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I've added a sourced quote. Probably that wasn't the best possible translation,  but English and German are both foreign languages for me. Anyway, the attempt was worth it.--Moroser 21:09, 1 June 2007 (UTC)


  • Primarily, I do not belong to a line of respected people and I do not have the ambition of others.
    • 1934
  • I am a soldier and I consider the world from my point of view, from an intentionally military point of view. That for me, there is nothing more important in a movement than the military element.
  • People rose up on the chairs and were embraced, many cried out of joy and emotion. Finally! It was the exclamation of relief that exited from the mouths of all.
    • Surrounded by his men, he hears that Hitler has arrested the greater exponents of the republican government, November 8, 1923.