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Super WHY! is a CGI animated show that 1st aired on PBS Kids back in 2007 and next aired in 2015.

Season 1[edit]

Hansel and Gretel[edit]

Peter Piper: You can't just eat 1 of my peppers, Red.
Red: Wait!

Humpty Dumpty[edit]

Pig: What can I do so that I'm not afraid to go down the slide?

Jack and the Beanstalk[edit]

Whyatt: It's Joy, she's crying and crying.
Princess Pea: I can hear her crying all the way from your house. [Joy continues to cry louder] Ouch! Hurts my ears.

The Tortoise and the Hair[edit]

Red: Double drats, we still can't decide which way to jump to win the race.
Princess Pea: What are we gonna do?

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears[edit]

Wonder Red: Chairs is an "airs" word. I love words that begin with -airs! [singing] Airs, chairs, stairs wonderrific you're terrifc pairs, fairs, hairs wonderrific you're terrific! -airs!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf[edit]

Joy: Why? Why?
Whyatt: Did you hear that? Joy said my name. Why for Whyatt. And that is your first word. (To his family), MOM, DAD, JACK, COME OVER HERE!!!
Mom: What is it, Why?
Dad: What do you want?
Jack: Tell us?
Whyatt: Joy said her first word. She said my nickname, Why for Whyatt.
[Joy babbles again]
Jack: Come on, Whyatt, you know Joy doesn't talk yet.
Whyatt: But she said my name. I am telling the truth. Well, This is a super big problem. And the super big problem needs us, The super reader. I need your help by the super readers. Just say Calling all Super Reader!


Whyatt: She ran all the way up the tree!
Princess Pea: Maybe I can reach her. [tries to reach the cat] Split pea!
Princess Pea: We can't get her down!

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