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This is the most current diff of items in question, but please see current page, and do not edit this diff. Thank you.--GordonWattsDotCom 7 July 2005 06:50 (UTC)

Part I

1. Supported Prot (re adding personal quotes)
2. Supported Kalki (re adding an in-between category -in addition to pro / anti)
3. Opposed (re mixing pro & anti quotes)
4. Neutral (made note of debate re a Dr. Seuss quote; suggested discussion, but later)
Subtotal: Opposed 214 one time; Commented on 3 other unrelated issues.

Part II

1. Partly supported / partly opposed (as maybe too extreme) suggestion by Eustace Tilley
2. Partly opposed / partly supported analysis by JeffQ regarding 214
3. Neutral - “Retroactively” supported temporary page protect against any edit while 214 dispute was resolved. (My support was after the fact; I arrived here too late to participate.)
4. Supported Kalki regarding adding good quotes found by 214;
Supported 214 if she wanted to add good quoted;
Opposed 214 adding to the wrong category;
Supported 214 against Kalki’s claim that 214’s motive was an “attempt to camouflage.”
5. Supported Kalki/Opposed 214 on same issue mentioned above about adding to wrong category.
6. Supported Kalki/Opposed 214 regarding mixing pro/anti quotes together;
Supported 214 regarding her decision to wait four (4) days and show some level of patience/generosity.
Subtotal: Supported 214 three times; Opposed 214 four times. Commented on 3 unrelated issues.

Part III

1. Supported 214’s claim that she was pro-life;
Opposed (again) 214’s request for “having no such categories at all”
Neutral regarding 214’s preference to place “anti-abortion” quotes first
2. Supported 214’s request for “noting the eloquent pro-life words of some famous former pro-lifers who [later] changed their public stance…” (so long as we place quotes in correct category)
3. Partly supporting / Mostly opposing 214’s suggestion that Kalki owed her an apology;
Neutral (suggesting we discuss and vote on disagreements)
4. Supporting Moshe’s request for 214 to justify plan to place “anti-abortion” as top category (I don’t oppose 214, as she has not substantially addressed Moshe’s question.)
Neutral regarding Moshe’s suggestion that 214 take time off (I think it could go both ways.)
Neutral: I suggest 214 register, and give myself as an example.
5. Supporting 214/Opposing Aphaia regarding 3RR allegation
(Comments: This was a minor issue; The major issue is that we were arguing; Since 214 and Aphaia are both pro-life, my suggestion that we “value life” by being polite/respectful should be acceptable to all parties; I think ALL parties are trying to do right, ;-) but we must keep trying.)
6. This reiterates / clarifies issues in #6 above.
7. Supported Kalki on experimental page. (Made comments about previous issues.)
8. Supported 214’s desire to add good quotes;
Noted that others support her on adding good quotes;
Noted that most or all of 214’s added quotations are missing from current version of page.
Subtotal: Supported 214 five times; Opposed 214 twice; Neutral view on 214’s request/actions twice; Commented on unrelated issues 4 times.
  • Total: Supported 214 eight times; Opposed 214 seven times; Took neutral view on 214’s actions twice; Commented on issues unrelated to 214 total of ten (10) times.
  • Conclusion: Based on the numbers, it appears that I am not biased.--GordonWattsDotCom 7 July 2005 06:43 (UTC)