A Certain Kind of Silence

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A Certain Kind of Silence (Czech: Tiché doteky) is a 2019 Czech film about a young au pair who meets a radical family community while working abroad and gets lost in the new world presented to her.

Directed by Michal Hogenauer. Written by Michal Hogenauer and Jakub Felcman.


  • A family is not a democracy.
  • Our goal of course is still as simple and as hard as ever to bring together the best and the brightest, like all of you are, and to create a true community. I'm sure that you all know that only when there's enough of us we will be able to accomplish something meaningful.


  • Mia, come here, please. Could you make her better, please?


Mother: So, you need to know there are certain rules that must be obeyed.
Father: There's a list of conditions that we agreed upon with the agency. [...] If you look after the household, the household look after you.

Mother: Would it be ok if we just call you Mia?
Sebastian: Yes, I would like her to be called Mia.
Mia: No one calls me like that.
Mother: I like "Mia".

Mia: I never really understood how you count the points.
Sebastian: In the beginning is love and than is fifteen.
Mia: "In the beginning is love"? What does it mean?
Sebastian: It means "zero".
Mia: "Zero" is "love"?

Mia: Don't beat him!
Mother: We don't beat him, we love him.
Sebastian: Thank You.
Mother: You're welcome. [...] Don't be scared. Do you love Sebastian, Mia? Prove it to him.

Mother: It's not enough, Mia. It's for Sebastian own good.
Sebastian: Thank you.
Mother: I'm so proud of you.


  • Eliska Krenková – Mia
  • Jacob Jutte – Sebastian
  • Lauma Balode – Security guard
  • Elisa Beuger – Lady of the Agency
  • Genio de Groot – Doctor Harford
  • Roeland Fernhout – Father
  • Monic Hendrickx – Mother
  • Matthijs Ijgosse – Thor
  • Andris Keiss – Carl
  • Sigrid ten Napel – Adela

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