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Stargate Universe is a science-fiction TV series that premiered on Syfy on October 2, 2009.

Season 1


Air, Part 1 [1.01]

Eli Wallace: Whatever you guys think that I did, I swear you've got the wrong guy.
Jack O'Neill: Do I look like someone who'd be standing here if I didn't already know everything there is to know about you?
Eli Wallace: No, not really.

Everett Young: I need to get these people out of here.
Nicholas Rush: We have a way out.
Everett Young: We don't know what's on the other side. Dammit, Rush!
Eli Wallace: It can't be worse than here, can it?

Matthew Scott: Rush. Where the hell are we?
Nicholas Rush: Several billion light years from home.

Air, Part 2 [1.02]

Rush: Politicians ask military personnel to sacrifice themselves for the good of others all the time. If someone doesn't go in there and close that door, we're all gonna die. Period.

Air, Part 3 [1.03]

Eli: I know, it was a mirage, but when we were walking over that last dune, I thought I saw the Statue of Liberty sticking half out of the sand, just for a second there! I was all ready to yell, "Damn you! Damn you all to hell!" (pause) Oh, come on, that was funny!
Rush: (to Scott) Light-years away from the admiring eyes of your father, or your drill sergeant, or whoever's approval it is you so desperately seek.

Rush: You think just because you were born poor, that gives you the right to be angry at the world! How pathetic!
Greer: Ooh, yeah, yeah. You think that's why I'm angry?
Rush: If it wasn't for the army, you'd be in jail, or worse.
Greer: Oh, that's what all you rich people think.
Rush: Rich?! My father worked in the shipyards in Glasgow! I earned a scholarship to Oxford while I was working two jobs! I have earned the right to make decisions without explaining myself to you or anyone else!

Eli: Why'd you do that?
Greer: He told me to.
Rush: I saved his life.
Eli: By shooting him?!

Darkness [1.04]

Rush: I don't think you seem to understand what's going on here, Colonel! Our "reserves" are gone! All of our power is gone!

Rush: I refuse to be held responsible for this situation!
Young: Nobody's blaming you.
Rush: I ran out of time!
Young: We can fix this!
Rush: What, just because you give the order, you think it's possible? THERE IS NO MORE POWER!

Chloe: I don't even know what to do with myself. I'm the last person who should be here.

Light [1.05]

Greer:I can't think of a better way to move on from - from this world into the next, or whatever comes, than to fly into the most powerful thing in all creation ... a star. Out in a blaze of glory. I like that. That's beautiful.

Young: And while I don't condone behavior of that kind in any way, shape or form, I've gotta say, the look on Telford's face when you put him down was priceless. Complete and total shock.

Chloe: My father gave his life so all of us can survive another day. And we did. Another day.

Rush: The ship is powered by the stars themselves. Solar powered - quite literally. There is no other explanation.

Eli: Uh, what are we so happy about?
Rush: We're gonna live, Eli.
Eli: What about the turbulence and the heat and the death?
Rush: No, all of that would have happened by now. The shield is protecting us.
Chloe: But you said we were out of power.
Rush: I was absolutely certain of that, and I've never been more pleased to be wrong in all my life.

Water [1.06]

Eli: Whoa. Looks like we entered the Hoth system.

[Everyone stares at him]

Eli: The Empire Strikes Back? The second Star Wars movie.
OK, I refuse to call it "Episode Five".

Riley: I read about these Chinese miners that survived a cave-in for six days by drinking their urine.
Greer: I'm going to go ahead and pretend I didn't hear that.
Riley: Yeah. You know what they ate? Coal.
Greer: Coal?
Riley: Yeah, that's a true story. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was pretty stupid. Almost killed them.

Earth [1.07]

Young: Make no mistake, my first priority is to make sure that we all return to those we love.

O'Neill: Thanks for joining us, Colonel.
Young: Sorry, sir. I wasn't expecting a party.
Telford: We may have figured out a way to get you home.
O'Neill: Surprise.

Mindy: Hi.
Eli: Me?
Mindy: What's your name?
Eli: Phil. Can I buy you a drink?
Mindy: I have one.
Eli: Yes, you do. Wanna dance.
Mindy: Sure.
Eli: Oh my God, this is awesome.

Chloe: You see those two over there? My best friend Celina and my ex-boyfriend.
Eli: You could do better. D'you wanna dance?
Chloe: I think I wanna go over there and punch him in the face.

Time [1.08]

Eli: What .. the ...

