The Suffering: Ties that Bind

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The Suffering: Ties that Bind is a video game developed by Surreal Software and published by Midway Games, released in 2005 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 game consoles as well as the PC. It is the sequel to The Suffering, and storywise picks up immediately after the ending of that game.



  • Who's next?! (in the trailer)
  • There's only one thing to get what you want in this world, and that's a beating. It's about watching your mouth, not talking back, Cory! (Flashback in Evil Mode)
  • Looks like trouble. (opening scene)
  • You got my family killed, you bastard!


  • You've come so far, yet so far to go. Meet me down by the drowning pool. It's where all losers meet their end.
  • Your boy (Cory, Torque's son) knew how to play the game, and he show you how it's done. Now, c'mon. Let's see how well you do. I've got some friends that can get this thing started right. (Neutral Mode)
  • There's hate in there, I know there is.


  • We got to stick together on this man
  • We gotta talk, Reckoning day is here my man, I know what I believe.
  • C'mon out here and holla at yo boy Miles.
  • Man that's raw Torque! You opened up that guy's brain matter all over my new floor!


  • I have been studying these malefactors all my life.
  • I know things started badly for us, but I got ya this far, and I can take you the distance, all the way to Blackmore. Together, well, I say we're unstoppable. Let's do this!
  • Because you're the only part of him I ever liked.

The Creeper[edit]

  • Shut up you little whore!
  • I will gut you! And you will beg for it!
  • What do you have there, Emily? He's gonna find out yourself? You know that’s how these creeps work. They stalk up and try to knife your life. Be careful he doesn’t stab you. What’s that little square headed cunt up to anyway?
  • And what are you wearing, big ho? You ready to take it off so I can see? You look good letting it out. You want to know what I’m wearing? Well I’ve just got this coat and if you saw inside… hah hah hah! You’d see my collection of whores! Men may be idiots, but girls are still the true parasite!


Lifetime Companion

The power of the human heart astonishes. The worst of the worst still manage to procreate. Even the deeply disturbed can find someone to love them.

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