Four Christmases

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Four Christmases is a 2008 film staring Vince Vaughn as Brad and Reese Witherspoon as Kate. Brad and Kate are a couple who have agreed to never get married. They go visiting both their parents for christmas.


Susan: Could you hold her for a sec? I need to think of another way.
Kate: Actually, I-- [Baby Clementine begins to cry] Olay.

Brad: [to his father and two brothers] Thats great, yeah, mock me for being educated...

Brad's father: you cant spell families without lies

Kate: Cassie! that marker in your mouth...I peed on it!

Kate: [about her old girlfriend] joe wasnt gay, Brad: ok, haircuts dont lie

Brad: [as Joseph] my wife is pregnant and its not my baby but yet im cool with it because gods the one who got her pregnant

Brad: [as Joseph to Kate] Woman! do your job and swaddle this baby!


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