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Titan A.E. is a 2000 animated film about a young man named Cale Tucker who learns that he has to find a hidden Earth ship called the Titan before an enemy alien species known as the Drej does in order to secure the survival of humanity.

Directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Written by Ben Edlund, Joss Whedon and John August.
Get Ready For the Human RaceTaglines


Cale: [to Tek, after escaping from Po and Firrakash] I've gotta be scarce for a while.
Korso: [slides into the seat next to Cale] You don't know the half of it.
Cale: Are you still bothering people? Hey, go away!
Korso: [to Tek] Great job with the kid, Tek. He's a charmer.

Preed: [Sarcastically, as Akima is examining Cale] Such motherly concern for the subject.
Cale: Why am I naked?
Preed: You positively glow with maternal warmth Akima- it's very touching. I must have you.
Akima: In your dreams.
Preed: Akrennians don't dream, remember?
Akima: They don't bathe much either.

Cale: I'm the guy with the map here and this is big medicine, right?
Akima: Big medicine? Let me see. [as she looks at the map in the palm of his hand] This is really it. This can save us?
Cale: [softly speaking] Yeah! [out loud] Yeah, I guess so.
Akima: Do you know what this means?
Cale: [slightly embarrassed due to being naked] I'm really wanting those pants right about now.

[Preed is trying to shoot a cricket but keeps missing]
Gune: Preed! Preed! Aren't you supposed to be watching for the Drej?
Preed: [not paying attention] Yes, Caveman. Drej bad, we good. Now go look at something shiny for a while.
Gune: I think you'd better look again!
[Preed looks up from the gun and sees Drej]
Gune and Preed: [shout] DREJ!

Akima: What exactly are we looking for?
Cale: This ship's gonna help save mankind!
Akima: What exactly are we looking for?
Cale: Not a clue.

Korso: [after Preed captures Akima and Cale] How long were they standing there?
Akima: Long enough.
Cale: You lied. Everything you said, everything you told me...?
Korso: Not everything. Your father hid his ship, then the Drej killed him. All because he couldn't face the truth!
Cale: [angrily] Yeah?! What is the truth?!
Korso: That the human race is outta gas! It’s circlin' the drain! It’s finished! The only thing that matters is grabbin' whatcha can before somebody else beats you to it.
Cale: No! I don't believe that!
Korso: Then you're even more like your father than I thought - a fool.

[Gune has been injured by a bomb]
Stith: Gune, are you all right?
Gune: I'm...all right...for business. [chokes] I'll just take a little...nap, since I'm so...very sleepy. [seemingly dies. However, a short time later he is seen in the ship, battling the Drej] I've finished my nap!

Akima: What are you going to call it?
Cale: I think I'm gonna call it... 'Bob'.
Akima: Bob?
Cale: You don't like Bob?
Akima: You can't call a planet 'Bob'!
Cale: Oh, so now you're the boss. You're the king of Bob.
Akima: Well, no, but...
Cale: What?
Akima: Can't we just call it 'Earth'?
Cale: Well, no one said you had to live on Bob.
Akima: [laughing as she leans in to kiss Cale] I'm... never... calling it that.


  • Get ready for the human race.
  • Prepare for life after Earth.
  • When Earth ends, The Adventure Begins.
  • The Next Generation In Filmed Animation.


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