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Red Eye is a 2005 thriller film starring Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy. It's about a woman, Lisa Reisert, who has to board a red eye flight. While on the flight, she discovers that the guy next to her, Jackson Rippner, is a an assasian who is to kill a senator that is staying at Lisa's hotel. If Lisa refuses to help him, Rippner will order her father to be killed. Lisa must now save both the senator's life and her father's.

Directed by Wes Craven. Written by Carl Ellsworth and Dan Foos.

Jackson Rippner[edit]

  • Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
  • Do your dad a favor and stop gambling with his life!
  • I never lied to you, Leese. You know why? 'Cause it doesn't serve me.
  • You might wanna buckle up.

Lisa Reisert[edit]

  • Where's your male-driven fact-based logic now Jack?
  • Not in my house!
  • What good have they done me so far?
  • That it would never happen again.
  • Well, what you can do is fill out a comment card, then when you're done you can go and shove it up your ass!


[in the airport, waiting for their flight]

Jackson: What will you have?

Lisa: Um… no, it’s… I’m okay.

Jackson: If I can guess.

Lisa: Okay.

Jackson: Um… I’m feeling vodka. Definitely sweetened. Um… cosmo. No, way too common, um… screwdriver. No, way too boring. So that leaves me with the simplicity of the grapefruit or the complexity of the pineapple. Grapefruit, seabreeze.

Jackson: Are you all right?

Lisa: If I say yes, are you gonna ask me if I’m sure?

Jackson: No, no, that’s your dad’s department.

Lisa: Yeah, I’m fine, I… earlier today I had some cheap wine at the funeral, and combined with the cheap vodka… I blame you for that part.

Jackson: Well, I feel terrible now.

Lisa: You should.

Jackson: Oh, I do.

[Lisa has finally convinced Jackson to let her go to the lavatory]

Jackson: Okay. I trust you.

Lisa: And I need my purse.

Jackson: Not that much!

Lisa: Whatever you say.

Jackson: What, no questions?

Lisa: What good have they done me so far?

Jackson: Best question you’ve asked all night.

Lisa: It happened in a parking lot, the scar, two years ago, in the middle of the day. He held a knife to my throat the whole time. Ever since I've been trying to convince myself of one thing over and over.

Jackson: That it was beyond your control.

Lisa: No, that it would never happen again.

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