A Cry in the Dark

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A Cry in the Dark is a 1988 Australian-American drama film about an Australian mother, Lindy Chamberlain (portrayed by Meryl Streep), who was wrongly convicted in the disappearance and assumed murder of her nine-week-old daughter. The film is also known as Evil Angels in Australia and New Zealand.

Directed by Fred Schepisi. Written by Robert Caswell and Fred Schepisi.
A family torn apart. A public filled with outrage. A woman accused of murder. taglines

Lindy Chamberlain[edit]

  • The dingo's got my baby!
  • I'm told, "Don't talk like you normally talk. Watch how you hold your mouth. You look too sour and crabby. Don't get angry. Don't ask too many questions, or they think you're trying to be smart. And never, never, never laugh or you're an uncaring bitch." Well, I can't cry to order, and I won't be squashed into some dumb act for the public ... or for you.
  • Look, Mr. Barker. I wasn't there. I can only go on the evidence of my own eyes. We're talking about my baby daughter ... not some object!
  • Crikey, how's yer kidneys?

Michael Chamberlain[edit]

  • I don't think a lot of people realise how important innocence is to innocent people.


Lindy Chamberlain: [after being released from prison] Hello Kahlia. Hello darling. Don't you look lovely. Such a pretty dress.
Kahlia: [shyly] Mummy made it in jail.
Michael Chamberlain: This is Mummy, darling. She's back.
Kahlia: Real mummy?
Michael Chamberlain: Real mummy.

Lindy Chamberlain: I saw you this afternoon going up the rock with a baby in a backpack. Carrying a six-pack. I thought you were cracked!
Greg Lowe: It's bloody thirsty work climbin'.
Michael Chamberlain: You know Greg, the worst thing for a thirst is alcohol.
Greg Lowe: Aw, you gotta be jokin' mate, the worst thing for a thirst is sand!

Cliff Murchison: Was that Michael's brother?
Lindy Chamberlain: Can you believe it, the rumours are in New Zealand already!
Cliff Murchison: A lie goes 'round the world while truth's still putting its boots on, sweetheart.


  • A family torn apart. A public filled with outrage. A woman accused of murder.


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