2022 monkeypox outbreak

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The 2022 monkeypox outbreak is an ongoing outbreak of monkeypox. It was confirmed on 6 May 2022 in the United Kingdom, beginning with a British resident who had travelled to Nigeria, where the disease is endemic, who while there presented symptoms consistent with monkeypox on 29 April 2022.


  • The Gran Canarian pride festival attended by 80,000 from Britain and across Europe is being investigated after being linked to numerous monkeypox cases in Madrid, Italy and Tenerife.[1][better source needed]
  • Infections have been largely found in men who have sex with men, who may typically seek care at a sexual health clinic. Those providers may be particularly well-educated now about monkeypox and may be more willing to send a specimen out for testing. But we may not be seeing that level of education and willingness to test with other health care providers, who see different kinds of patients. And that means we may be missing infections in different patient groups.

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