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Quotes of Rat

  • Nothing in my life sucks; Except leech and whores.

  • Money - It is a Bitch if you don't have it and it turns out to be a whore when you own it.

  • Are you nuts. How can I "Be Positive" if even my blood is "A2 Negative".

  • Whenever you are excited, whether it is joy or sorrow, postpone your reaction for ten minutes. Close your eyes and relax yourself, listen to your favorite song, think of how you will look back at this excitation after five years, put a smile in your face and hey, your ten minutes is up now.

  • Nobody wants to be a Villain, at-least me, but it is all they can be. They are created to do bad so they can be compared with fellow humans and can be condemned for their deeds.

  • Whenever I plan the things ahead, they just fall apart. So I've decided to deal with them as they come along.
  • "Dear Lord, Please put a gun in my mouth so that I could pull the trigger and blow my brains out." - 18:01:36 UTC 06-02-2014.
  • "Am I a zombie?" - 19:09:56 UTC 06-02-2014
  • "Where the fuck is weed when you need it?" - 21:15:46 UTC 07-02-2014
  • "Maybe I should stop being an asshole" - 14:32:03 UTC 13-02-2014

Some historians believe that these quotes were originally from deadrat and the rat overheard him.