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Aṣa Bukola Elemide (born 17 September 1982) is a Nigerian-French singer, songwriter, and recording artist.


  • You don’t have to wait till you feel the pain. You can start right now. It’s not too late to be grateful.
    • [1] Aṣa speaks on Gratitude.
  • We will not put an end to extreme poverty if we do not give priority to education especially, girls' education
    • [2] Aṣa speaks on Girls' Education.
  • I think the price is having people who don't really know where you're going, where you want to go where you're coming from, make decisions, and sometimes these decisions can be very bad for you. But it's the price that I have to pay to get my music out and to be here today. And it's normal because everybody will go through it.
    • [3] Asa speaks with Channel TV on the challenges artistes face and the prices they have to pay.
  • I think artistes are humans as well. Even though they possess special gifts. They're also humans that go through what you go through every day. They have aches and they fall ill. We hear them because they're famous. A lot of unknown people, regular people who all we don't know, we don't celebrate them, they are. I think this life is an illusion. This life we need light.
    • [4] Asa opens up on the challenges celebrities face during an interview with Channels TV.
  • We'll never forget this year. But I think every day of my life has always been a lock-down. I'm usually almost in isolation all the time. So this time it wasn't very hard for me. It was like I've lived this every day of my life. I actually enjoyed and got to see what actual silence means; where I didn't have boats on the water and we could see fishes jumping out. And the birds were out, the sky was blue. You didn't hear the sound of cars. It was surreal.
    • [5] Asa speaks on the COVID lock-down during an interview on Ndani TV.
  • Tomorrow is your opportunity to fail or be successful if you please
    • [6] Asa talking about being successful.

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