Eli: I remember as a kid, I was ... I dunno, maybe seven or eight ... my grandfather died and my parents took me to the funeral. Watching his casket getting lowered into the ground, it ... it was the first time that I realized I was gonna die one day. I mean, I knew people died. I'm talking about the idea that my consciousness was gonna end. I wasn't gonna see what happened to the world.

Life [1.09]

Franklin: Seeds won't sprout - which really sucks because I would have liked to have started to grow some food. I'm not really much of a fruit and vegetable guy, but anything would be better than the crap that you've been serving us. And there's not enough water, and the beds are rock hard and, oh, don't let me forget to mention that I was shot by one of your people!
TJ: So you're doing fine, then?

Rush: Eli, do me a favor. Have a look at your chest. Is there any insignia there, anything that says "Lieutenant" or "Sergeant" or anything like that?
Eli: All I've got is "You are here."

Justice [1.10]

Young: Are we done?
Rush: We'll never be done.

Spencer: It's been about a week since I ran out of pills. Haven't slept much since. I can't think. Everything's...I don't know. (sighs) These people don't even realize, they're inside a big floating coffin. I wish I could come up with something better to say...I'm sorry.

Space [1.11]


Scott: Two alien encounters in a day. What are the chances of that?
Young: I am thinking likely... zero.

Divided [1.12]


Chloe: Don't worry. You won't have to stay in here for much longer.
Johansen: I know. 'Cause the Colonel's going to take back the ship. You don't have any idea what you're up against.
Chloe: I think we do.
Johansen: Not a clue. Sorry, but a bunch of civilians up against the Colonel's training and experience?
Chloe: It's about listening to reason.
Johansen: Not once you took this ship. That made it war. And that's what we do. It's not going to make life on this ship any easier, and it's not going to make what those aliens did to you any better.
Chloe: Neither will anything you can possibly say to me.

[Scott opens the door and sees unconscious civilians]

Scott: Sergeant?
Greer: They're fine. I went easy on em.

Brightman: What is that?
Scott: Uh, yeah, we're under attack.
Brightman: What?
Scott: Shields are holding. We're good.
T.J.: Welcome to Destiny.

Faith [1.13]

Greer: (holding a new fruit found on the planet) Yo, check this out. There's a whole grove of trees back there loaded with these things.
T.J.: Hmm, looks like a kiwi. Take it back and do a...
Greer: I'll do one right now. (takes a bite out of the fruit)
T.J.: Greer!
Scott: What the hell are you doing?
Greer: Oh, that's nice.
T.J.: We don't even know if it's poisonous.
Greer: We will!

Greer: Hey! What's going on over here?
Morrison: I'm not digging a latrine.
Greer: Is that what you told him to do?
Dunning: Somebody's gotta do it.
Greer: True enough. Start digging.
Morrison: What? No, you can't make me.
Greer: You too.
Dunning: But, Sergeant, I've gotta...
Greer: You're gonna dig, OK? You're both gonna dig, and you're gonna love every moment of it or you will keep digging until you do.

Scott: What if we were meant to stay there? All of us? What if that planet was our lifeline and we just let it go?
Young: I can't pretend to answer that, Matthew, no one can.

Human [1.14]

Eli: I'd like to go.
Chloe: Me too.
Eli: Chloe has been studying all of Doctor Jackson's work.
Young: Really?
Scott: You Have?
Chloe: I have.
Eli: (whispering) Say something archeological.
Chloe: Stratification.
Eli: That was good.
Chloe: Thank you.
Eli: Plus didn't you say you took ancient history?
Chloe: I did.
Eli: At Harvard.
Young: Well I don't see how that helps us billions of light years from Earth but I get it.
Eli: I'm pretty sure we've established this ship, isn't any safer then a planet.
Chloe: Kidnapped by aliens, right here.

Rush: Solving the issues of dialling the ninth chevron. I'll devote two and a half years of my life to that. Meanwhile, my wife is gonna spend her dying days alone while I'm off, out, trying to solve that little problem. And then some kid, some big child, with no meaningful education is gonna jump in at the last moment, and solve it just like that. No sense of ambition; spends most of his time playing ridiculous games, yet he's the genius I'll never be. He's the one that should be here now, seeing what I'm seeing.

