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I've added a sourced quote. Probably that wasn't the best possible translation,  but English and German are both foreign languages for me. Anyway, the attempt was worth it.--Moroser 21:09, 1 June 2007 (UTC)


  • I expect that on the 1st of August, the SA will be once more ready for duty. If the enemies of the SA are hoping that the SA will not return from leave, we are ready to let them enjoy the hope for a short time. The SA is, and remains, Germany's destiny.
  • Primarily, I do not belong to a line of respected people and I do not have the ambition of others.
    • 1934
  • I am a soldier and I consider the world from my point of view, from an intentionally military point of view. That for me, there is nothing more important in a movement than the military element.
  • People rose up on the chairs and were embraced, many cried out of joy and emotion. Finally! It was the exclamation of relief that exited from the mouths of all.
    • Surrounded by his men, he hears that Hitler has arrested the greater exponents of the republican government, November 8, 1923.