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3 Ninjas is a 1992 American martial arts comedy film directed by Jon Turteltaub, starring Victor Wong, Michael Treanor, Max Elliott Slade, and Chad Power. It was the only 3 Ninjas film released by Touchstone Pictures, while the others were released by TriStar Pictures. The film is about three young brothers who learn martial arts from their Japanese grandfather.

Action at it's Best! (taglines)


Fester: Marcus, score us some nacho chips and some radical salsa.
Marcus: Dude!
Fester: None of that green stuff.

Marcus: Radical!

Hammer: Dude!

Fester: [aiming gun at clerk] Open up the cash register. That's right, dude. Us three bone heads are sticking you up. Open up that register before I have to get nasty.
[pager goes off]
Fester: Excuse me, sir. Could I please use your telephone?

[Grandpa is giving the boys names]
Tum Tum: Can I be Monster Destroyer? Or how about Super Killer?
Colt: How about Super Dork?

Fester: Hey, dude. What time does school get out?
Hammer: I don't know. I never stayed to the end.

Fester: This kidnapping is so much better than armed robbery.
Hammer: Yeah, I never got a pizza on a robbery.

Fester: Okay, none of you little dudes move until those two dudes get back!

Rocky: We should run.
Tum Tum: We should hide.
Colt: We should kick their butts!

Colt: I'm Colt, because I'm fast. He's Rocky, because he's solid and he's Tum-Tum because he'll eat anything.
Tum Tum: I won't eat dog poop.

Fester: Okay, Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge?
Hammer: Rather do Laurie.
Fester: Cool. Okay, Cheryl Ladd or Farrah Fawcett?
Hammer: Tanya Roberts, dude.

Fester: Alright. Operation: Kick Butt is about to commence. Synchronize watches.
Hammer: What time is it?
Fester: I don't know, anybody got a watch?


  • Action at its Best!
  • Disney's new or a big shot! A Bruce Lee for young people
  • Comin' at you!


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