The Adventure Begins

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The Adventure Begins is a 2015 animated film based on Thomas & Friends, based on the first two Railway Series books and their season 1 adaptions.


Gordon: A goods train! A goods train! The shame of it! Oh, the shame of it!
Edward: Oh, Gordon! It can't be that bad!
Gordon: Yes, Edward! It is! I am a very important engine! But thankfully, I won't have to pull goods trains for long. Not long till after the new engine gets here.
Edward: New engine?
Gordon: Haven't you heard? Sir Topham Hatt is getting another small engine. The last one he got with the wooden brake blocks was much too small to be really useful.

[Edward takes a first glimpse at Thomas]
Thomas: Hello. What's the matter? Do I have soot on my face?
Edward: No. It's just... Well, you're not a big engine.
Thomas: Yes, I am.
James: [laughs] No, you're not.
Thomas: Well, I was big enough to do my work on the mainland.

Gordon: Huh? [Growls] Oh! I Give Up!
[after Gordon stops on the hill]
Driver: What's he up to now? [walks to up Gordon] Come on, Gordon. You're not even trying!
Gordon: [scoffs] I can't do it! Those noisy cars hold an engine back! If they were coaches, now that would be different.

Signalman: Hello, Thomas. What are you doing here?
Thomas: I'm pulling my very first passenger train! Can't you see?
Signalman: Really? Then where are your coaches?
Thomas: [looks back; gasps] Oh, no!

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, what are you doing here, and why did you come in so fast?
Thomas: I brought Edward's cars for him, sir, but they were pushing me!
Sir Topham Hatt: You have a lot to learn about cars, little Thomas. That's why I asked Edward to bring these cars, and not you! If you're not prepared to be patient and learn how to do things properly, I'll have to keep you in the shed.

James: [races through the yard with some trucks, out of control] Help! HELP!!! THEY'RE PUSHING ME, THEY'RE PUSHING ME!!!!!
Trucks: On, on, on! [laugh]
Thomas: James! [races off to rescue him]
Edward: Thomas! Thomas! Come back! Oh! [Thomas ignores what Edward said and bravely chases on after James. Cut to James racing towards a deer]
James: [screams] Oh, deer! [the deer runs across and escapes] Help! Heeeeeelp! Help!
Trucks: On!! On! Faster!!! Faster! [laugh]
James: I don't want to go any faster! [his wooden brake-blocks catch on fire] My brakes! No! Stop! I want to stop!
[Thomas follows up behind as fast as he can, gaining alongside until he's leveled with James]
Trucks: Faster! Faster!
James: Ah! Thomas!
Thomas: Use your brakes! USE YOUR BRAAAAAKES!!!
James: I can't! My brake-blocks are on fire! They're made of wood! [a cloud of sparks blows out onto Thomas's face]
Thomas: [gasps] I'm going to try to couple up behind you, James! I'm going to try to slow you down! [slows down to get behind the back of James's train]
James: Whoaaaaaa! Hurry, Thomas!
Trucks: [mocking] Hurry, hurry, hurry! [laughs]
Thomas: [switches onto James’s line, and yells to James’s guard/conductor] Couple me up, couple me up! I need to slow James down!
Guard: Uh, right.
[Thomas catches up to behind the brake-van/caboose, and the guard uses his pole to try and couple Thomas's front hole to the train, but fails]
Thomas: Oh, no! Try again, try again!
Guard: Alright! [tries again]
Thomas: We mustn't give up, we have to try! [suddenly runs into a branch that somehow appeared on the track] Ah!
Guard: Faster, faster!
[James wails, as Thomas pants to catch up and the guard tries again and again to couple him up. Suddenly, James screams as they near a cow field ahead. Thomas gasps, and James tilts]
James: OH!!! I'M COMING OFF THE RAAAAAIIILLLLSSSS!!!!! [crashes off the line, onto the ground, and so does his whole train! Thomas brakes to a stop and gasps in horror]

[Thomas happens upon the original #1 engine]
Glynn: Oh! You must be the new #1!
Thomas: I'm Thomas.
Glynn: Well, look after the branch line, Thomas, and wear that number with pride!
Thomas: Don't worry, Mr. Coffee Pot. I will! You can count on me!
Glynn: But I'm not Mr. Coffee Pot. My name is Glynn. [chortles]

Narrator: A few days later, an engine came into the yard, that Thomas and Edward had never seen before. [James arrives at the yard with new brakes and a fresh coat of red paint]
James: [clears his throat]
Thomas: [Gasps in amazement] James? Is that really you?
James: Of course it is! How do you like my new paintwork?
Thomas Wow, James! You look really splendid!
James: I know. I'm ready for my coaches!
Annie: [As she and Clarabel are coupled up behind Thomas] We're Thomas's coaches now, James!
Clarabel: [As Thomas puffs away] That's right! And he's got his very own branch line, too!
Edward: Off to see the world now, Thomas?
Thomas: Yes, Edward! I am! [Upon leaving for his branch line, he whistles loudly beside Gordon sleeping one last time] Wake up, lazybones! Really useful engine coming through!
Gordon: Oh, the indignity!!

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