Gloria: You're not here for me.
Rush: I've already been through this.
Gloria: No, you haven't. Not really.
Rush: I was here.
Gloria: You can't lie to yourself. You chose this memory because it's one you'd rather forget. What you need is here now. That's why you're here. It's not for me. You just want your answer.
Rush: I need an answer.
Gloria: You're dying.
Rush: I know.
Gloria: You'd rather die than fail? What have you become, Nicholas? The things you've done, that's not who you are. It's not you.
Rush: I always had it in me, to make the hard decisions. I have reasons. Good reasons.
Gloria: To hurt people? Are you sure? You tell yourself me death gave you courage. In truth, it made you callous. You're not the man I loved.
Rush: He died with you.
Gloria: I was never your conscience, Nicholas. You still have one of your own. You just need to listen to it. Some people live their whole lives and never find what we had. Don't let what happened to me change you this way. It's nobody's fault.
Rush: I know... I know that.
Gloria: It's one stupid gene. Passed on to me by my mother, incapable of performing its one simple function, to repair damaged DNA. That's it, isn't it? That's why you're here.
Rush: Of course.
Gloria: Go. I know how much you loved me. Stop taking it out on everyone else.
Rush: I haven't forgotten you, Gloria, and I never will.

Lost [1.15]

Patient: Just a little skin reaction, they said, just a little itchy on the arm. The FDA approved it, even though it had never been through any serious large-scale trials. There were no side effects! They said it was the war, not the vaccine. Between 1998 and 2000, 20,000 soldiers had to be hospitalised after receiving the vaccine even though they had never been deployed overseas. The Pentagon failed to report that to Congress! Wasn't as bad as the sand fleas, though. They got under your skin, and how. Carried all kinds of diseases, diseases you can't even say! Tank busters, uranium depleted. I loaded those munitions. Nothing dangerous coming off those. What do you think? 18,000 times in two years, those alarms went off! It's not the mustard gas, never the mustard gas. It was cigarettes, deodorant. Can you believe that? Chronic fatigue, loss of muscle control, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, shortness of breath, brain cancer.
Reginald: (to Greer) I'm gonna kill him, put him out of his misery.
Patient: It was the war. It was the war. It wasn't the fires. They were everywhere. Big black billowing smoke. The war is why he can't breathe.

Sabotage [1.16]

Perry: What are those?
Rush: They're a kind of fruit we collected from a planet we visited recently.
Perry: May I try one?
Rush: I warn you, most people find these rather bitter. (Perry bites into one and smiles)
Becker: (shocked) Most people spit them right back out.
Perry: This is the first food I've been able to feed myself since I was nine.

Pain [1.17]

Greer: You're not taking over this ship again.

Johansen: I checked everyone. It looks like we got ‘em all, so hopefully things'll get back to normal around here.
Wray: Whatever that is!

Subversion [1.18]

Telford: I am not a spy, Everett! How many times do I have to tell you?

Young: So we know that you are a traitor and a murderer. Now we know you're a coward too.

[Telford attacks him in a rage]

[O'Neill uses the communication stone to switch bodies with an expedition member. He looks down at the insignia and frowns]

O'Neill: Corporal?!
Young: Sorry about that, sir.

Telford: We take what ever we want! We do what ever is good for us, regardless of the impact on other planets! What makes us so special?
O'Neill: I know what makes me special.

Incursion, Part 2 [1.20]


Eli: (regarding friends) You can never have too many, unless you're one of those people on Facebook who just accepts everyone's friend requests. It's like, come on, ya know. Be a little selective.

Season 2


Intervention, Part 3 [2.01]

Dannic: We were prepared to die the moment we stepped through that gate.
Telford: You're insane.

Caine: I have learned one thing in all of this and it's that, out here on the edge of the universe, who you are and what you believe is everything, so it's up to you to decide if this is a blessing or a curse.

Aftermath [2.02]


Riley's video: You'd figure being stranded in this ship in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of strangers would be the problem. But, that... That isn't it exactly, it's not... its not so much being out here so much as not being there... for the... the birthdays, the weddings, the funerals. The simple things, like just taking your nephew on his first day of school, you know, or taking the dog for a walk. You know, just not... being there.

Awakening [2.03]


[Rush correctly deduces that Destiny will dock with the seed ship]

Young: Any more predictions?
Rush: (sarcastically) I suspect that very shortly, You'll assemble a team to send over there.

Telford: Take care of those people. And, Everett, take care of yourself.

