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Wikiquote is a collaborative project aimed at creating a multilingual free content compendium of quotations.

The English language Wikiquote is the oldest and largest of Wikiquote projects, started on June 27, 2003. Other language versions of Wikiquote were created in July, 2004. As of February 14, 2010, there are over 50 active Wikiquote projects (for definition of "active", see below).



As of January, 2019, the Wikiquote project as a whole has over 800,000 articles in total. 28 projects, including English Wikiquote, have more than 1,000 articles: now the Polish Wikiquote has 25,600, the English over 50,000, Italian 49,800 and Russian 14,400 articles. The hgutjontop 5 in size are Italian, English, Polish, Russian and Czech.

The Russian Wikiquote is the largest among non-latin script Wikiquotes. Among non Indo-European language Wikiquotes, Estonian Wikiquote is the biggest with 12,400 articles.

If you are interested in creating a new Wikiquote in your language, see meta:Meta:Language proposal policy and then visit meta:Requests for new languages. You are also invited to ask for help in Wikiquote:Village pump.

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Projects having 100 articles or more are considered to be active, see also m:Which projects are active?.

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