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30 Days of Night is a film about a town attacked by vampires. The main characters are Eben Oleson, Stella Oleson and Marlow. Eben Oleson is the town sheriff trying to save an ever-shrinking group of survivors from vampires, including his estranged wife, Stella, who is also a sheriff; and his little brother Jake. The problem? they have to survive the month with no sunlight, which is vampire paradise.


  • Come get me, motherfuckers!!!
  • [holding up sunlamp] Yeah, it worked! but they're gonna cut the power. [Power goes out] Oh, sh-[starts running]
  • Jake, when they're all watchin me, call Stella on the walkie talkie and tell her to run for it. [Looks up, from preparing to inject] You did good, little brother. [Hugs Jake] Take care of Stella for me.
  • [After injecting Billy's blood] I can smell your blood.
  • When you have a family, you never hurt them!


  • It took us centuries to make them believe that we are no more than just bad dreams. We should give them no reason to suspect.
  • Their heads must be separated from their bodies. Do not turn them.


  • Stella: I guess it's a good thing you didn't want kids, eh? [Eben looks up, rather annoyed] Imagine.
  • The Stranger: The cold isn't the weather, that's death approaching.
  • The Stranger: [after Eben shoots him] You Shithead!
  • Beau: Welcome to Barrow, Top of the world!
  • Doug: I kept shootin', and they just kept comin'. It's like they're all cooked up on PCP or something.
  • Girl Vampire: I'm done playing with this one. You wanna play with me now?


Eben: Come on. You and me, let's go. I'm taking you outside.
The Stranger: [standing up] I'd like to see that.
Stella: [resting gun against his head] So would I. But then Lucy would have to clean up after Eben was done kicking your ass.

The Stranger: Mr. and Mrs. Sheriff. So sweet. So helpless against what is coming.
Stella: He's just trying to freak us out.
Jake: It's working.

The Stranger: They're coming
Eben: Who're they?

The Stranger: No way out of town. No one coming to help.
Jake Oleson: Shut up.
The Stranger: You can feel that. That cold ain't the weather - that's death approaching. Who do you think they're gonna take first? The girl, who thinks a gun will help her? The kid, sheriff's kid? Or the old gal?
Jake Oleson: Shut up.
[Jake throws a boardgame piece at the Stranger]
The Stranger: Oh... yeah... thank you, for the plastic. I can snap that apart and pick the lock.

Jake: I saw them feeding on Grandma Helen. I saw their teeth. They're like vampires, you know?
Stella: Vampires don't exist, Jake.

Doug: They don't fall down when they're shot.
Beau: Hell, neither do I.

Kirsten: Please, God!
Marlow: God? [looks up at sky then back down at Kirsten. He shakes his head.] No God.

Jake: [shaking uncontrollably] Sh-she was...j-just a g-girl...
Stella: [Embracing Jake] It's ok.

Eben: I'll go. I'm the fastest.
Jake: Bullshit! I'll go. I-I weigh less than you.
Eben: You're fifteen.
Jake: Exactly! You have a wife, people need you!
Eben: I saw what you did back there. You up to doing that 6 or 7 more times?
Stella: You don't even think it will work.
Eben: But you do.

Eben: They'll kill her if she runs. She'll burn if she stays.
Jake: Eben.
Eben: Oh dear god.

Stella: I should have fought harder.
Eben: The things you'll do to save your own.
Stella: We were like that once, weren't we?

Head Vampire: (Quoting polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski) When man meets a force he can't destroy, he destroys himself instead. What a plague you are.
Marlow: (Looking at a severely burned vampire, and quoting Dmitri Pisarev) What can be broken, must be broken.

Eben: We'll watch the sunrise together.
Stella: I'm so sorry, baby. I never should have left you.

Eben: It's almost dawn. We made it.
Stella: Eben, Dawn! [starts crying]


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