Pathogen [2.04]

Simeon: You're gonna keep doing this, are you? Pushing me? Getting me to do something so you can lock me back up?
Greer: Back ... to your ... quarters.
Simeon: Oh, you're talking tough. You're armed; you've got your men here covering you.
Greer: That's true! (Smiling, Greer hands his pistol to his colleague. Greer looks to the escort standing next to Simeon)
Greer: Dismissed.

[The escort and Greer's colleague turn and walk away. Greer walk in front of Simeon, standing face-to-face with him]

Greer: You were saying?

Wallace: The other side of the universe, Mom.

Chloe: I'm not cured, am I?
Rush: No.

Cloverdale [2.05]

Scott: Where's Chloe?
Eli: Uh, something about a dress. She's gonna meet you at the house.
Scott: I guess I'm anxious to see her.
Young: I'll say! You nearly got yourself killed the day before your wedding!

Greer: Sir, I've been called a good man, a strong man ...
Scott: An angry man!
Greer: But I ain't never been called a best man. (smiles at Scott) Until now, huh?!

The Greater Good [2.07]


[As an unidentified ship comes closer to the Destiny]

Johansen: Looks like it's been through a battle.
Greer: And got its ass kicked.

Rush: Are you familiar with the cosmic microwave background radiation?
Young: Noise left over from the Big Bang.
Rush: A long time ago, the Ancients made a discovery. They found evidence of a structure buried deep within the background radiation. They believed that, at one time, this structure had genuine complexity, coherence, therefore could not have occurred naturally.
Young: How is that even possible?
Rush: It's not - at least not according to our current understanding of physics, nor could we even see this structure with our technology.
Young: OK, so what are we talking about? Some kind of code, a message?
Rush: A message, perhaps, or a sign of intelligence from the beginning of time.
Young: Sent by?
Rush: Hmm. Well, that's the very question they sought to answer when they launched Destiny. That is the mission. We're talking about a mystery rooted in the foundation of reality, a puzzle with pieces scattered across the length and breadth of the universe itself.

Eli: (Unhappily, to Amanda Perry, who is using Ginn's body) You know, sometimes, with the stones, it's easy to forget you're in another person's body.

Malice [2.08]

Rush: Something wrong?
Young: On the contrary. So far it seems like everything you said is true.
Volker: About the Ancients finding evidence of a signal once being broadcast across the universe.
Brody: It is amazing. Distinct structure in the background radiation.
Young: That sounds like static to me.
Eli: Were you expecting “Stairway to Heaven?"

Visitation [2.09]

Caine: (over the communications) Hello? Can anyone hear me? Hello?
Rush: That sounds like Caine!
Volker: Caine's more monotone than that.
Young: Yeah, he's also in another galaxy.

Young: You can all return to your original quarters. You will be given a list of duties to help carry your weight as members of this crew.
Caine: Is this as close as we're gonna get to "welcome aboard?"
Young: Yeah, it is. Right now I don't have any reason to treat you like prisoners.
Peter: Thank you.
Young: (sternly) Don't give me a reason.

Resurgence [2.10]

Rush: You know we grew up taught to believe that everyone's equal. That you are no better than anyone else – Of course that's a lie. Some are better than others. And there are those who recognize what makes them better and are able to exploit that to succeed.

Young: But you've been gone for almost a month. What, uh, what'd you do for food and water?
Telford: Well, the pods provide basic nutrients to their occupants. Never thought I'd say this, but I missed the food here on Destiny!

Young: Eli, I want you to broadcast a message.
Eli: In Ancient?
Young: Ancient, English, Bat-Signal, whatever else you got. Tell them we are not a threat.

Deliverance [2.11]

Volker: Still no sign of activity from the drones. Looks like they've all gone dormant.
Rush: (pats Eli on the arm) See what you can do when you apply yourself?

Young: What the hell were they thinking?
Telford: They didn't trust us. They thought the second we were clear of the system, we'd be on our merry way and leave them holding the bag.
Rush: Well, that would have been the logical thing to do.

Twin Destinies [2.12]

Lee: So the gamer came up with power flow algorithm?!
Scott: Eli, yeah.
Lee: I've gotta say, you know: when we tried to solve this back on Earth, there were a lot of smart people in that room.
Brody: Well, don't tell him I said this, but he's arguably the smartest person I've ever met.

Young: Then I need to know an absolute minimum number of personnel you need to do it.
Rush: Well, as many as possible, obviously.
Young: I need a number.
Rush: I'll say a dozen.
Young: Plus you and me?
Rush: No, including us.
Young: So, ten.

