A Chump at Oxford

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A Chump at Oxford is a 1939 film about two men who get scholarship to Oxford, but are met with resentment by other students.

Directed by Alfred J. Goulding. Written by Charley Rogers.
Those Philosophers of Phun in a new screamlined comedy!  (taglines)


Student: Pardon me sir, but haven't you come to the wrong college?
Ollie: This is Oxford isn't it?
Student: Yes but, you're dressed for Eton
Stan: Just as well, we haven't eaten since breakfast

Stan: Ollie, where ya goin'?
Ollie: Back to America for me!
Stan: Ollie?
Ollie: What?
Stan: [starts to cry] You're going without me...
Ollie: Stan! You know me!
Stan: Well, of course I know you... What do you have, one of those dizzy spells?


  • Figuring out a grand time for you!
  • Those Philosophers of Phun in a new screamlined comedy!


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