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Spyro: A Hero's Tail is a 2004 video game and the fifth home console Spyro game.


  • Ah, Spyro! How nice to see you! I was hoping to remodel my third home - and no one overpays like you! But don't bother coming back here until you've got 500 gems, ok?
  • Well, I am not a fan of new money, but it is money after all! So go inside and buy a Lock-Pick.
  • Hey, check it out, Spyro! I've got a shop here too. Same low quality, same high prices. I tell you I'm crazy!
  • You know, I was thinking of freezing my prices, ha ha ha ha, but then I thought better of it. Anyway, come inside where it's warm and spend some of those lovely gems with me.
  • I don't know what possessed me to set up shop in such a hostile place Spyro, ah, but it's business as usual, and even hostile people have money!
  • Come inside, Spyro... and bring your money. It may seem like the end of the world but I still have to make a living... yes?


(First lines)

Professor: That's the fallen dragon, Red. I'm sure you've heard all about him.
Spyro: No.
Professor: I thought he was long gone. But it looks like he's been mining Dark Gems and planting them all over the Realms. He's even got Gnasty Gnorc and his minions doing all his dirty work.
Spyro: Gnasty Gnorc? Didn't I defeat that guy years ago? Huh. What are Dark Gems?
Professor: Ah, questions, questions, so many questions. Dark Gems are the life draining stones that fuel Red's evil power. If you're going to stop Red, you'll have to find out more about him, and destroy all the Dark Gems. But first, go and see Moneybags. He usually has something worth buying. Good luck, Spyro! Now I'll unlock that door so you can...
[Spyro rushes out the door]
Professor: Oh, Spyro...

Elder Tomas: Ah, Master Spyro. You must be setting out to stop Red from using the Dark Gems to take over the world.
Spyro: Yeah, something like that. Hey, who's Red?
Elder Tomas: Ah, Red was once an Elder like myself. I'd tell you the whole story, but I'm old and I take a really long time to tell stories... So, how about I just tell you how to destroy the Dark Gems instead?
Spyro: (To the audience) Whew, close one. (To Tomas) Yeah, do that.
Elder Tomas: To destroy Dark Gems, you should use your Horn Dive.

Blink: Thanks for rescuing me, Spyro. My name's Blink... Blink the mole.
Spyro: A mole, huh? Do you know the Professor?
Blink: What? You think because I'm a mole I must know every other mole in the world?
Spyro: Uhhhh...
Blink: I'm just kidding ya. The Professor's my uncle. He built me these gloves to give me special abilities when I'm exploring underground. Yep, I bet I'd make a great sidekick... if it weren't for my fresh-air-a-phobia.
Spyro: Fresh-air-a-phobia?
Blink: That's right. I actually have a fear of not being trapped deep underground. I know, it's kinda weird. So, how 'bout I dig a hole and do some exploring?

Lily: Hello. What sort of fish are you, and where are your fins?
Spyro: I'm not a fish, I'm a dragon. My name's Spyro!
Lily: Well, dragon fish, here's a tip. To get through these ruins, you'll have to follow the markers.
Spyro: Er, thanks, but once again I'm not a fish, I'm a dragon.
Lily: Oh! A sea dragon! Got it.
Spyro: Huh! Chicks...

Ineptune: Ah, you must be Spyro! Ha ha ha ha! You're larger than I expected.
Spyro: Huh? Normally, people I fight say I'm smaller than they expected. You know, trying to psyche me out.
Ineptune: Oh, I guess I just assumed dragons were tiny. You know, I spend all my time in the water, so I don't get to see a lot of dragons.

Mammoth: You must be Spyro the Dragon! Red tell me to stop you!
Spyro: Fat chance! I've beaten bigger baddies than you! All I have to do is run around you a few times, while I figure out your weakness. Then I just hit you three times and...
[The Mammoth crushes Spyro under his foot. Sparx tries to fly away, only for the mammoth to suck him up using his trunk]
Mammoth: He he he he he he...
[Sparx flies out of the Mammoth's backside then flies off to find Hunter shooting arrows at a target]
Sparx: Hunter! It's me, Sparx!
Hunter: Sparx? Hey, what are you doing here? And where's Spyro?
Sparx: It all started when we ran into this elephant. Only it wasn't really an elephant... he had hair all over his body.
Hunter: Okay... right, I see... yeah hairy... oh no! They got Spyro? We have to rescue him before it's too late!
Sparx: But what if it's already too late?
Hunter: Relax, buddy. Spyro's still alive. I know, because if he weren't, we'd be going back to a previous save. Heh! I rock!

Hunter: Spyro, you okay?
Spyro: Oh, Hunter, am I glad to see you! Do you think you could get me down?
Hunter: Yeah, just hang in there, buddy.
Spyro: (Unamused) Ha ha, very funny!
(Hunter shoots the lock on Spyro's cage, releasing him)
Spyro: Thanks Hunter. Now I'm off to find Red.
Hunter: Hey, you want me to tag along?
Spyro: No no no! ...I'll continue from here.
Hunter: Alright then, see you soon buddy. You look after yourself. Cool?

Red: I cannot believe this. How did you make it this far? (Lands in front of Spyro) No matter, I will deal with you now. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but alas, you have forced my hand.
Spyro: Am I supposed to be scared of you? I've spoken to the Elders and from what I can make out you're just a traitorous coward!
Red: Ah, well then. Prepare, young dragon, to be taught a lesson... or two.

Teena: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! He he he he he he he!
Spyro: What are you laughing about?
Teena: Hehehe! Those rock monsters burnt down my house. I'm actually quite sad. It's just that I'm a laughing hyena. Hahaha!

Blink: Normally, I'd be freaking out right now, desperate to get underground... but for some reason I don't feel that bad.
Spyro: Maybe that's because you're already underground.
Blink: Hey, you're right!

Mergatroid: Intruder alert! Intruder alert! You have breached the perimeter of Red's lab! Ha ha, I'm just kidding. I'm a maintenance robot, not security.
Spyro: Cool. So, what's this thing?
Mergatroid: That, my dear philistine, is an orrery. In addition to showing the rotation of the planets, it locks and unlocks all the doors in this room.

Spyro: Professor, I finally found you! What were you thinking going after Red?
Professor: I don't know! I thought I could stop him after you had weakened him, but as soon as I got here, I was captured and locked in this lab. Red's forcing me to work on his new improved army. You know, better armor, extra brain capacity, that sort of thing. Oh, Spyro. I seem to have made things a lot worse.
Spyro: Hey, don't worry. I'll have you out of here as soon as I...
(Red enters)
Red: Oh, how cosy. So, Spyro, have you returned to fight me again? And do you think I will allow you to win this time?
Spyro: Yeah, whatever. You're not so much of a challenge. I'm sure I can do it again.
Red: Ah, poor naïve Spyro. You obviously don't know that I always get my way.
(Spyro charges at Red and knocks him into a machine which turns him into a robot called Mecha-Red. Mecha-Red flies through the window into the arena, followed by Spyro)
Professor: Leave it to me, Spyro! I've got him! (Accidentally makes Mecha-Red grow) Oops!

Professor: I've fixed the machine, Spyro, so hold on... I'll finish him off! (Shrinks Red down to the size of an insect)
(Spyro moves over to squash Red)
Red: Get away from me, you horrid little dragon!
Spyro: Why? Are you afraid of me now?

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