Johansen: They'll ask you, Eli. You'll be right up there with the other SGC brainiacs like Doctor Jackson and Colonel Carter and, uh ... (turns to Lt. James) What was that guy's name, kept staring at your, uh ...?
James: Eww. McKay.
Johansen: Yeah, McKay. (turns back to Eli) They'll ask you, right when we get back.

Scott: There but for the grace of God, huh?

[This is a reference to the Stargate SG-1 episode of the same name, which was the first Stargate episode to take place in an alternate reality]

Alliances [2.13]

Brody: So, what's he like?
Rush: I didn't know him that well, actually.
Wallace: But you said you worked with him.
Rush: Yeah, well, what can I tell you?

[picks up his radio, stands up and starts for the exit]

Rush: He's the type of man who likes to keep secrets.
Volker: (quietly) Yeah, we know the type!

Hope [2.14]

Volker: "Also sprach Zarathustra." It's the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Brody: So why didn't you just say that?
Volker: Because that's not what it's called. It's called "Also sprach Zarathustra." Thus spoke Zarathustra. It's by Strauss.
Brody: Yeah, but nobody knows it by that name, so why not just say the name that people ...
Volker: Look you asked what my favourite piece of music was and I'm just telling you. That's what it is.
Brody: Yeah, I'm just saying ...
Volker: It's the one piece that reminds me of the very moment I wanted to be an astrophysicist.
Brody: Right, when you saw "2001"?
Volker: Yes.

Volker: Hey, T.J., there's a whole section here on stem cell-like procedure for post-op anti-rejection. It's only a hundred and seventy-six pages! A little light afternoon reading!

[As Volker lies on his back in the infirmary, the opening chords to "Also sprach Zarathustra" begin to play. Volker frowns]

Brody: Thought a little music might help you relax.
Park: The theme to "2001"?!
Brody: (points to her while looking triumphantly at Volker) Ah!

[Rolling his eyes, Volker lowers his head back onto the pillow as the music continues to play]

Brody: It's not very relaxing, is it?
Volker: No.

Seizure [2.15]

McKay: OK, good to go.

[turns the laptop around so everyone can see the presentation. Only the words "It's all in the Algorithm" is shown in the middle of a plain screen]

McKay: Sorry. Now, I'm sure we're all familiar with the old adage "It's all in the Algorithm." So ...
Ovirda: Doctor. I'm gonna stop you there.
McKay: All I said was, "So."

McKay: He didn't even look at my work.
Woolsey: Because he wouldn't have understood it in the first place.
McKay: You saw my presentation. A cat could understand it!

Young: We're not gonna be able to keep up this charade forever. How long is this gonna take?
McKay:I gave you my best guess in the briefing.
Young: You also said you'd re-assess once we got here.
McKay: Well, the facility's already drawing power from the naqahdria core, which speeds things up considerably. On the other hand, this is more or less 1940s technology, which can slow things down. (gestures towards the Stargate) Then again, there's the "they don't build things like they used to" factor.
Young: One hour or two, McKay, which is it?
McKay: If we end this conversation right now, I can still manage the former.
Young: (annoyed) Sheppard's right. (walks away)
McKay: About what?

Telford: Better to beg forgiveness than ask for permission. That's what my dad used to always say.

The Hunt [2.16]

Morrison: Ahh, I'm in constant pain. I think my ankle's broken. Every time I move ...
Volker: Well, hang in there. How bout you?
Park: According to the medical scan, a cracked rib.
Morrison: Ha! I should be so lucky!

Common Descent [2.17]

Eli: The people on the expedition were all from one country, called Tenara. They followed the teachings of this book, the Testament, which apparently some of us wrote.
Park: Wait. "Tenara." That's Ancient. That means the Land of the Young.
Brody: Or the Land of Young.
Eli: There was also another group of evacuees who ... (rolls his eyes) ... blamed the other me for what happened.

[Eli turns to Rush, who continues working without looking up]

Eli: They thought Rush was still onboard Destiny and would one day come and rescue them. Eventually he became some kind of a saviour figure. They broke off and formed a country of their own.
Brody: Oh, let me guess: Rusha?

[Volker and Park laugh]

Volker: That's funny!
Eli: They called it Futura.
Volker: Really?
Brody: What's wrong with Futura?
Volker: It's a dumb name.
Brody: Yeah? How is it dumb?
Eli: Apparently ... (Nods toward Brody) ... he came up with it.

