The Adventure Begins

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The Adventure Begins is a 2015 animated film based on Thomas and Friends.


[Edward takes a first glimpse at Thomas]
Thomas: Hello. What's the matter? Do I have soot on my face?
Edward: No. It's just... Well, you're not a big engine.
Thomas: Yes, I am.
James: [laughs] No, you're not.
Thomas: Well, I was big enough to do my work on the mainland.

[after Gordon stops on the hill]
Driver: What's he up to now? [walks to up Gordon] Come on, Gordon. You're not even trying!
Gordon: [scoffs] I can't do it! Those noisy cars hold an engine back! If they were coaches, now that would be different.

Signalman: Hello, Thomas. What are you doing here?
Thomas: I'm pulling my very first passenger train! Can't you see?
Signalman: Really? Then where are your coaches?
Thomas: [looks back; gasps] Oh, no!

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, what are you doing here, and why did you come in so fast?
Thomas: I brought Edward's cars for him, sir, but they were pushing me!
Sir Topham Hatt: You've a lot to learn about cars, little Thomas. That's why I asked Edward to bring these cars, and not you! If you're not prepared to be patient and learn how to do things properly, I'll have to keep you in the shed.

[Thomas happens upon the original #1 engine]
Glynn: Oh! You must be the new #1!
Thomas: I'm Thomas.
Glynn: Well, look after the branch line, Thomas, and wear that number with pride!
Thomas: Don't worry, Mr. Coffee Pot. I will! You can count on me!
Glynn: But I'm not Mr. Coffee Pot. My name is Glynn. [chortles]

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