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How many researchers like Douglas Prasher are under-employed while others like Hansen and Mann receive lecture fees and yet continue to obfuscate data and research paid for by public funds simply to protect their ‘empires’? [1]

I’ll say it again: Nature seldom reacts conveniently to our expectations. [2]

Actually a warmer planet with more C02 will in fact improve growing conditions, which is why that exact growing environment is created in production greenhouses. [3]

From the “consensus” point of view, it is very important for “the Team” to make Antarctica start warming. But then there’s that pesky problem of all that above normal ice in Antarctica. Plus, there’s other problems such as buried weather stations which will tend to read warmer when covered with snow. [4]

  • From our perspective as a modern society, the actions of the Xhosa would seem foolhardy, even insane. First let me say, I’m not at all against alternate energy, or improved or even different technology. Heck, I drive an electric car myself and have done two solar power projects. But Waxman-Markey, if enacted, will be the equivalent of killing all our cattle at once. It took us over 100 years to get where we are now, we can’t expect change overnight, it must be gradual.

  • [W]ith a big sunspot cycle in the next few years, we can expect many record high summer temperatures and warmer than normal winters. We'll see melting sea ice, retreating glaciers, and wailing of those saying "We told you so, CO2 is killing the planet!".