Park: I can't believe you helped found an entire country based on the hopes that he would come and rescue you!
Volker: I can't believe you named it Futura!
Brody: Shut up.
Volker: Seriously, isn't that a font?

Yaozu: There are those somewhat less enlightened among our people who believe he is a demon who rips souls from human bodies and takes them to hell, where they suffer for all eternity.
Park: It's funny how things have a way of getting twisted and exaggerated over time.
Volker: While others don't!

Alternate Eli: This is the spot where we're gonna break ground. Hard to imagine now, but one day - hopefully - this will all be one big city. Oh! And we-we took a final vote last night to name the planet. I suggested it should be something in Ancient. Volker said Novus Mundus, which means "new world." While appropriate, nobody really liked the sound of "mundus" ... except Volker.

Epilogue [2.18]

Greer: Rush, come check this out. Two thousand years on the other side of the universe... (tosses the pack to Rush) and beef jerky survives!

Eli: Me and Corporal Barnes?
Chloe: (stifling laughter) Something worth pursuing?

Blockade [2.19]


[Wray is walking around the bridge of the Destiny]

Wray: This room needs more chairs.
Young: Here. (Stands up from captain's chair) Please. Go ahead.
Wray: No. No,no. That's your...
Young: What am I? Captain Kirk?

[Destiny has evaded attack drones]

Eli: (to Rush) You don't really think that was a concidence?
Rush: Call it wishful thinking if you like.
Eli: Because if you realize that if it's not a concidence...
Rush: Then we have a very big problem.
Eli: No. No,no. We're totally screwed.

Rush: Well, fortunately Eli has an idea. It's absolute insanity and it's the only choice we've got.
Eli: Don't undersell it.

[Eli is discussing his plan to recharge the ship in a different kind of star]

Chloe Armstrong: So, we recharge off a different kind of star. What's so crazy about that?
Eli: The only way to make sure the drones won't be waiting will be to pick a star that Destiny wouldn't fly into in a million years.
Greer: Don't tell me. Death star.

[Eli sends a Kino through the Gate to reveal a rustic looking yet abandoned town]

Eli: Holy crap, we dialed Pittsburgh.

Young: (About exploring the ghost town) Thing is, these people left for a reason. We don't know what.
Greer: Have you ever been to Pittsburgh?

Rush: Eli, both of us have to know exactly what we're doing here. There's no room for improvisation. If we get this wrong, we have a very big problem.
Eli: Yeah! We'll be dead!
Rush: Which I find problematic. So, how do you want to do this?

[Short pause]

Eli: (Confused) I don't understand the question.
Rush: Oh, bloody hell! We're all doomed!

Greer: (Standing in front of a electronics store named "Draxxon Electronics," he sighs heavily) What kind of city doesn't have a gun store?
Volker: Maybe they're Canadian.

Gauntlet [2.20]

Chloe: Matt told me about Lisa. Do you think her condition's permanent?
Johansen: I don't know. I mean, there should have been some progress by now.
Chloe: It's not your fault. You don't have the right equipment, the resources ...
Johansen: Even if I did, it wouldn't make a difference. There's no treatment. Her corneas were burned by ultraviolet radiation. If they don't heal on their own ... (hesitates) ...Well, I know it seems unfair but sometimes you just have to play the hand that you're dealt.
Chloe: Why do I get the feeling you're not just talking about Lisa?

Rush: Well, we can't run, we can't hide. We'll have to fight.

Eli: I'll do it.
Young: Eli ...
Eli: If you stay out, it's automatic - you're dead. If I do it, at least I have a chance - maybe even a better chance than Rush. For too long, I've been content to stay in his shadow, play the part of the eager young protege, take his orders. But ... (looks off into the distance, then smiles) ... I'm not afraid to say it any more: I'm smarter than him. (Young raises his head) ... and all three of us know it.

Rush: You've come a long way from that video game slacker I discovered a year ago.
Eli: Thanks. You've been pretty consistent.

[Last lines of the series]

Rush: Colonel. (Young nods to him, and he turns to Eli) Mr. Wallace.

[Eli is shocked, as this is the first time Rush has addressed him as something other than his first name. Rush enters the stasis pod and Eli presses the button to close the door. Young turns to Eli]

Young: You're sure about this, right?
Eli: I've never been more sure of anything in my life.

[Smiling, he offers his hand to Young. Instead of shaking it, Young gives Eli a long hug. Young steps back]

Young: You're a good man, Eli. You get this done. I'm gonna see you on the other side.
Eli: Right!
Young: Right.
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