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Simone Bittencourt de Oliveira in 2009

Simone Bittencourt de Oliveira (born 25 December 1949), known as Simone, is a Brazilian singer.


  • I love Nature.
- Mulher 80 Program, 1980, Rede Globo
  • God is a white Light, cosmic, gorgeous one...
- Cara a Cara Program, 1993, Rede Bandeirantes
  • Music for me is like a balsam. I always whish that when people are watching me or listening to me, they take with them this energy I receive from God.
- Rede Globo, 1995
  • ``The roses are a form of gratitude, it is my memory to the public. And the white clothes already comes from a long time. The white is the unification of all the colors and it symbolizes my spiritual master, that accompanies me always.
- Jornal Paraná On-Line, 28 de setembro de 2007
  • I think an interpreter has to sing everything, to sing what wants to sing. It cannot be with that foolishness, that here in Brazil we face this thing that when one records a song, later no one can rerecord it. This is madness, absurd. Music doesn't have an owner, the music doesn´t belong to anyone.
- Comment on the excessive protectionism of composers in Brazil. Domingão do Faustão Program, Rede Globo, 2003
  • Yes, I would, if they are the kind that shakes.
    • Answer given when asked whether or not would use silicon in her breast.
  • The only person who could make me stop singing is the one who made me sing: God, the beauty up there!
  • When we are young we believe to be adults; when we are adults we believe to be young.
    • Jornal Hoje, Rede Globo, June 9, 2007

About Simone Bittencourt de Oliveira

  • Simone is one of the best singers in the world
  • If I had to choose a song to listen to before I died, it would be Simone singing Começar de novo.
  • ``When Simone opens her arms on the stage no one is more powerful on MPB´´.
  • ``I only met Simone last year and it was like meeting Sarah Vaughan or Dinah Washington. She has a very strong identity, she sings with a lot of passion and grace.´´
  • ``I Like Simone very much. Potentially, there is a talent to bloom out. She is a beautiful woman, her repertory is very good and she is very well orientated by Flavio Rangel and Nelson Ayres´´.
  • ``Your voice is extraordinary and doesn´t need support. When you are sentimental, that´s when you are at your best. Your talent is revealed by this.´´
  • ``You are generous and your voice is blessed. When I was sick with back problems, you even made a promise to quit smoking if I´d recover. Only a great friend can do this.´´
  • ``The first thing that comes to my senses is your tone of your voice, remarkable one, warm, heady and involving.´´
  • ``I am specially moved by her performance on the stage. She has an enormous capacity of expressing hersel´´
  • ``Her songs are a part of my life, from Começar de Novo (Malu Mulher). I like to watch her on the stage. She transmits security, but is also strong and sweet.´´
  • ``How wonderful it is to celebrate a 27 years career! When you moved from basket ball to music, the world of sports lost a great player, but music won a great singer. You transmit good vibrations, a wonderful energy on the stage.´´
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