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Alright uh, a few minutes ago I was let in on a little bit of information that I was assuming is supposed to be secret but I was told that I'm going to be let go on Friday after my show and since them I've confirmed it, and you know what

I've decided that I'm just going to say skrew it and give a big middle finger to management instead of giving them the opportunity.

First I want to say thank you to you for making the last 4+ years of my life great here in jacksonville and here on ROCK 105, I'm glad I got to work here for some great times, and for some not so great times, and again thank you upper-management for the not so great times. In the end I would not trade any of it for the world and I would not trade any of it for the world.

Now on to the problem: There is nothing worse than managers who think that radio people are like commondities to be used up and thrown away when they're no longer valueable to the shareholders. I've been working without a contract in good faith for the last few months in hopes that something would work out for me and I'd be able to work out something that would benefit both me and Cox radio.

Now I find out that there's another deal in the works with someone else and their only minutes away from handing me my walking papers, well here's your 15 second notice, Kiss my ass Cox Radio Jacksonville, and especially you Bill Hendrick and David Israel, you two empty suits will be lucky if this is the only time this happens to you and its gonna be a bright day in Jacksonville when your desks is emptied and radio is free of you, Now this shows you how much their paying attention by the way because they should have been in here by now and if they were really listening to the radio stations and knew what was going on, so thanks for nothing, rot in hell Cox Radio I am gone!

Fine, have it your way. I’ll change my name to “Hell-Loving Akemi Mokoto” and I’ll swim swim swim straight down the river sticks until I obtain total nirvana. YEAH! Bring it. I can’t wait to go to hell. A Please with demon chicks, demon school girls, and demon wives (my demon wife), and even my demon-in-law. On second through, forget my demon wife and in-law. Anyway, LETS go to hell! Whoohoo!