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Snow Day is a 2000 American comedy film by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. It chronicles the adventures of the Brandston family when their hometown of Syracuse, NY is hit by a sudden snowstorm, resulting in a day off from school.


Its a day kids live for. Schools close, roads disappear, grown men weep. My sister Natalie says anything can happen on a Snow Day
  • This is where it begins. Two atoms of hydrogen bond with a single atom of oxygen to form H2O, otherwise known as water. Then if all goes well, the temperature drops below freezing, the water crystalizes and a pretty brilliant thing happens.
  • If you ask me, the miracle isn't how each snowflake is perfectly formed. The real winter miracle is what can happen afterward. It's called a Snow Day. Its a day kids live for. Schools close, roads disappear, grown men weep. My sister Natalie says anything can happen on a Snow Day. This is the story of one of those days. The day that changed the lives of me and my family forever.
  • So, today if you're wondering what to do next, try something new. Me. It's a snow day, Claire. Anything can happen.




  • You have the reflexes of a dead cow.
  • Love isn't about fate and magic bracelets, and destiny. It's about... finding someone you can stand to be around for ten minutes at a time.
  • I'm going. But, Claire, you gotta come with me. Hal's expecting you. I know, you hardly even know the guy. But... you know, when you're making a snow angel, and you wanna make it perfect, but you can't because there's always that handprint you make when you climb out... But with Hal, there's no handprint.

Tom Brandston[edit]

  • [throwing snowballs at a billboard of Chad Symmonz] First one, my butt! Liar!! Liar!!


Hal Brandston: [narrating] While my sister Natalie worried about the fate of an entire season, I had my mind on more important things. [sees Claire Bonner on the diving board] Her name was Claire Bonner. Was I obsessed? Let's just say I know the exact number of times she blinks per minute. [Claire dives into the pool]
Hal Brandston: Interesting. You see, that particular dive was telling me that she's looking for a new love in her life. You know, someone bold, fresh, sexy.
[Lane and Bill laugh]
Lane Leonard: Hal, Claire Bonner wouldn't spit on you if your hair was on fire. To people like her, people like you are invisible.
Hal Brandston: All right, so you guys think I'm invisible? Then, I guess she won't see me when I do this. [waves at Claire, but she doesn't notice] All right. So, I'm invisible, but the day will come when Claire Bonner will finally see just what she's been missing. [slips on water-covered tiles, yells, and falls in the pool as the movie freeze-frames]
Hal Brandston: [narrating] Yeah, she saw what she was missing: Me, Hal Brandston, Mr. Smooth. [movie resumes, and Lane and Bill laugh as Hal sinks to the bottom of the pool and Claire notices] My original idea was to stay underwater until I died. But, luckily the deep end had other plans for me. [notices Claire's bracelet with whale charm, and picks it up] It was destiny.
[Claire waits for ride home, and Hal has Claire's bracelet]
Bill Korn: Dude, just go over there, and give her the bracelet. I mean, this is your big chance.
Hal Brandston: Don't you think I know that already? I'm just waiting for the right moment.
[Chuck arrives in his car]
Chuck Wheeler: Hey, babe. Hop in, everyone's waiting for us at the diner.
Claire Bonner: Go away.
Chuck Wheeler: Claire bear, what is goin' on here? You don't return my calls. You won't talk to me.
Claire Bonner: I told you, I needed some time to think.
Chuck Wheeler: What's there to think about? You're Claire Bonner and I'm Chuck Wheeler. America's dream team.

Radio: With last nights record snowfall grinding the Syracuse area to a halt, the National Weather service has issued a travelers advisory for today. I'm sure you're wondering whats been closed, so lets get right to it. The following are closed for today. Flightins dool'n dye, the Carousel Mall, the health farm, Blarnums cauderoy shop, and finally the weekly poker game at my house. That concludes the list of closings for today.
Principal Weaver: Ah-Hah!
Natalie: No, they can't do this to us.
Radio: Oh, and I forgot one. All schools are officially closed for a Snow Day.

Lane: (While making a snow angel) You know, the problem with making snow angels, is you can never make an absolutely perfect one. I mean there's always gonna be that handprint you make when you climb out.
Hal: Come here. (Helps her up, leaving the snow angel unblemished) Not always.
Lane: It's perfect.
Hal: Sure is.

Natalie: Snowball. Now.
Chet: What do you need? I got the standard slushball, always dependable. The ever popular moon ball, the last thing he sees is you mooning him. I got the jelly-filled snownut, and this one... (holds up a yellow snowball) speaks for itself.

Hal: I wonder what people are gonna say when hear about Claire falling in love with me.
Lane: I know what Chuck is gonna say. Prepare to die waste case.

Lane: You should see what he can do when he's really trying.
Claire: You made this for me? Why?
Hal: It's your favorite animal! The whale! You know, nature's gentle giant?
Claire: But, but I like zebras.
Hal: Then how come you have a whale charm on your bracelet?
Claire: You have my bracelet? How does he have my bracelet?
Lane: Destiny. Pure destiny.
Got ten minutes?

Chuck: Say hi to Greg, he'll be hurting you today.
Greg: Hi there!

Lane: Can't believe I wasted a whole snow day on this.
Hal: Oh, and what mind blowing thing didn't you get to do today? Please tell me.
Lane: You don't wanna know.
Hal: Yes Lane, I do.
Lane: This. (Lane suddenly turns around and kisses a stunned Hal) You said anything can happen. Surprise.

Lane: Hal, what are you doing here? What is all this?
Hal: Wasn't it you, who said that true love is all about finding someone you can stand to be around for ten minutes at a time?
Lane: Yeah...
Hal: Got ten minutes?


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