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1969 is a 1988 film about two friends in a small conservative town at the onset of the Vietnam war.

Written and directed by Ernest Thompson.


  • OK, Ralph, you know, I don't have to help you, but let me tell you something. If you flunk out and die in Vietnam, that's the end of our friendship, fuck you, you know.
  • [To a hitchhiker] Hop in! We're not homosexuals or anything.
  • We have naked people giving us free food!


Scott: I've already decided if nothing happens by the time I am 20, I'm gonna cut it off.
Ralph: How ya going to pee there Scott?
Scott: Sittin' down.

Coach Heart: You boys aren't working at the pool this summer?
Scott: No, we're going on the road. That's what hippies do ya' know.


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