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9-1-1 (2018–present) is an American procedural series which follows the work and personal lives of Los Angeles first responders: police officers, paramedics, firefighters and dispatchers. It premiered on January 3, 2018 and airs on FOX.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Let Go [1.02][edit]

Buck: Never lost anyone before. Does it get any easier?
Bobby: No.
Chimney: Look, people die and that's part of the gig, right? Your problem is, you're looking at your job like it's a long-term relationship. They're one-night stands, man. In that moment they mean everything to you. Once morning comes, [snaps] it's on to the next one.

Athena: You know why they make us wear these uniforms right? Cops, firefighters, paramedics?
Chimney: Uhhhh, sex appeal.
Buck: So people can easily identify us.
Athena: True, but it's also for our own good. Because when we take the uniform off at the end of the day, it symbolizes letting go of all the sad, crazy, inhumane things we've seen that day.

Next of Kin [1.03][edit]

Worst Day Ever [1.04][edit]

Point of Origin [1.05][edit]

Heartbreaker [1.06][edit]

Full Moon (Creepy AF) [1.07][edit]

Karma's a Bitch [1.08][edit]

Hen: Karma is a wild animal... And she won't be caged!

Trapped [1.09][edit]

A Whole New You [1.10][edit]

Season 2[edit]

Under Pressure [2.01][edit]

Buck: So is your full name Eduardo?
Eddie: No.
Buck: Do people ever call you "Diaz"?
Eddie: Not if they want me to respond.
Buck: Something's gotta give. We got Cap, Hen, Chimney, Buck. We can't just call you Eddie.
Eddie: [to Chimney] Can't tell if he's being serious or not.
Chimney: I always like to operate on the assumption that nothing he says is serious.
Buck: What about "G.I.", like G.I. Joe. "Hey G.I.!" You know, that's a great nickname.
Hen: Sounds like "gastrointestinal".
Eddie: Yeah, I don't think so.

Maddie: [voice-over] We all feel pressure, but it's how we respond that matters.
Sue: Being a 911 dispatcher will be challenging, exhausting and can take an emotional toll. The people who call in are scared, in need and we are their lifeline. But it can also be rewarding. Calling us is probably the scariest moment of their lives, but if we do our jobs right and help arrives in time, if we get a little lucky, then maybe it doesn't have to be the worst moment of their lives.
Maddie: Pressure doesn't have to break us down. It can show us who we really are.

7.1 [2.02][edit]

Bobby: If you weren't doing this what would you be doing?
Chimney: Fighter pilot, Top Gun, call sign: Shogun.
Bobby: What about you Hen?
Hen: Editorial cartoonist, The New Yorker. [Chimney and Bobby stare at her] I have a lot to say.
Bobby: You draw?
Hen: No, it's a dream, it's not supposed to attainable. [looks at Chimney] Top Gun? You can barely drive, you rebar head.
Chimney: Alright, Buckeroo, if you were not a member of the LAFD, what would you be doing?
Buck: Uh, I don't know. I'm not getting fired am I?
Chimney: That's inevitable.
Hen: He'd be a golden retriever.
Chimney: Bartender. No, no, a bouncer at a bar.
Hen: Bouncer at a strip club.

Josh: First thing, everybody lies. Dr. Gregory House was right about that. Sometimes they know that they're lying. "Oh, I had no idea that this would happen, I just slipped and fell on the cucumber." Other times, whatever they're experiencing in the moment is scrambling their brains. They are the ultimate unreliable narrators.
Maddie: Uh, who's "Dr. House"?
Josh: You're one of those aren't you? A reader. The point is you can't trust people, only yourself. If it sounds like bull, it probably is.

Athena: Where you planning on running, Marvin? This is your house. You know, if you're going to keep stealing cars, you might want to consider a less memorable hair color. When I hear a felonious act, the suspect matches your description, I know where to find you. This is the third time I've had to arrest you this year.
Marvin: The hair is my signature. All master criminals have one.
Athena: Yeah, all stupid ones.

[Before the team splits up and goes into the collapsed hotel building]
Bobby: Listen up, here's how you make it to the end of the day. You don't worry about the things that you can't do anything about. Focus on one task at a time. I can't order you guys to go inside that building and I'm not gonna judge if you decide not to.
Chimney: Hen, you've got a kid.
Hen: Yeah, and I'd hope if someone whose job it was to save him would do it, no matter what.

