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Top Secret! is a 1984 comedy film.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak German..." "I know a little German, He's sitting right over there"

(phone rings) -"Yeah? It is the hospital, Mein general !"

-"What is the condition of sergent Kruger?" Yes, I see... Well, let me know if there's any change in his condition..." (hangs up phone) "He's dead"

Hillary Flammond: "And I'll miss you most of all scarecrow."

Hillary Flammond: "Who do you favor in the Virginia Slims tournament?" Blindman: "In women's tennis, I always root against the heterosexual."

Blindman: "What phony dog poo?"

Dr Paul Flammond: "Go quickly. If they find out you've seen this, your life will be worth less than a truck load of dead rats in a tampon factory."

nick rivers: "Sunday? That's Simchat Torah!"