijackings and--
Aslik: You woke me for rumors?! For silly conspiracy theories?!
Slig: Well, but the guys they're... they're pretty freaked out and they're--
Aslik: Damnit! There is no Abe guy! There is no uprising! Molluck burned down his own damn farm! We know this because never in history has a Mudoken beaten a Glukkon ever!
Slig: Oh, uh, of course you're right, Mr. Aslik. I mean, I didn't mean to--
Aslik: [hangs up] Huh! They'll believe anything. [turns the music back on]

[at Soulstorm Brewery, the Brewmaster is looking over his formula for the Brew when the phone rings]
The Brewmaster: What is it now?!
Slig: Excuse me, sir, but I thought you should know. There's these rumors circulating. Hijackings, uprisings, instantaneous combustion. Creepy stuff. Troops are gettin' worried. So me and the boys was thinkin' that maybe we should--
The Brewmaster: Don't!
Slig: Uh, excuse me, sir?
The Brewmaster: Don't think! It makes you say stupid things! For decades, my Brew has insured against such possibilities.
Slig: Well, what if it ain't workin' anymore?
The Brewmaster: You dare suggest my Brew isn't working?!
Slig: Uh.. ya... uh...
The Brewmaster: But don't I pay you to suppress rumors?
Slig: Uh, well, uh yeah... Yeah, you do, sir.
The Brewmaster: Well then do it! [hangs up] This makes no sense. My Brew has always worked. There must be some other... Molluck! Molluck! This is his doing! His plot has failed, and to save himself, he's trying to blame my Brew! That traitor!

[as the train approaches Soulstorm Brewery, Alf throws the rest the Brew into the fire to keep the engine running while Sligs attack the train]
Toby: Faster, Alf! We gotta go faster!
Alf: I'm goin' fast as a I can, Toby! Fast as I can! [bangs on the door] Abe, open up! Open up, Abe! ABE!!! ABE!!!!!
Abe: [stares at the Queen Bee pendant] What do I do? What do I do now?
Alf: ABE!!!!!!
[the Queen Bee pendant glows, along with Abe's chest scar]
Abe: Wow.
[the Queen Bee absorbs power from Abe's scar and focuses it into Abe; Abe goes through a power surge]
Alf: Abe? Abe? What's happenin' to you?
[outside the train]
Slig 1: Holy crap! [rams into a pillar]
Slig 2: Screw this! [flies away]
[at the gates to the Brewery]
Slig 3: It's that Abe guy! Right there!
[the gate closes]
Slig 4: You're dead meat now!
[Abe uses the power of the Shrykull to plow through the Slig defenses and enter the Brewery; Toby pulls the brakes]

[Molluck's blimps flies toward the Brewery]
Molluck: [looks through his periscope] That Abe guy, he's there, alright. And by the sounds of it, that Brewery's gettin' wrecked. But who's limo blimps are those on the heeliopad? That one's Morguer's and the other... it's that idiot Aslik's.
Slig Pilot: So, uh, what do we do now, boss?
Molluck: Get us above the place. We need to find out what's goin' on.
Slig Pilot: Whoa! Uh, how ya thinkin' we gonna pull that off? [Molluck glares at him] Uh, boss?
[the scene changes to the Slig pilot dangling from the blimp]
Slig Pilot: But, boss, there's gotta be a better plan!
Molluck: It'll work! Now all ya gotta do is zip down, sneak in, find Brewmaster, spy on what's up, report back to me. It's easy! Do it!
Slig Pilot: If you say so, boss! Easy?! So says the guy with no [censored] arms!