Help Is Not Coming [2.03][edit]

Stuck [2.04][edit]

Maddie: [voice-over] The Oxford Dictionary defines "rut" as "a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change." The word is also defined as "a long, deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles." There is some comfort to be taken in the second definition, for when you find yourself stuck in a rut, you can be sure others have been there before you.

Buck: Hey, so is your son really the reason you don't date?
Eddie: That, and...they weren't my type.
Buck: Not mine either. Not anymore. But I'm talking in general.
Eddie: It's complicated when you have a kid.
Buck: Come on, that's a weak excuse.
Eddie: You live in your invisible girlfriend's house and you're telling me about weak excuses.

Athena: I keep thinking of the twenty-something me. Her dreams, her goals. She had a vision of what success looked like. It was all about stars and bars, climbing up the ladder, blowing through that glass ceiling. I don't need that anymore. Success is now about...those kids, this family. People in my life who love me. People out there who count on me. I am finally in a place where I'm comfortable in my life and in my own skin. I don't know if I want to upend that for a pay bump.

Awful People [2.05][edit]

Athena: [to Maddie] Your brother's boss is my boo. Your brother and I got off on the wrong foot but he's grown on me. Kid's got a heart of gold. So I don't have to call you "Buckette" or anything do I?

[Bobby and the 118 tend to an ill protester from a right-wing group.]
Man: [sees Hen kneeling over him] Oh hell no. [looks at Bobby] You do it.
Bobby: Sir, I am not a trained paramedic. I can't intubate you, they can.
Man: I'm fine.
Chimney: Sir, you're not fine. Your bowel is probably obstructed. The contents of your colostomy bag are backing into your system. You're about to choke on your own waste. You will suffocate and die.
Man: Get away!
Bobby: Sir, if you refuse care we cannot administer it by force.
Man: [looks at Eddie's name tag] What about him? Diaz. What kind of name is that?
Eddie: My father's from Mexico. My mother's Swedish. I can help you out with the Swedish half but no one told me which half that is.
Bobby: [annoyed] Would you like me to call you another paramedic team so you can have an all-white one?
[Man nods and starts choking]
Hen: He's gonna aspirate.
[Man vomits on the ground]
Chimney: Actual diarrhea of the mouth. Outstanding.

Dosed [2.06][edit]

Haunted [2.07][edit]

Buck: [voice over] If there's one hard thing you learn in this job, is that one way or the other, this day or the next, eventually everything dies. For most people, the only thing worse than loosing someone you love is knowing that one day you will.

Maddie: Hope is a tricky thing. It keeps you going for a while but at some point if what you're hoping for is never going to happen then it's just holding you back from your life.
Buck: Yeah but it's hard to know though right? If you're hanging on too long or giving up too soon.

Eddie: What did you need that I didn't give you?
Shannon: You! I needed a husband and a co-parent. And instead all I got was a life alone in Texas with a baby and you on another continent. I needed someone to have my back.
Eddie: I always had your back.
Shannon: No. You were in Afghanistan.

Buck, Actually [2.08][edit]

Lola: The problem is after thirty years of marriage I can't get thirty seconds of attention from my husband! It's like I'm invisible. But I'm not invisible. I am here, damn it! See me, Norman?!?! [strips naked for everyone to see] See me now?!?!?
Athena: Oh for god's sake.
Bobby: Definitely not invisible
Athena: Can someone find me this Norman before she does something crazy...er???

Maddie: [voice over] Romeo and Juliet, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, Lancelot and Guinevere. Great love stories that started with a bang and ended in tragedy. In the real world, no one's life is that linear. We fall in and out of love. We take it for grant or find it where we least expect it. Some relationships can seem easy from the start and others can be faced with tremendous obstacles. We root for love to conquer all but we also root for a comeback. People who have been knocked down by life and get back up on their feet. Who learned from the mistakes that they've made and grow into better, more complete human beings. So maybe the greatest love stories aren't the ones that end in tragedies. Maybe they're the ones that start with a second chance.

Hen Begins [2.09][edit]

Merry Ex-Mas [2.10][edit]

Michael: "Home" isn't a place. It's people.

