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100 Bullets is a noir crime-conspiracy comic book series written by Brian Azzarello. It's about Agent Graves, a man who gives brief cases full of untraceable bullets to people who have been wronged or betrayed and his connection to the most powerful people in America.

First Shot, Last Call[edit]

  • Agent Graves: Here, do you recognize these men?
Dizzy: No, Who' they.
Agent Graves: They killed your family.
Dizzy: Bullshit, man. Hector and Santiago were gunned down in a drive-by...
Agent Graves: That's right. (Indicating the picture) This one was driving... ...and that one was firing
Dizzy: No. It was vice lords. It was payback for what I've done.
Agent Graves: Trust me. It was these two men. Crooked cops... ..."five-oh"
Dizzy: I can't believe this--
Agent Graves: You will. Inside this attache briefcase is irrefutable evidence that what I'm telling you is true. Also in the attache is the gun, and one hundred rounds of ammunition. All untraceable, all yours. Do with it as you see fit. If you act on this information, you will have carte blanche.
Dizzy: What's that supposed to mean.
Agent Graves: I've seen to it so that no law enforcement agency can touch you. If you choose to use terminal force, all investigations will cease once the bullets are retrieved.
Dizzy: This is a joke, right?
Agent Graves: One more thing: this is for your eyes only. If you show this to anyone, or it somehow gets into another's hands, well, let's say... ...there will be Grave repercussions.
Dizzy: ...why?
Agent Graves: Isn't it obvious, Dizzy? They're the bad guys.
    • 100 Bullets Issue 1: 100 Bullets Part 1
  • Morgan: We're fuckin' cops, you dumb little bitch.
Swirski: You'll never get away with this--
Morgan: The world fuckin' world is gonna be on yer ass!
Dizzy: Bring it on. (pulls trigger)
    • 100 Bullets Issue 3: "100 Bullets Part 3"

The Counterfifth Detective[edit]

Milo Garret: It's about seven o'clock in the evening, mid January, the sun nothing but a cigar cherry as an old man's weak piss of rain gives an oily shine to tinseltown. This morning, I woke up in a hospital. "So Mr. Garret, how you feelin'? the doc says. "Numb" I say back. He chuckles a bit, tells me you can't fell numb, 'cause numb means you can't feel. You can't feel numb, you can only be numb, he tells me. He goes on, talkin' some dopey bullshit about my dressing, about itching, about keepin' it dry. But I wasn't payin' attention no more. Funny thing, my brain got locked on those two words: Be numb. Be numb. Be numb. Like some guru mantra, or a goddamn irregular heartbeat. Be numb. Be numb. Be numb. Good advice.
    • 100 Bullets Issue 31: The Counterfifth Detective Part 1

Strychnine Lives[edit]

Mr. Branch: What should we drink to this time?
Cole Burns: This one's yours.
Mr. Branch: All right... here's to the man who will avenge my death...
Cole Burns: Thanks.
    • 100 Bullets Issue 62: Staring at the Son part 3

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