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Thor: The Dark World is a 2013 American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character comic book character of the same name, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the sequel to 2011's Thor and the eighth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film was directed by Alan Taylor

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  • Some believe that before the universe, there was nothing. They're wrong. There was darkness... and it has survived.
  • Long before the birth of light, there was darkness...and from that darkness came the Dark Elves. Millennia ago, the most ruthless of their kind, Malekith, sought to transform our universe back into one of eternal night. Such evil was possible through the power of the Aether, an ancient force of infinite destruction. The noble armies of Asgard, led by my father King Bor, waged a mighty war against these creatures. As the Nine Worlds converged above him, Malekith could at last unleash the Aether...but Asgard ripped the weapon from his grasp; without it, the Dark Elves fell. With the battle all but lost, Malekith sacrificed his own people in a desperate attempt to lay waste to Asgard's army. Malekith was vanquished and the Aether was no more. Or so we were led to believe.


  • [turned into Captain America] Oh, this is much better. Costume's a bit much... so tight. But the confidence, I can feel the righteousness surging. Hey, you wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, patriotism? God bless America- [Thor covers his mouth]
  • [escaping in the Harrow Thor destroys a lot of columns in the hall] I think you missed a column.
  • [Thor destroys a statue of Bor with the Harrow] Well done, you just decapitated your grandfather!
  • [to Thor] You really think I cared about Frigga?! Or any of you?! All I ever wanted was you and Odin dead at my feet! [seizes Jane and addresses the approaching Dark Elves] MALEKITH! I am Loki of Jotunheim, and I bring you a gift! [Loki throws Jane at Malekith's feet] I ask only one thing in return...a good seat from which to watch Asgard burn.


Loki: [mock salute to Odin] I really don't see what all the fuss is about...
Odin: Do you not truly feel the gravity of your crimes? Wherever you go there is war, ruin and death!
Loki: I went down to Midgard to rule the people of Earth as a benevolent God, just like you.
Odin: We are not gods. We're born, we live, we die, just as humans do.
Loki: Give or take five thousand years.
Odin: And all this because Loki desires a throne...
Loki: It is my birthright!
Odin: Your birthright was to DIE! As a child, cast out on a frozen rock. If I had not taken you in, you would not be here now, to hate me.

Darcy: Come on, this is exciting. Look! The intern is excited.
Ian: Ian, my name's Ian
Darcy: Do you want the phase meter?
Jane: No.
Darcy: Bring the phase meter. The toaster looking thing.
Ian: Yeah. I know what the phase meter is.

Malekith: [looking out over the ruins of Svartalfheim] Look upon my legacy, Algrim. I can barely remember a time before the light.
Algrim: Our survival will be your legacy.
Malekith: The Asgardians will suffer as we have suffered. I will reclaim the Aether. I will restore our world. And I will put an end to this poisoned universe.

Odin: She has no more place here than a goat does at a banquet!
Jane: Did he just-? Who do you think you are?
Odin: I am Odin. King of Asgard. Protector of the Nine Realms.
Jane: Oh. Well I'm-
Odin: I know who you are, Jane Foster.
Jane: [to Thor] You told your dad about me?

Frigga: You know full well it was your actions that brought you here.
Loki: My actions? I was merely giving truth to the lie that I had been fed my entire life…that I was born to be a king.
Frigga: A king? A true king admits his faults. What of the lives you took on Earth?
Loki: A mere handful compared to the number that Odin has taken himself.
Frigga: Your father—
Loki: He's not my father!
Frigga: Then am I not your mother?
Loki: You're not.
Frigga: [looks hurt but chuckles] You're always so perceptive about everyone but yourself. [Loki looks sorry and reaches for her but she disappears]

[Malekith bursts into Frigga's chamber, hunting for Jane]
Frigga: Stand down, creature, and you may still survive this.
Malekith: I have survived worse, woman.
Frigga: Who are you?
Malekith: I am Malekith... [looks at Jane] and I would have what is mine. [They both draw swords and duel, until Algrim arrives and helps overpower Frigga. Malekith turns to confront Jane] You have taken something, child. Give it back. [Malekith discovers Jane is an illusion and angrily faces a grinning Frigga] WITCH! Where is the Aether?!
Frigga: I'll never tell you.
Malekith: I believe you. [Algrim kills Frigga]

Loki: Thor. After all this time and now you come to visit me. Why? Have you come to gloat? To mock?
Thor: Loki, enough. No more illusions. [Loki and the neat room turn to a destroyed room with Loki looking disheveled on the floor]
Loki: Now you see me, brother. Did she suffer? [referring to Frigga]
Thor: I did not come here to share our grief. Instead, I offer you the chance of a far richer sacrament.
Loki: Go on.
Thor: I know you seek vengeance as much as I do. You help me escape Asgard, and I will grant it to you. Vengeance. And afterward, this cell.
Loki: [chuckles] You must be truly desperate to come to me for help. What makes you think you can trust me?
Thor: I don't. Mother did. You should know that when we fought each other in the past, I did so with a glimmer of hope that my brother was still in there somewhere. That hope no longer exists to protect you. You betray me, and I will kill you.
Loki: Hm. When do we start?

Volstagg: If you even think about betraying him…
Loki: You'll... kill me? Evidently, there will be a line.

Loki: You know, this is wonderful! This a tremendous idea! Let's steal the biggest, most obvious ship in the universe and escape in that! Flying around the city, smash it into everything in sight so everyone can see us! It's brilliant, Thor! It's truly brilliant- [Thor pushes Loki out of the ship, and jumps out with Jane in his arms into a skiff piloted by Fandral]
Fandral: [laughs] I see your time in the dungeon has made you no less graceful, Loki!
Loki: [to Thor] You lied to me. I'm impressed.

Loki: [steering the skiff towards a tiny crevice in the mountain] If it were easy, everyone would do it.
Thor: Are you mad?
Loki: Possibly.

Thor: You think you alone were loved of Mother? You had her tricks, but I had her trust!
Loki: Trust? Was that her last expression, trust? While you let her die?!
Thor: What good were you in your cell?
Loki: Who put me there? Who put me there?!
Thor: You know damn well! You know damn well who! [pins Loki and is about to hit him but lets him go] She wouldn't want us to fight.
Loki: Well, she wouldn't exactly be shocked.
Thor: [chuckles] I wish I could trust you.
Loki: [whispers] Trust my rage.

Thor: [holding a dying Loki] I will tell Father what you did here today.
Loki: I didn't do it for him.

Malekith: You needn't have come so far, Asgardian. Death would have come to you soon enough.
Thor: Not by your hand!
Malekith: Your universe was never meant to be. Your world and your family will be EXTINGUISHED!

Malekith: Darkness returns, Asgardian. Have you come to witness the end of your universe?
Thor: I've come to accept your surrender.
Malekith: You think you can stop this?! The Aether cannot be destroyed!
Thor: But you can. [summons Mjolnir and deals the final blow to Malekith]

Odin: One son who wanted the throne too much, and other who will not take it. Is this my legacy?
Thor: Loki died with honour. I shall try to live the same. Is that not legacy enough? [offers the hammer]
Odin: It belongs to you, if you are worthy of it.
Thor: I shall try to be.
Odin: I can not give you my blessing, nor can I wish you good fortune.
Thor: I know. [turns to leave]
Odin: If I were proud of the man my son has become, even that I could not say, it would speak only from my heart. Go, my son.
Thor: Thank you, Father. [leaves]
Loki: [appears from Odin's guise] No... thank you.


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