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AHINDA (A Kannada acronym for Alpasankhyataru or minorities, Hindulidavaru or backward classes, and Dalitaru or Dalits) is a Political terminology coined by the Karnataka state’s first backward leader Devraj Urs, AHINDA has been reinvigorated by Siddaramaiah.[1] [2]

Quotes about AHINDA[edit]

  • AHINDA (Kannada acronym for minorities, backward classes and Dalits) as a socio-political philosophy can be used as a tool to prevent youths from backward classes and Dalit communities from joining the Hindutva brigade.
  • I have made five to six visits to Karnataka and after meeting people I have been able to understand the feeling of Karnataka. The feeling of the people of Karnataka is that he (Siddaramaiah) is not an AHINDA leader, but an Ahindu (anti-Hindu) leader.
    • Amit Shah, in his speech at Davangere on 27 March 2018, which was published in The News Minute the next day 1

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