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The Game is a 1997 neo-noir psychological thriller in which a rich investment banker is given an elaborate gift experience for his birthday which consumes his life.

Directed by David Fincher. Written by John Brancato and Michael Ferris.
There are no rules in The Game.taglines

Nicholas Van Orton[edit]

  • You don't know anything about society, Marie; you don't have the satisfaction of avoiding it.
  • Did I have a choice? Did I have a choice?
  • I'm being toyed with by a bunch of depraved children.
  • I don't care about the money. I'm pulling back the curtain. I want to meet the wizard.
  • And you really believe that just because you publish children's books, people are going to care about my reputation? You can have pictures of me wearing nipple rings, butt-fucking Captain Kangaroo. The only thing they care about is the stock and whether that stock is up or down!

Conrad Van Orton[edit]

  • They won't leave me alone! I'm a goddam human piñata!
  • They just fuck you and they fuck you and they fuck you, and then just when you think it's all over, that's when the real fucking starts!

Daniel Schorr[edit]

  • Discovering the object of the game is the object of the game.

Jim Feingold[edit]

  • The game is tailored specifically to each participant. Think of it as a great vacation, except you don't go to it, it comes to you.
  • We're like an experiential Book-of-the-Month Club.


Conrad: This is for you.
Nicholas: You shouldn't have.
Conrad: What do you get for the man who has…everything?
Nicholas: [reading the card] "Consumer Recreation Services." Well, I do have golf clubs.
Conrad: Call that number.
Nicholas: Why?
Conrad: Make your life... fun.
Nicholas: Fun.
Conrad: You know what that is... uh, you've seen other people have it.

Nicholas: No, what is this? What are you... selling?
Jim Feingold: Oh. It's a game.

Daniel Schorr: [on TV] There's a tiny camera looking at you right now.
Nicholas: That's impossible.
Daniel Schorr: You're right, impossible. You're having a conversation with your television.

Nicholas: So, you've played recently?
New Member Ted: Oh, about a year ago. I was working in Los Angeles.
Nicholas: I hear the London office is very good, too. It just sounds like a lot of fantasy, role-playing nonsense.
New Member Ted: [leans in] You wanna know what it is? What it's all about?
[Nicholas leans closer]
New Member Ted: John 9:25.
Nicholas: I... haven't been to Sunday school in a long time.
New Member Ted: 'Whereas once I was blind, now I can see.' [rises] Good night, Nicholas. Best of luck.
Nicholas: Good night.

[Nicholas loses a shoe when climbing a fire-escape ladder.]
Nicholas: There goes a thousand dollars.
Christine: Your shoes cost a thousand dollars?
Nicholas: That one did.

Nicholas: [In the stopped elevator] I'll give you a boost.
Christine: You first.
Nicholas: This isn't an attempt to be gallant. If I don't lift you, how are you going to get there?
Christine: You pull me up.
Nicholas: It's much easier this way. Come on, step up...
Christine: No.
Nicholas: Please...
Christine: I'm not wearing underwear. Okay? There, I said it. Satisfied?
Nicholas: [Looks at her skirt] Oh. Fine.

New Member Ted: This was the best one ever!
Jim Feingold: [shakes Nicholas's hand] You know, thank God you jumped, because if you didn't, I was supposed to throw you off!


  • There are no rules in The Game.
  • The Game...You Just Lost
  • Players Wanted.
  • Are you ready to play?
  • The object of the game is to discover the object of.... The Game
  • What do you get for the man who has everything?
  • You don't play it, it plays you
  • John 9:25: "I was blind, but now I see."


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