Barnyard: The Original Party Animals

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Barnyard: The Original Party Animals is a computer-animated family-comedy film, distributed by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies, that was released on August 4, 2006.

The film was directed by Steve Oedekerk, who was also the principal scriptwriter, and stars the voices of Kevin James, Courteney Cox, Sam Elliot, Danny Glover, Andie MacDowell and Wanda Sykes. Most of the production was carried out in San Clemente, California. It was distributed in Switzerland, Spain and Netherlands by Universal Pictures.

The film is the second Nickelodeon film to be spun-off into a TV series, the first being Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Pip: I got a pulse. Wheeee!

Ben: Otis, a strong man stands up for himself. A stronger man stands up for others.

Dag: See you around. Get it? "Round"? You're fat.

Pizza Devilery Guy: Dude, I got a ARM!

Mrs. Beady: Randall, there is a cow outside.
Mr. Beady: This is a cow farm. You're going to find cows outside.

Otis: That's what you call boy tipping!

Mrs. Beady: Nathan Randall the third, I am not crazy. I am medicated for a chemical imbalance. Don't you sit there and think that I am crazy.

Ben: Grey market goods. As if I needed to say it again, the purchase of human articles from the gopher underground is strictly prohibited.
Otis: [Otis cellphone] HELLO MOTO!

[start to play the Motorola tune, Otis coyly answers]

Gopher: Hey, Otis!


Gopher: Listen, I think your Nikes are...
Otis: [whispering] Yeah. This, really isn't the best time...

Daisy: [feels her stomach] Oh, my... I think, the baby's coming!
Otis: WHAT?
Daisy: [giggles] I made you jump.
Otis: Oh, thank you. Very much. I swallowed my cud!
Daisy: [laughs, then looks up at the stars] It's so... beautiful...
Otis: My cud?

Pig: [watching Daisy giving birth] Man, that looks like it hurts.
Duke: Oh, that's very profound, "Insight Man".
Pig: Well, excuse me for being a pig!

Vision Freddy: Come and get it! [dings the triangle]


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