[as Abe uses the mixing machines in the Brewery to distribute the antidote to all the factories across Mudos, Molluck's Slig pilot sneaks around the facility as Morguer and Aslik go to confront the Brewmaster along with their own armadas of Sligs]
Aslik: Morguer! I thought the bone-harvesting business was treating you well!
Morguer: We were fools to ever have believed in his Brew.
Aslik: Or in him.
[the doors to the Brewmaster's office open]
Morguer and Aslik: [to their Sligs] Wait here.
Slig 1: Yes, sir.
Slig 2: Yeah, you bet.
The Brewmaster: And to what bad Quarma do I ow that brings the two of you here?
Morguer: Brewmaster, your recipe is a disaster.
Aslik: We have lost our factories! And we demand to know...
Morguer: ...how you intend to compensate us.
The Brewmaster: You dare accuse me?!
Morguer: It's your Brew that has failed us.
The Brewmaster: My recipe is flawless! Do you inbreds not see that my Brew is under attack?!
Morguer: As were our operations.
Aslik: We barely escaped our own premises alive!
Morguer: And only one day after Molluck's farm disaster. Isn't that curious?
Aslik: And now you're suffering uprising as well!
The Brewmaster: You pathetic pawns! Don't you see we've been betrayed?! This is Molluck's doing! His slaved didn't die in the farm. He's using them as an army to take us all down. He's attacking us to cover his own tracks, and right now, he's attacking my Brew, blaming it all on the imaginary Abe guy!
[outside the office, Molluck's Slig pilot is overhearing their conversation]
Slig Pilot: [over the radio] Hey, boss, you catchin' this?
Molluck: I knew they'd blame it on me. Did you bribe some backup?
Slig Pilot: Even more than I expected. Turns out those two idiots been stiffing their own security Sliggies out of OT and bonuses. Now they hate these clowns as you do, boss.
Molluck: Good. Very good. Now you know what to do. Now, do it!
Slig Pilot: I do. We all do. But first, they, uh... We need some assurances.
Molluck: What kind of assurances?
Slig Pilot: Well, for one, I needs to know that my bonus is secure.
Molluck: And?
Slig Pilot: And these guys wanna fly to the Yaymans and hang out with us until all this blows over.
Molluck: Nothing else?
Slig Pilot: They wanna be made whole of all the bonuses they got scammed out of. They do this, they wanna know you're gonna make it up to'em.
Molluck: You tell them... We're in this... together!
Slig Pilot: Okay, I'll tell'em, boss! [to the other Sligs] Who's your daddy? [the Sligs all cheer]
[back in the Brewmaster's office]
The Brewmaster: And now you can see my security is getting hammered out there. You both brought secruity Sligs. How many can you contribute?
Aslik: I have a dozen fierce and loyal Sliggies all awaiting my command.
Sligs: Ha, that's what he thinks! Idiot.
Morguer: I've got as many awaiting my command.
Sligs: Not anymore we ain't! Oh, God. So stupid!
The Brewmaster: Well then, if we execute our forces with precision, we'll thwart Molluck's plan, quash his fake rebellion, and expose the fraudulent fiend for all of our financiers to see.
[the Sligs barge into the office]
Morguer: Ah, and there's my lieutenant and his team now.
Aslik: And there's my sergeant-at-arms with his shock team, just in time!
The Brewmaster: Good! Now that you're all here, come forth and get your orders. [the Sligs do not respond] Well, what are you waiting for?!
[the Slig Pilot steps up]
Slig Pilot: Hey, guys, you wanna get possessed by that supernatural freak reekin' havoc out there? Or are we flyin' to the Yaymans and sippin' frosty poladas on a humid beach?
Sligs: Yaymans! Here we go! [they aim their guns at the Glukkons]
Aslik: No, no!
[the Sligs shoot the Glukkons to death; meanwhile, Abe and the Mudokons escape the Brewery on the train]

[hours after the Mudokons escape the Brewery; Abe, Alf and Toby use the wood from the Brew crates to make a bonfire]
Alf: I don't get it. We stalled out hours ago. Why ain't they chasin' us?
Abe: Well, we can hardly believe we really did what we really did today. Maybe they can't either.
Alf: Huh. So what else did you learn down there with that Keeper?
Abe: So much, but we've got... a mother.
Alf: Duh. All critters got mothers.
Abe: No, I mean, we all have the same mother. All of us... from RuptureFarms.
Alf: Is that even possible?
Abe: It has to be because... that's what happened.
Alf: But why would she...
Abe: I don't know why she left us, but I do know where she is.
Alf: Alive? But we were all told our mothers... were dead.
Abe: They lied to us. About everything. And she's not dead, but she's... she's just...
Alf: She's what, Abe?
Abe: She's in... Nolybab.
Toby: I don't even know no one who's ever been to Nolybab.
Alf: A city filled with Gluks. It just ain't right!
Abe: We gotta find her... because we need to know... why she left us... in that horrible place. And why she gave me these. [points to his mouth stitches]
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