Eddie: I'm sneaking around behind my kid's back with his mother.
Buck: Christopher doesn't know?
Eddie: I don't know what he knows. These kids sense things, right? The other day, I made her sneak out so he wouldn't see her there.
Buck: Trying to protect your kid. I mean, she ran out on him, right?
Eddie: I ran out first. I ran out on both of them. See, when Christopher was first diagnosed I was in Afghanistan. Right at the end of my tour. Instead of going back home...I reenlisted. I told myself it was to pay the bills.
Buck: But you were running away, too.
Eddie: Yeah. But I got to pretend like it was for a noble cause and serve my country. But when Shannon broke, nobody thought she was a hero. She just got called evil.

Christopher: Dad, is Santa real?
Eddie: Is Santa real? Why? Did someone say he wasn't? What do you think? Do you think he's real?
Christopher: When you were gone, I asked Santa for you to come back, and you did.
Eddie: When I was in Afghanistan? You know, buddy, Christmas wishes aren't like birthday wishes. Yeah. You can say them out loud and they'll still come true.
Christopher: I asked him to find Mom. Will he?
Eddie: He's sure gonna try.

Eddie: You got your finger in the hole?
Sergeant Clemens: That's what we're trained to do. I've seen it before, unfortunately.
Eddie: Me, too. Where were you?
Sergeant: Leatherneck.
Eddie: Ah. I was at Bagram.
Sergeant Clemens: Army?
Eddie: Uh-huh.
Sergeant Clemens: Nobody's perfect.

New Beginnings [2.11][edit]

Chimney Begins [2.12][edit]

Fight or Flight [2.13][edit]

Broken [2.14][edit]

Ocean's 9-1-1 [2.15][edit]

Bobby Begins Again [2.16][edit]

Careful What You Wish For [2.17][edit]

This Life We Choose [2.18][edit]

Season 3[edit]

Kids Today [3.01][edit]

Sink or Swim [3.02][edit]

The Searchers [3.03][edit]

Triggers [3.04][edit]

Rage [3.05][edit]

Monsters [3.06][edit]

Athena: You're worried about tomorrow. Buck's first day back.
Bobby: Well, he has signed every liability waiver and release form the department threw at him. Pretty sure we could drop a piano on Buck's head and he wouldn't be able to sue the city for it.
Athena: [jokingly] Is that something you planning on doing?
Bobby: I don't know what I'm doing. Well, he just.....he doesn't think things through. He acts, reacts, and that leaves the rest of us to have to deal with the fallout.
Athena: Yeah, and the hurt feelings. Look, you are allowed to be angry with Buck and worried about this decision that he's made, but you care about the kid. Don't let the other stuff make you lose sight of that.

Buck: So that's how it's gonna be now. You're just gonna keep on ghosting me. 'Cause Halloween is over, just so you know.
Eddie: I don't know what you want from me, Buck. Forgive, forget, make you feel better about what you did?
Buck: I just want you to talk to me. Even if it's just to say that you're still mad.
Eddie: I'm not mad, I'm... When you decided to sue the department, to make Cap the bad guy, did you ever stop for a minute to think what that could do to us?
Buck: Look, I just needed my job back. I missed...I missed being here. Being part of the team. I never meant for anyone to get hurt.
Eddie: Lotta "I"s in there. Your actions, your choices, they impact the rest of us. That's what it means to be a part of a team.
Buck: You're right. I didn't think about what could happen. I was mad at Bobby for not letting me back. I was mad at you guys for moving on without me. I was mad that there was nothing I could do about it. And I just...I just wanted to––
Eddie: Punch someone?
Buck: Yeah, a little. But I get it. And I really am sorry. Whatever it takes for you to forgive me.
Eddie: I forgive you. Also what it means to be part of a team. This...just don't do it again.

Buck: I guess it's like the uniform is my costume. You know, I put it on and suddenly I'm brave, and I'm strong, I make a difference. Feels like without it I'm not much of anything.
Bobby: Buck, you saved two lives without the uniform. It's not a costume, it's who you are.

Athena Begins [3.07][edit]

Athena: You claim you’re a good man, now. But Emmett was always a good man. Oh, he believed in second chances too. He’d be impressed with the life you’ve built. But you built it on the back of a dead man and I, for one, can’t get past that.

Malfunction [3.08][edit]

Eddie: It's nothing. It's... I'm fine. Just needed a place to let off some steam. Things got a little out of––
Bobby: Control? That's what this is about, right? You're the guy who always keeps it together, no matter what life throws at you. You shake it off, keep moving forward.
Eddie: Lots of people have it worse.
Bobby: Eddie, I just wanna make sure you don't think you have to lose everything...before you can allow yourself to feel anything.
Eddie: No, Christopher needs me to be in control. I'm the only parent he's got left, and I can't let him down again.
Bobby: When did you let him down before?
Eddie: God, when did I not let him down? I wasn't there when he was a baby. Stayed away too long, and it broke his mother. Shannon ran away, I...and I couldn't stop her. I couldn't bring her back home. So I brought him here. And let her back into his life.
Bobby: That's what Christopher wanted.
Eddie: Yeah, but... but I knew better. She already left once, broke his heart. You know, I was so afraid she was gonna do it again. She did.
Bobby: She died, Eddie.
Eddie: Yeah, after she told me she wanted...a divorce. And I'm...I'm still mad. How stupid is that? I'm angry at a dead person and at myself because I forgave her...for everything, and...and it wasn't enough. I wasn't enough.

Chimney: Self-driving cars, smart homes, robot labor. I'm telling you, Hen, the future is here and it is terrifying.

Fallout [3.09][edit]

Buck: Guys, I... I found it. [looks excitedly at the meteor inside the hole] All the way from outer space. Should I grab it?
Bobby: Doesn't belong to you, Buck.
Chimney: It belongs in a museum.

Eddie: It's not normal, right? I have these moments that are good. We save someone from dying, my kid does something awesome. It's moments where I should be happy or proud or both. I know that. Just don't feel it.
Frank: There's no one right way to deal with trauma. All the first responders I counsel process it differently.
Maddie: And yet you all ask the same questions and press the same buttons. I mean, this is my third session...
Frank: You're not finding therapy helpful?
Maddie: I used to. After Doug died, I did it all: talk therapy, group therapy, cognitive processing. Spent six months just talking about my feelings.
Frank: I'm sorry none of it helped you.
Maddie: What makes you think it didn't?
Frank: 'Cause you're sitting in that chair.

Eddie: I remember the drama when my sister was applying to college. Think that's half the reason why I decided to join the army.
Bobby: Well, you tell a 17-year-old kid that their future depends on writing 600 perfect words, the pressure's gonna get to 'em.
Buck: I don't remember what my college essay was about.
Chimney: Why don't you call Maddie and ask her what she wrote for you?

Christmas Spirit [3.10][edit]

Eddie: It got ugly. After I said I had to work on Christmas, he went straight to his room and wouldn't speak to me for the rest of the night.
Hen: Mm. It's just new. He'll get over it.
Eddie: Abuela's bringing him to my aunt's. I know he's gonna have a great time. He just–– Last Christmas was...special. This one's harder.
Hen: Uh-huh. Is that why you invited us all here? Trying to cram in as much Christmas cheer between now and then?
Eddie: Well, thought it'd be nice to bring the boys together for a play date.
Hen: All three of 'em.
[Hen and Eddie look over at Buck enthusiastically helping Denny and Christopher make their gingerbread houses.]

Dispatcher: 9-1-1, what's your emergency?
Woman: I'm blue!
Dispatcher: Feelings of sadness and depression are common during the holidays. Let me direct you to the mental health hotline.
Woman: No, damn it! I'm literally blue!
[Bobby and the 118 arrive]
Bobby: LAFD. Open up, Please.
Woman: This is not okay. Ouch. Jeez.
Bobby: Okay, ma'am, ma'am, please take a seat and tell us what's going on.
Woman: What's going on? Look at me. I'm a Smurf, and I need a root canal.
Hen: Pulse is steady. Pupils are normal. How long has this been going on?
Woman: The teeth since last week. The "Avatar" look since I woke up. And on top of that, I have to go to work today. On Christmas! I mean, what kind of loser has to work on Christmas? [looks at the 118] Right. Sorry.
Bobby: Ma'am, do you mind if my guys here take a look around? [nods at Buck and Eddie]
Woman: Oh, that's fine. You very handsome men, please go look through my messy apartment. Because this wasn't humiliating enough already.


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